The 23 best Mindvalley courses

Mindvalley is a learning platform that focuses on personal growth and self-development. The courses range from physical and mental health to spirituality and financial success. 

It’s been getting rave reviews, so I wanted to check it out for myself and see whether the current All-Access Pass is worth it. 

One perk is that there’s a free masterclass you can watch to get a sample of what a Mindvalley quest is like. Quest is the name Mindvalley uses for a course. 

Learning to meditate, better sleep, conscious uncoupling as a way to resolve toxic relationships: the topics had me hooked right from the beginning. 

Today I’ll take a look at the top 23 courses on Mindvalley and give you my verdict on whether the All-Access Pass is worth it or not.

Please note that Mindvalley’s Uncompromised Life and Lifebook quests aren’t on this top 23 list. They are superb courses, but they’re not included in the All-Access pass. 

With that, let’s get started: the best 23 quests at Mindvalley. 

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23. Super Reading 

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First things first: Super Reading is a speed reading course. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact I found it extremely useful, but I just wanted to be clear on what you’ll learn here.

The best thing about Super Reading is that it gives you the tools you need to handle today’s 24/7 stream of information and emails without breaking a sweat. 

The course is taught by Jim Kwik, who teaches a new way to read that will boost your speed and comprehension, which is a win-win. With 10-20 minute daily exercises you’ll notice real results in only a week or two. 

If you want – or need – to get reading done fast and retain information then this course is highly valuable. I found it one of the best courses on Mindvalley and definitely one of the best ones that you get in the All-Access Pass.

Over the course of three weeks, teacher Jim Kwik re-teaches you how to read, using 10-20 minute daily exercises that boost your reading comprehension and rate of information processing. 

22. Duality

Duality is a Mindvalley course that’s all about understanding and making use of the energy inside and outside your body. 

Before you think that this is Jedi knight training let me break it down. 

You’ll learn to:

  • Open your intuition
  • Enjoy a life filled with love and intimacy
  • Tap into your hidden energy and use it productively 

There’s no magic at play here, just secrets and strategies that many of us never learn which can help us upgrade our energy level and decision-making. 

The concept is solid and got my interest, but the focus on manifesting (envisioning your goals and desires and then directing your energy and focus to achieve it) seemed redundant to me. Plenty of other Mindvalley courses already teach manifesting and the Duality course seems to see it more as a way to benefit yourself, which in my view is not a healthy understanding or use of spirituality.

Nonetheless, there’s some interesting material here that will be of worth to students.

21. 7 Days to Break Up With Sugar 

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This is one of the best courses that Mindvalley offers in its All-Access Pass, even though it only lasts 7 days. 

Generally, most quests on Mindvalley are about 30 days to work your way through at average speed, but this one is short – and not so sweet. 

Sugar is one of those things that many of us don’t pay attention to, especially since it’s in every second thing we eat and drink. 

The problem is that it’s addictive and too much of it over the years leads to obesity, insulin tolerance and long-term health issues. 

This week-long class from Eric Edmeas was highly informative and action-oriented. It was all about making conscious nutritional decisions to avoid excessive sugar. I loved the concept and the way it was taught and found this to be one of the top courses Mindvalley offers.

20. Conscious Parenting Mastery

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Parenting is one of the most important jobs in the world and this Mindvalley course on taking care of your own “inner child” so you can raise your children to their utmost capacity is a worthwhile topic.

It teaches you how to form a stronger bond with your kids and make a healthier, lasting connection that will see them well through life – by first healing your own inner child. 

Conscious Parenting Mastery is parent-focused and all about becoming a more integrated and fulfilled person yourself so you can then pass that on to your progeny. It’s all about becoming the role model you wish you could be for your kids and really being a positive and reassuring influence in their lives. The course lasts 35-days and quite a few parents have said it’s transforming the way they go about their parental roles.

Although I’m not a parent, the lessons that Dr. Shefali goes through here make a lot of sense and I can see them being enormously helpful to parents. 

