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Bezos divorce ends: MacKenzie Bezos walks away with $35 billion

The much-publicized divorce proceedings between the world’s richest couple have finally come to what seems to be an amicable end.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his wife, Mackenzie, have agreed to a divorce settlement of at least $35 billion – a record-breaking amount in the history of divorces.

Mackenzie is keeping a 4% stake in Amazon which is worth $36.5 billion on its own.

The complete financial details of the divorce are being kept private.

Here’s what we do know:

Before the divorce, Jeff Bezos owned a 16.3% stake in the retail giant. He will be keeping 75% of that holding. Mackenzie has also agreed to surrender all of her voting rights to her former husband.

Additionally, she’ll be giving up her rights to the Washington Post newspaper and Jeff Bezo’s space travel company, Blue Origin.

The Amazon shares alone will make Mackenzie the third-richest woman in the world. Jeff, meanwhile, will remain the world’s richest person.

An amicable split

The former couple released statements directly after the divorce settlement was announced. Both parties seemed to have parted on good terms.

Jeff and Mackenzie are both “looking forward to being co-parents and friends.”

Mackenzie tweeted:

In a similar statement, Jeff also tweeted:

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It has been a trying year for Jeff Bezos, and this divorce settlement may provide some peace for the former couple and everyone involved.

Jeff Bezos was the center of a scandal after a US tabloid magazine published an expose, including shocking private messages of his extramarital affair with former Fox TV host Lauren Sánchez. The affair was allegedly going on for months before the married couple’s official separation.

Jeff claimed he was blackmailed by the publisher of the magazine, American Media Incorporated. He wrote about the details of the alleged blackmail and extortion in a blog addressed to David Pecker of the National Enquirer. The former denied all claims.

Additionally, he went through the collapse of a $3 billion deal for a second Amazon headquarters in New York.

All of this was happening while the former couple was finalizing their divorce.

Mackenzie remained silent when the scandal ensued.

Many people speculated a 50/50 split. Although now it is clear that the separation was more amicable than assumed.

Both parties seem eager to move on.

Jeff Bezos is reportedly in a relationship with Lauren Sánchez.

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