11 behaviors that show you’re more mature than others around you

Maturity is a quality that goes beyond age, reflecting an individual’s emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and ability to navigate various situations with grace and wisdom. 

We all have to grow up at some point in our lives. Some of us climb the steps of maturity way earlier than others. 

You may have taken leaps and bounds beyond your peers. Maybe you suspect someone whose age ranks high in numbers lacks actual maturity.

If you are starting to wonder if you are more mature than others around you, take a look through these 11 behaviors that could indicate a greater maturity level. 

1) You’ve developed emotional resilience

People who have matured possess something called emotional resilience. It’s an ability to handle setbacks and disappointments without drowning in a puddle of self-doubt and doom.

Life will always be throwing curve balls your way. Developing emotional resilience will help you field these unexpected events with grace and composure.

If you are handling difficult situations while maintaining a positive outlook on life, you’ve likely achieved a relatively robust level of emotional resilience.

Pay attention to your friends. Do they learn from failures? Can they adapt to new circumstances? 

If the answer is no, chances are you’ve matured beyond where they currently are.

2) You’ve started taking responsibility

It’s actually not that easy to take responsibility. We don’t want to take the blame for anything.

But, if you are growing in your maturity, you’ll know that mature individuals take ownership of their actions, admitting mistakes and learning from them. 

We all trip up from time to time. We might upset someone we love. We might break something precious. We might accidentally delete an important file from our work server. 

It’s okay to make mistakes. As long as we admit to it and take the learning to heart.

Notice if the people around you understand that their choices have consequences. If they don’t, they are probably not ready to take responsibility.

There is such value in looking at your blunders and using the learning to leap forward. If this sounds like you, then you are already taking accountability, valuing integrity, and the importance of making amends.

3) You have empathy and understanding

When we mature, we begin to see the world through the eyes of others. We can step into their shoes and imagine how they are feeling.

The skills of empathy and understanding help to make us move with more consideration in the world.

Notice how you feel around your peer group. Do they take the time to listen? Do they offer support and encouragement without judgment? 

If your friends are still stuck in the high-school phase of “he said/she said,” then you are definitely with a more immature crowd. 

You don’t have to drop everyone and try to find more mature friends. You can help them grow by asking deeper questions. 

“Do you ever wonder how that made her feel?”

“Do you think (insert name) would be upset if they heard you talking about them like this?”

“How would you feel if you knew someone was speaking about you behind your back?”

Try to guide the conversation to center around compassion and empathy rather than judgment. 

4) Effective communication

Mature individuals excel at communication, both in expressing their thoughts and actively listening to others. 

Do you tick this box? Have you noticed yourself being more honest in conversations?

If you know you have started speaking with clarity, honesty, and respect, you’ll start fostering more healthy relationships. This level of communication is an absolute must for mature and meaningful interactions.

5) You exercise self-control

If everyone around you is still behaving completely in the pursuit of pleasure or is just downright hedonistic — it’s a sure sign they are still immature.

You’ll feel within yourself that you can control your impulses and manage your emotions. When you think before reacting and stay calm in challenging situations, you know you’ve reached a new level of maturity. 

This ability allows you and others to make rational decisions that support growth and self-development.

6) You have an open mind

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Is your mind free? Do you embrace diverse perspectives and ideas?

Mature people recognize that their own views are not absolute. They actively seek knowledge and are willing to learn from others, cultivating a more inclusive environment.

We can’t stay the same all our lives. Doing so limits our potential to achieve our dreams. 

Learning to cultivate open-mindedness is a sure sign you are emerging into maturity. 

If those around you seem more closed off, you can encourage them to broaden their perspectives. Try going to see an arthouse movie or pay a visit to an exhibition at your nearest gallery.

7) You’ve developed patience and tolerance

Those of us who are more mature know that patience is a virtue. 

If you know you demonstrate patience and tolerance to others — even those who trigger you — then you are definitely maturing.

You’ll notice that you understand that everyone has their own journey and respect individual differences without imposing your beliefs or judgments. 

Developing patience and tolerance fosters an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. And, being around people who are impatient and dismissive of others starts to feel like a drag.

8) You are always seeking resolution

We’ve all got that one friend who creates drama but never seems to know how to solve it. They are probably stuck in a less mature mindset and can’t shift the dynamic yet.

If you’ve matured, you’ll prioritize conflict resolution over escalation. Finding common ground is your forte, and you love to promote harmony and understanding in your relationships.

Honing the mature skill of diffusing tense situations and finding solutions is a literal superpower — and benefits everyone involved.

9) You use self-reflection to grow

Taking a good long look at yourself and your behavior is not always fun. 

But it’s necessary for growth. 

You’ll know you are more mature than others around you when you find yourself taking time out to engage in self-reflection. When a night out at the bar seems way less attractive than staying in to watch a talk about how to develop a growth mindset.

If you actively seek feedback and are open to constructive criticism, you are definitely maturing rapidly. You’ll take it as an opportunity to enhance your skills and deepen your self-awareness.

10) You delay gratification

Desperately seeking an immediate reward is something that immature people tend to do a lot more often. Do you notice this trait in others around you?

Prioritizing long-term goals over quenching immediate desires is a sign of emerging maturity. You’ll feel more drawn toward the idea that there is great value in perseverance and hard work.

Success often requires sacrifice and patience.

It can be really hard to be around others who haven’t quite gotten to this point in their lives yet. But don’t worry; most people do get there.

11) You show gratitude

They say you should always count your blessings. And they are right. 

Living with the attitude of gratitude is proven to help you have a better outlook in life.

If you feel like you’re more mature than others around you, take a look at how much you appreciate the good things in your life. Compare that to your friends.

It can be difficult to maintain relationships that don’t express gratitude. We all need to be recognized for the efforts we make. Acknowledging the contributions of others is a key stage in maturity.

Help others around you step into a place of gratitude by starting a group chat where you write three things you are grateful for each day. This practice cultivates positivity and strengthens relationships.

Final thoughts

Maturity is a quality that transcends age and is characterized by a set of behaviors and attitudes. 

By embracing these behaviors, you can foster personal growth, build stronger relationships, and contribute positively to your communities. 

Remember, maturity is an ongoing journey, not a final destination. By embodying these behaviors, you can continue to evolve and become the best version of yourself — inspiring others as you go.

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