Bobbi Brown’s makeup MasterClass is about more than just makeup

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“To me being authentic makes people beautiful. We are all different and celebrating the differences is what’s interesting.”

– Bobbi Brown

I love makeup. Having worked as a professional model for years, it began as a necessary skill but gradually turned into a passion.

Makeup for me has always been more about looking pretty: it’s about creativity and self-expression. And that’s exactly what I loved about Bobbi Brown’s makeup masterclass.

I took this course as a part of my “quarantine self-improvement journey.” With plenty of time in my hands, I figured I might as well learn a new skill or two by enrolling in a bunch of courses in MasterClass.

And I do not regret it one bit. Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup is more than just a makeup class. Sure, you’ll learn about foundations and proper contour. But it’s also about empowerment and self-love.

In this review, I’ll take you along everything I’ve experienced—what to expect, what you’ll learn, and everything you need to know so you can decide whether or not this masterclass is for you.

Let’s start.

First off, what’s MasterClass?

Bobbi Brown Masterclass Review

This isn’t my first rodeo with MasterClass. I’ve taken a bunch of their classes and have always learned valuable things from them.

One thing I’ve taken away from each experience:

MasterClass is like Netflix for learning. Only it’s a platform that hosts nothing but highly-rated, top-quality content.

MasterClass is an immersive online learning experience that takes the word “workshop” to a whole new level. With more than 80 classes from the world’s top experts of various fields from film, culinary arts, to writing, Masterclass is a dream come true for aspiring and professional creatives alike.

And while you may argue that there are tons of learning platforms offering the same thing, none can boast such high-quality mentors like Masterclass. The mentors are what truly sets Masterclass apart from the rest, as it is tailor-made to each master’s craft and life experience.

To name a few of its “masters”:

Classes are completely binge-able with an average of 20 lessons per class, all of which you can take whenever and wherever you like, using your television, computer or your smartphone and tablet.


How much does Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass cost?

You have two options for enrolling in Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass.

You can pay $90 and get lifetime access to her class.

Or you can pay $180 per year for the All-Access Pass. This gives you access to all of the 80 classes on the platform.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind.


Who is Bobbi Brown?

A pioneer in the makeup industry, Bobbi Brown created the “no-makeup,” natural look at a time when bright and colorful makeup styles were the norm.

Brown is best known as the founder of prestige cosmetics brand, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. What started as a lipstick line of 10 neutral shades turned into the internationally recognized cosmetics brand it is today, staple to every girl’s makeup kit.

Here’s what Bobbi Brown has achieved:

  • 12-year run as a beauty consultant in NBC’s Today Show
  • Beauty & Lifestyle editor of the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
  • featured work in magazines like Elle, Vogue, Self and Town & Country
  • Yahoo Beauty’s Editor-in-Chief from 2014 to 2016.
  • author of 9 popular makeup books, 8 of which are bestsellers
  • listed in the 2015 BBC’s 100 Women

Bobbi Brown Masterclass Overview

“Makeup should not be a mask. Makeup should not change the way you look. You don’t wear foundation to change the color of your skin. You don’t contour your nose, there’s nothing wrong with your nose. You don’t overline your lips. Makeup should enhance who you are.”

Here’s what you get in Bobbi Brown’s makeup masterclass:

  • Lifetime access to the masterclass comprising of 19 video lessons (3 hours and 48 minutes all in all)
  • Downloadable follow-along class workbook that includes valuable insider makeup tips from Bobbi Brown herself
  • Access to the Masterclass community, The Hub, where you can connect with fellow students

The Lessons

Bobbi Brown Masterclass Review

Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup and Beauty struck me as a bite-size course on basic makeup and beauty philosophy. The masterclass is designed in such a straightforward and easy-to-digest way, with every minute chockful of tips you can apply to your makeup repertoire.

It makes you want to keep watching so you don’t miss something valuable.

You also see Bobbi Brown do makeup on models of different ethnicity and age, which I thought was very cool. You’ll see the makeup techniques and products applied to someone who can closely resemble you and your color. And it’s something an aspiring makeup artist will particularly appreciate.

Each video goes for 5 to 10 minutes. Because everything is offered online, you have the freedom to take the course as you please, whenever you want.

You also get comprehensive background materials, worksheets, reading lists, and an accompanying workbook to follow along so you’ll get a complete learning experience.