19. Speak and Inspire 

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To quote Jerry Seinfeld: “our number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. We’d rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

He’s not necessarily wrong, and public speaking is a challenge even for the most confident among us. Speak and Inspire tackles this head-on with solutions and tips for public speaking that have really helped me and get right to the root of what makes a speaker great or boring.

Speak and Inspire is a 30-day quest that will teach you to:

  • Maximize confidence and charisma through self-awareness
  • Talk about emotional life experiences in a genuine, clear way
  • Understand the power of story 
  • Tap into the hearts of others 

This class had a tight focus and delivered on its promise. It doesn’t wander around on side topics and it really focuses on becoming a better public speaker who will inform and inspire others. The techniques it teaches work and I definitely consider Speak and Inspire to be one of the most valuable courses in the All-Access Pass.

Read our comprehensive Speak and Inspire review.

18. Feng Shui for Life 

Feng shui is a concept that’s become more well-known in the West over the past few decades, but many people don’t really take the time to find out how it really works. 

That’s a shame, because Feng shui is actually amazing. This course is all about changing the balance of energy in your surroundings in order to improve your life, health and outlook. 

Even if the talk of “energy” sounds a bit vague to you or unscientific, I think it’s a given that having a super messy room or dishes stacked all over the kitchen creates a stressful, chaotic situation. 

And that’s how teacher Marie Diamond approaches this course: with lessons everyone can understand and appreciate at the basics moving into more advanced Feng shui concepts. 

As a consultant to Steven Spielberg, the Rolling Stones and more, Diamond knows exactly what she’s talking about and the power of your surroundings to create a better life. I certainly recommend Feng Shui for life as a worthwhile course to take in the All-Access Pass.

17. Little Humans

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I don’t have kids yet, so this course might be out of my area of expertise. But I can say that as a proud puppy owner this course spoke to me. 

It’s been getting outstanding reviews from parents who say it’s made the journey of raising their children much better and there’s a lot to like here. 

Little Humans promises to be a “transformational parenting journey” and I’d have to say that it succeeds in doing exactly that. Little Humans is a quest built on six main parenting concepts, namely: 

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Routines and Rituals
  • External Influences
  • Parent to Parent Relationships
  • Education and Growth

Little Humans is taught by 16 top parenting experts who lead you through effective and simple techniques to help your children reach their full potential of fulfillment and mental, emotional and physical health.  

One thing to note is that this course is billed as a membership, not an individual course. This gives you deeper and continual access to teachings, lessons, and resources. 

16. Mindvalley Yoga Quest 

Yoga has become more and more popular and these days it can seem like everyone is doing it. 

The upside of this is that yoga is extremely healthy and beneficial. The downside is that it can become so trendy that people only pay attention to the surface benefits and forget how much deeper yoga can be. 

Yoga Quest is one of the most beneficial courses in the All-Access Pass. It focuses on how yoga can be so much more than just physical, it also benefits your heart, mind and soul. 

The yoga techniques that are taught in this 21-day course are really simple to master and will turn you into a more flexible, strong, aware, de-stressed and fulfilled individual. 

This is a good course that is useful in your daily life and in enhancing your experience with yoga and I found it to be one of the most enjoyable courses at Mindvalley. 

15. Hero. Genius. Legend

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Just the title of this course should get your attention. And it deserves that recognition. 

The 66-day quest taught by Robin Sharma takes you on an epic journey to becoming the best version of yourself and maximizing your potential. You’ll learn key concepts of leadership, planning and productivity that will expand your horizons and opportunities. 

There’s about 10 minutes per day where you explore super useful ideas that will help you in life snd being more productive. 

This quest has a lot of corporate type language, but that’s really not a dealbreaker and once you get used to Sharma’s style of teaching it’s actually very enjoyable. 

The things I learned here have made a big difference for me and it’s a top contender when it comes to the best courses in the All-Access Pass.

14. Life Vision Mastery

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Michael Bernard Beckworth teaches Mindvalley’s Life Vision Mastery quest and I have to say that it exceeded my expectations. As the founder of a trans-denominational spiritual community known as Agape International Spiritual Center, Beckworth has deep wells of spiritual knowledge to draw upon, and he effortlessly guides you down a path to having a fuller, deeper life. 

