13 body language hacks to instantly appear more confident

If you want to appear more confident, positive body language is a must. You have to present yourself as someone who knows what they want and knows how to get there.

If you’re not sure where to begin, there are several simple body language tricks you can use to instantly seem more confident.

So, without further delay, let’s see what they are. 

1) Use your hands purposefully

Hands can be awkward, especially when you start being self-conscious about them. But if you use them purposefully when talking to others or presenting, you can instantly look more confident and assertive. 

Gesturing while you speak can emphasize points and make you appear more engaging as well. 

But you need to ensure your hand movements are purposeful and not distracting. Thoughtful hand gestures can complement your words and convey confidence.

If you start gesticulating all over the place, that’s how you’re going to appear to others as a disorganized person with no direction. 

2) Lean in slightly

Imagine you’re sitting or standing, and you kind of lean your upper body forward just a bit. It signals that you’re fully present and interested in what the other person is saying, as you have a confident and attentive demeanor.

This simple move makes the whole interaction feel closer and friendlier, and you’re building a bond and making the conversation more positive. 

It sounds incredible, but people tend to see you as more confident and easy to talk to when you lean in a little bit.

But then again, leaning in too much may come across as invasive or overpowering, so the key is to keep it subtle and natural. 

Additionally, be aware of the context and the cultural norms of the environment you’re in.

3) Lean back comfortably

Well, you obviously won’t be leaning in the whole time, right? So why not lean back too?

This posture sends a message that you’re at ease in the situation and not stressed out. It also tells people that you feel confident and capable.

When you lean back comfortably, you’re saying, “Hey, I’m cool, I’ve got this.” It’s a small but effective way to show confidence, especially in professional or social settings. 

Just be cautious not to lean back too much, as that could make you seem too laid back or uninterested. The idea is to strike a balance that feels right for the situation.

4) Use the steeple gesture

What the hell is the steeple gesture, I hear you asking. 

To make the steeple gesture, bring your fingertips together in front of you to form a small triangle, similar to a church steeple. 

This simple hand movement can make you appear more confident in certain situations. People commonly use it to make important points. 

This gesture is associated with confidence and authority, subtly reinforcing the strength of your statements. 

But, remember, the key is to use it in the right moments. Don’t do it too much, or it might lose its impact. 

Also, combining it with other confident body language, like making eye contact and speaking clearly, can make you seem even more self-assured.

5) Maintain a consistent facial expression

Your facial expressions play a significant role in how others perceive your confidence. It’s all about keeping your face relaxed, open, and positive during conversations and interactions.

Try not to look stressed or tense. Keep your forehead relaxed as this shows that you’re calm and sure of yourself, instantly making you seem more confident.

A small, friendly smile can make your words feel more positive. When your facial expression matches what you’re saying, it creates a confident and friendly vibe.

6) Master the art of the power pause

Imagine you’re in a conversation, and someone asks you a question, or you’re about to share something important. 

Instead of rushing to respond, you take a short moment of silence – that’s the power pause.

Don’t be afraid of silence. Pausing before responding to a question or making a key point can add weight to your words and portray confidence. 

It shows people that you’re thoughtful and deliberate in your communication.

People quickly notice when there’s a little silence. It’s like a spotlight on you. This makes others pay closer attention, and when they’re focused on you, it boosts your confidence.

7) Show enthusiasm

little phrases to ban from your vocab to become more confident 13 body language hacks to instantly appear more confident

Expressing passion and enthusiasm through body language is another powerful way to instantly appear more confident and engaging. 

When you genuinely enjoy and are enthusiastic about a topic, it can significantly impact how others see your confidence. 

Let your hands and body movements convey the energy and excitement you feel. This not only captures attention but also shows others that you’re convinced and deeply engaged in what you’re discussing.

Apart from that, try to infuse your voice with enthusiasm. Vary your tone and pitch to emphasize key points and share the emotional depth of your passion. 

A dynamic and expressive voice not only captures attention but also communicates spirit and authenticity in your connection to the topic.

8) Use a lower tone of voice

While we’re on the topic of voice, lowering your pitch slightly can make it sound more authoritative

It also makes you sound like you’re in control and know what you’re talking about. People tend to trust a deeper voice. 

It gives the impression that you’re reliable and know your stuff, which is especially important in professional situations.

Plus, lowering your tone helps you steer clear of that shaky, unsure sound and instead come off as self-assured.

9) Practice mirroring posture

I’m sure you’ve heard of mirroring someone else’s pose and gestures. But have you ever tried it?

It’s a body language trick that can make you seem more confident to the person you’re talking to.

This hack works because people naturally feel a connection with others who seem to be doing the same things they are. 

It creates a kind of unspoken understanding. 

Just be careful not to do it too obviously, or it might come across as weird or fake. The key is to keep it subtle and go with the flow of the conversation.

10) Mind your head position

Another easy body language hack is to mind your head. Yes, you need to keep attention to what you’re doing with your noggin. 

Simply keep it level and avoid excessive tilting. Holding your head straight implies confidence and attentiveness. 

Tilting your head can communicate interest, but you should do it sparingly to maintain a balanced and confident posture.

11) Use confident entrances and exits

Pay attention to how you enter and exit a room or a conversation. When you enter, walk with purpose and keep your head up. 

Don’t hesitate at the door; instead, move with confidence. This makes people notice you in a positive way and think you’re self-assured.

When you’re leaving, do it smoothly and confidently. Don’t rush or look unsure. Make eye contact, maybe smile, and leave like you meant to. 

Doing these things leaves a good impression, showing that you’re in control and confident. 

So, whether you’re coming or going, do it with confidence, and people will see you as more confident overall.

12) Adjust your tie or clothing

Adjusting your tie or clothing is like a tiny yet impactful move that can make you seem more confident, especially in formal situations.

And here’s why:

When you fix your tie or adjust your clothes, you show that you care about your appearance and want to present yourself well.

It also gives off a vibe of confidence and says, “Hey, I’ve got this.” It’s a subtle way of telling people that you’re ready and confident in what you’re doing.

13) Take up space

Confident people comfortably occupy space. They stand or sit with an open posture and aren’t afraid to use the space around them. 

When standing, instead of folding your arms or squeezing yourself, stand with your feet apart. 

Keep your body open, not closed. This makes you look bigger and more sure of yourself.

And when sitting, relax in your chair. Don’t slouch or cross your legs too tight. Use the whole seat, and sit comfortably. This shows you’re chill and in control.

Final thoughts

The key to effective body language is to choose gestures and expressions that feel natural to you and practice integrating them into your everyday interactions. 

Over time, these confident body language cues will become second nature, positively influencing how others perceive you.

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