The workbook

Bobbi Brown Masterclass Review

Aside from video lessons, you also have access to a downloadable follow-along workbook. And I have to say, it’s full of makeup golden nuggets.

You get a lot from the video lessons itself, but the workbook is a very useful supplement to take what you’ve learned to the next level.

You can have the workbook in PDF format but I think it will be extra useful to have it printed and put little notes on it as you go along each lesson.

The 43-page workbook contains tons of information from how to know your skin type and face shape to how to completely recreate the looks Bobbi Brown made on the models. From eyes to lips, the workbook contains every useful tip to remember when doing your makeup.

The Hub

When you enroll in any masterclass, you also get access to the platform’s online community, The Hub, where you can engage with fellow students to exchange tips or just talk about what you’ve learned.

I was delightfully surprised at the level of engagement in Bobbi Brown’s section at The Hub. When I enrolled in previous classes in Masterclass, the community section was a bit lacking, with only a few people participating in the forum.

But when I looked through Bobbi Brown’s community, I found a lot of threads with plenty of engagement. So if you’re someone who wants to connect with like-minded people, or want to know more insider tips from people in the makeup industry, you’ll find a lot of things in this section.

Who is Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass for?

“This class is for every person who wants to understand and learn how to put on their makeup like a professional makeup artist. I’m gonna make it simple. It’s like cooking. If you don’t understand the simple techniques about cooking, it’s not easy.”

If you want to look your natural best, this masterclass is for you. 

Bobbi Brown’s makeup philosophy is all about adapting makeup to work for you, not against you. This is not a masterclass that will teach you how to do complicated beauty trends or how to make your lips fuller or your face skinnier.

It will teach you to highlight what you already have in a way that enhances your natural beauty.

So in this case, I think it’s safe to say that it’s for everyone.

For the girl who has repeatedly tried and failed to find the makeup look that works for you, you’ll love this masterclass. For the modern woman who wants to learn a new trick or two on how to improve your everyday look, you’ll find there are tons more to learn.

And even if you’re already a professional makeup artist, with a lot of experience under your belt, you’ll still benefit from learning the basic foundations of makeup from someone who understands that beauty looks different for everyone. 

No matter who you are, if you love celebrating real beauty, Bobbi Brown’s makeup class will leave you not only more skilled at technical makeup, but more empowered to embrace who you are.


What you’ll learn by taking Bobbi Brown’s Makeup MasterClass

Bobbi Brown’s makeup masterclass, in a nutshell, will teach you how to do in-depth basic makeup.

Think about it this way: you already know how to do poached eggs. But is your technique right? Are you choosing the right ingredients to create the best poached eggs you can make?

It’s the same in this masterclass. It will teach you basic make-up, but it will do so in a way that you’ll understand why you have to choose this color undertone for your foundation. Or why you’re masking your dark circles wrong.

You’ll learn how to utilize makeup to your best advantage.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from Bobbi Brown’s makeup MasterClass:

  • Use makeup to enhance your natural features
  • Do makeup that looks polished and professional
  • Build and maintain your makeup kit for day, night, and travel
  • Choose a foundation that will look like your skin
  • Apply the right blush and bronzer
  • Highlight your eyes and brows
  • Use makeup to empower you and make you feel more confident
  • Create the perfect, natural smoky eye
  • Transition your makeup look from day to night
  • Debunk your most common makeup mistakes

What I liked most about Bobbi Brown’s makeup class

“My beauty philosophy is really simple. Beauty is what you like to look at. It’s what makes you feel good. And to me, beauty especially in a face, is someone that is nice, happy and authentic.”

There are many great things about Masterclass in general. It’s a highly-produced, great quality viewing experience. You learn in HD, and that makes every lesson a pleasure. It feels like you’re there.

But I’ll say it again, what sets this online learning platform apart is the genius of its mentors.

And it shows in this makeup masterclass. Bobbi Brown proves, every second, that she knows what she’s talking about.

Here are some of the best things about this masterclass:

More than anything, it’s empowering

What I loved about Bobbi Brown’s makeup masterclass is that it is built around a beauty philosophy that empowers you, not one that makes you ashamed of your flaws or makes you want to be someone else.

Bobbi Brown won’t teach you how to “fix” yourself

This idealogy is at the core of every lesson. I think this is the first time—from hundreds of makeup tutorials I’ve watched on Youtube and the lessons I’ve learned from professional makeup artists—that I’ve felt as if I don’t have to compensate for beauty. 