In addition to helping you make a “spiritual roadmap,” and channel negative energy into productivity, Beckworth shows you how to overcome the victim mentality and learn surrender in a positive and proactive way. 

Life Vision Mastery is a hidden gem in the All-Access Pass and combines elements of religion and spirituality to help you find your purpose and succeed at it. 

This course is like having your own life New Age life coach, and I found it pretty cool. I recommend giving Life Vision Mastery a try!

Read our full Life Visioning Mastery Review.

13. Superbrain

If you liked Super Reading you will love Superbrain. This 30-day course is all about boosting your brain into the stratosphere by improving memory, cognition and comprehension. 

In other words: by making you a super smart person. 

This course is one of the most hands-on classes in the All-Access Pass, with practical steps you can take to supercharge your intellect.

It basically uses a similar concept to Super Reading and then applies it to everything especially understanding concepts, learning better vocabulary and memorizing and recalling key information at quick speed. 

Jim Kwik researched and perfected a lot of this when recovering from a traumatic brain injury he suffered and what he teaches is highly valuable, especially in regard to memory improvement. 

Read our full review of Superbrain.

12. Be Extraordinary For Teens 

This is a modified version of Vishen Lakhiani’s Be Extraordinary quest – discussed below – but for teenagers. Be Extraordinary For Teens understands that the teenage years can be hard, but has a number of great lessons to boost adolescent:

  • Confidence
  • Purpose
  • Compassion
  • Self-acceptance 

The core teaching of Be Extraordinary for Teens is actualizing your goals, discovering and improving your talents, working on better relationships and developing rock-solid confidence. A lot of the teachings here definitely would have helped me out as a teen, but I do have to say that the topic of achieving your goals is repeated quite a bit in various Mindvalley courses.

This course lasts 10-days, which should be short enough to keep a teen’s attention span engaged and involves around 20 minutes per day of lessons. It’s all about boosting the abilities and outlook of an adolescent growing up in our crazy world and Be Extraordinary for Teens succeeds in its mission. 

Rock on, dude. 

11. Be Extraordinary

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This class is the more spiritual, older cousin to Be Extraordinary for Teens. 

It’s led by Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani who focuses on helping you find your mission and achieve it. The techniques he imparts here are really useful, although they also become pretty far out at times. 

Unlike the more practical teachings of Be Extraordinary for Teens, this course features a lot of techniques that straddle the line between mystical and scientific. Personally I couldn’t quite pinpoint how effective some of these techniques are, but Lakhiani promises that techniques like Alpha-State and Quantum Jumping can help you manifest your goals. 

So if you’ve got an open mind and you’re curious to learn about some mystical theories then this course can be quite the fascinating journey. 

10. The Longevity Blueprint

Trainer Ben Greenfield leads this groundbreaking course on how to achieve physical health and fitness that lasts. 

As Greenfield points out, he himself was very fit in the past but his actual health wasn’t good and he was set for numerous health problems in the future. He often became sick or had energy dips and problems that seemed random. 

As Greenfield says: “just being fit does not mean that you’re healthy.”

The Longevity Blueprint is about taking health to the next level beyond having sculpted six-pack abs or looking good in a photo.

Greenfield has put together a truly remarkable blend of strength training, cardio and flexibility exercises to get your performance up without overdoing it. The course is a challenge but it’s more than doable by someone of average fitness and the techniques and exercises it goes through with you are outstanding. 

I highly recommend this course and consider it among the most fruitful classes I took in the All-Access Pass.

9. The New Psychology of Winning

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This epic 85-day quest is about winning. It’s also about fulfillment and winning at what matters in our lives so that our victories mean something lasting and real. 