It’s practical but efficient. It’s minimalist but it enhances. It’s simple but it’s empowering.

You don’t need to go that extra mile to feel confident and beautiful. If you know what to focus on and how to utilize your features fully, you’ll achieve your best look.

Even when she teaches you how to build a good makeup-kit, Bobbi doesn’t overwhelm you with a lot of different products and tools—she shows you how to pick stuff that will help you achieve your best look efficiently.

Bobbi Brown gives valuable and applicable tips

I loved that everything Bobbi teaches is simple, applicable, and completely retable.

For example, she answers all the questions you might have when you’re standing in the makeup store looking at all the arrays of foundation colors. How do you try it on? Where do you apply it? How do you know if it’s the closest match to your skin? Will it oxidize?

One of the best parts about this masterclass is that it gives you answers to your everyday makeup queries. You’ll learn things you can apply in realistic day-to-day beauty challenges.

Furthermore, I never felt rushed, even though Bobbi throws rapid-fire tips left and right. But even as she does so, she reminds you to keep practicing, keep trying, and keep tweaking until you perfect each technique.

Bobbi Brown “holds your hand” from start to finish

This masterclass is designed for beginners, too. So even if you haven’t developed your makeup routine yet, you’re in for a treat.

Bobbi Brown’s masterclass is designed to help you from start to finish. Heck, she even puts you in the right mindset: that there’s nothing wrong with what you already have.

From there, she teaches you how to prep your skin daily, what it needs, and how to protect it. Then she helps you choose the correct foundation, how to apply it, and create the perfect base. She also teaches how to create work and night looks.

You’ll even learn how to do a 1-minute makeup. Then she teaches you what NOT to do.

There’s even a bit in the end where she teaches you the professional side of being paid as a makeup artist. And a bonus lesson on how to make a business out of makeup and how you can inspire and empower others like she has been able to do.

You’ll learn everything you need to make yourself beautiful and feel beautiful, too.


There’s something for every woman/man

This is not a one-dimensional makeup masterclass.

There’s something anyone can learn at any given point. Whether you’re a young makeup enthusiast starting from scratch or an older woman looking for ways to adapt makeup to your age, there’s something valuable you can takeaway.

Bobbi Brown Masterclass Review

The beauty industry is becoming more and more inclusive, that’s true. But it’s very rare to see a masterclass that teaches makeup in a way that feels tailor-made for you, especially for your color and natural beauty.

And I think it’s what makes Bobbi Brown’s makeup masterclass extra special. Every second you’re learning, it feels as if she’s helping you, not someone prettier or lighter, just you.

Is Bobbi Brown’s Makeup MasterClass worth it?

Now for the key question:

Is Bobbi Brown’s makeup MasterClass worth it?

For me, hands down, yes. I’m someone who uses makeup every day. And I am always down to learn things that could make my beauty routine more effective and efficient.

But you may not be the same as me. So there are some things you need to consider.

I can only imagine one person who might not benefit from this masterclass: someone who does not like makeup or never even uses it.

But if you’re someone who uses makeup, even if you’re an experienced professional, you’ll learn a lot from Bobbi Brown.

And it’s true, there are tons of free online materials that can teach you everything from how to do your eyebrows to how to create a Halloween look—but there’s only one Bobbi Brown.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn from an industry genius who has a lifetime of experience using makeup to succeed in life. And if you’re willing, you can learn how to do the same thing.

Should you get the All-Access Pass?

There are two options if you choose to buy this masterclass:

My advice?

Take a look at the list of classes MasterClass has to offer. If you find yourself interested in more than two classes, taking the all-access pass might be a smarter investment.

Just look at this way:

One Masterclass course costs $90 each. An all-access pass costs $180. If you take three masterclasses in one year, it’s a bargain.


“The right makeup enhances your beauty and doesn’t take it away.”

Honestly, I didn’t see a single downside in this makeup masterclass. I’ve learned some pretty cool technical stuff that will elevate my makeup routine to the next level.

More importantly, I feel empowered and inspired. I’ve always felt empowered every time I do my makeup. It’s a therapeutic part of my morning. Something I do for myself. And this masterclass just reaffirms that.

Bobbi Brown’s makeup masterclass is engaging, relatable, helpful, and energetic. I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned.

This is easily one of my favorite Masterclass courses. And I’m positive it will be one of yours, too.

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