The New Psychology of Winning includes really insightful teachings on:  

  • Overcoming setbacks and using them to fuel your dreams
  • Becoming more proactive and productive 
  • Learning how to attract super performers to your life vision
  • Getting paid fairly at a level you deserve for your talents

This class was excellent. The teacher Denis Waitley didn’t mess around and really got down to business. He was direct and down-to-earth and didn’t load things up with a bunch of corporate speak or overly abstract terms.

He just delivers the good and tells you how to really win at life. Waitley never downplays the point of the class either: this class is for those who want to rise to the top of their game. If you’re content being somewhere in the middle then it’s not for you. 

But if you want to hone a winner’s mentality and drive then this Mindvalley quest is a superb course to take as part of the All-Access Pass.

8. Unlocking Transcendence

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If your life has been lacking a little something and you’ve been feeling trapped then Unlocking Transcendence could be the perfect course for you. This 60-day quest helps you go on a journey of self-discovery, and the destination is pretty cool.

It’s a destination with increased: 

  • Self-awareness
  • Physical Awareness
  • Mental Awareness
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Impact Awareness

This very doable and enjoyable class won’t take too much of your time but it will noticeably raise your awareness and ability to connect to the people and events around you. I also like that this course wasn’t about using spirituality to “get” what you want. 

It was more about how becoming a spiritual and kind person is worth it in and of itself and will help you evolve as a human being. 

I liked the “pay it forward” style of the class and its teaching and would definitely recommend it. 

7. The Mastery of Sleep 

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Considering that it’s something we spend almost half our lives doing, it’s incredible how little attention a lot of us pay to sleep. 

Mastery of Sleep addresses that issues by looking at how to get a better night’s sleep and actually benefit from a deep sleep on a mental and physical level. Whether you’ve been having issues sleeping or just want a better sleep than you’re already getting, Dr. Michael Breus has some excellent and informative content here that’s easy to understand and implement. 

Some of the things you learn in this class include:

  • Evening routines that will help you sleep well  
  • Using your environment to get a better sleep
  • Making your diet work in unison with your sleep schedule
  • Reducing sleep obstacles and increasing sleep solutions

Master of Sleep is a 30 day class that I really appreciated for being down-to-earth, practical, science-based and clearly explained. My well-rested self is thanking me already for taking this course. 

6. Everyday Bliss

Life can be a real downer and it can be hard to find joy in the middle of the chaos and confusion. This Mindvalley quest led by Paul McKenna is all about turning things around and finding everyday bliss. 

McKenna particularly focuses on the power of hypnotic techniques to positively train ourselves to become stress-resistant and formidable. McKenna’s course helps you to:

  • Be more stress-resistant
  • Sidestep everyday fears
  • Get a better sleep
  • Become a stronger, happier person

The course lasts 21 days and the daily lessons are only 15 minutes which I found is a small time commitment to pay for a less stressful life. My blood pressure level and reduced purchases of Advil are already making me glad I took this Everyday Bliss course. 

5. Chakra Healing

Chakras are a spiritual concept that arose out of the Hindu and Buddhist religions. They basically refer to energy focal points in the body that channel and filter spiritual energy. There are seven primary chakras in our body that have a big influence on our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

When they get stoppages, underused or unbalanced we can often suffer in significant ways. 

The Chakra Healing course at Mindvalley is taught by Anodea Judith and lets you use your own spiritual power to become more conscious and cleanse your chakras. 

In particular, Judith goes through how clearing some chakras can improve your life, such as clearing the second chakra to have a better sex life and intimate experiences. 

I enjoyed this class and found it informative. I kept my mind open and feel that I learned a lot about how chakras work and their powerful potential. 

4. The Money EQ Quest 

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Ken Honda leads you on a journey to explore your relationship with money. All I can say is that it’s quite interesting and worthwhile. 

Money EQ promises you that “money doesn’t have to control your life” and it lives up to that promise by showing you how you can think differently about money in a positive and cooperative way.

Honda shows you how to cultivate better financial habits and decisions and how to keep money moving so that it doesn’t sit around and lose value. The course is 21-days in length and really helped me improve how I manage my finances and financial decisions. 

I recommend it as a great course to take in the All-Access Pass.

3. The M Word 

As someone who used to be hesitant about meditation, this course really spoke to me. The M Word is a meditation course for people who are cautious about meditation and worried that they won’t be able to do it or that it will take a big time commitment. 

If meditation has seemed strange to you or overly specialized or requiring too much dedication then this course is the simplifier that you need to make meditation accessible to you.  

The course goes through simple meditation techniques and focuses on how mindfulness can be used to meditate without needing any particular skills or spiritually advanced understanding. 

I think this is a great thing to include in the All-Access Pass because it can help those who have an interest in meditation but have been hesitant about trying it out because of thinking it’s beyond their reach. 

2. Conscious Uncoupling 

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Mindvalley’s Conscious Uncoupling is an excellent course about how to recover from heartbreak and relationship disappointment. 

When your heart’s broken, the last thing you want to hear is that you have to get over it, but the 5-step technique that you learn in Conscious Uncoupling is very much solutions-oriented and practical. It doesn’t try to tell you that your pain is not real or important. 

It simply shows you how to move on and continue with your life. 

This 35-day course focuses on moving from heartbreak and despondency to the ability to walk forward into a brighter future by teaching you how to: 

  1. Find emotional freedom and resilience
  2. Reclaim your personal power and agency
  3. Break the pattern of disappointment and heal your heart
  4. Become a love alchemist (it’s easier than it sounds)
  5. Create your happily ever after

1. Awaken The Species

The 23 best Mindvalley courses

Awaken the Species is a Mindvalley quest on how to become a highly evolved being. It’s not about being “better” or “more advanced,” it’s more about using your time wisely and well and contributing to our world in helpful and compassionate ways.

The meaning of being evolved is summer up in the following. It means an individual who:

  • Rises above the social, spiritual, political turmoil of our times
  • Embraces a higher state of spiritual awareness
  • Expresses divine joy, contrition, and purpose in their lives
  • Uplifts others to help them undergo their own spiritual evolution

A highly evolved being is one who becomes a divine instrument of change. 

It’s intense stuff, but it’s also amazing!

There are 16 main steps the course goes through to help you on your spiritual and life journey into becoming a kinder and more liberated being. I highly recommend this one and found it one of the most engaging in the All-Access Pass.

Is Mindvalley’s All-Access worth it?

After listing these top 23 Mindvalley quests I have to say that Mindvalley’s All-Access is worth it – if you’re going to use it. 

If you’re willing to dedicate even just an hour or two per day and use the lessons and teachings that the quests share with you then Mindvalley All-Access is definitely worth signing up for.

For just $2 per day you can have access to some of the top thought leaders and experts on the planet and put ideas into practice that can genuinely transform your life. 

In addition, the fact that you can refund yourself easily within 15 days after purchase if you’re not satisfied gets rid of all the anxiety over the purchase decision. If you find your head or heart isn’t in the right place and you’re not in the right place to absorb the course material you can easily get all your money back with no hassle. 

Like I mentioned at the beginning, Uncompromised Life and Lifebook Online aren’t included in the All-Access Pass, and neither are WildFit and Unlimited Abundance. But everything else is part of the package including all new quests for the year you’re signed up for. With one added each month that’s a pretty good deal. 

At the end of the day I have to say that Mindvalley All Access is a great deal. You will be exposed to many new ideas and insights into every area of life and self-growth and have the chance to put them into practice, and you’ll pay way less than you would taking individual seminars online or in person at hundreds of dollars each. 

I highly recommend trying out Mindvalley All Access and I hope that my reviews of the top 23 courses there have also been useful to you. Let me know your experiences with Mindvalley in the comments below. 

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Nathan Dennis

Nathan Dennis is a Manhattan based playwright and poet of Floridian extraction. A graduate of NYU Tisch Department of Dramatic Writing, he served as a Rita and Burton Goldberg Fellow, and was awarded Outstanding Writing for the Stage in Spring of 2015. His most recent play, Lord of Florida, was workshopped by PrismHouse Theatre Company in the Fall of 2017.

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