8 behaviors that separate genuinely strong women from everyone else

Strong women are a force of nature.

That’s because they possess certain behaviors that set them apart from the rest. These are the things that showcase their gumption, determination, and inner strength.

Are you wondering what truly defines a strong woman?

Let’s take a look at 10 behaviors we should all strive for if we want to embody her power.

1) She displays patience when faced with frustration

Patience is such a modest and unassuming quality that it can be overlooked.

But those of us who feel lacking in it (I have my hand up right now!) know it can be way harder to display than we may imagine.

We all like things to go our own way. During the course of the day, we can be faced with countless delays, mix-ups, and irritations that get on our nerves.

It takes real control and consciousness to counteract any natural urge to get annoyed. That’s why it’s such a testament to inner strength.

Mindfulness can help us cultivate greater patience by encouraging us to stay in the present moment without judgment.

So too can reframing the situation and our mindset.

When we’re about to lose our patience, we often blow things out of proportion. Putting things back in perspective can be a useful exercise when you’re about to blow a fuse.

2) She picks herself up and tries again when life knocks her down

At some point or another, life will inevitably throw us a curve ball.

Let’s face it, existence itself can sometimes feel like an endurance test.

Those who not only survive but thrive are simply good at dusting themselves off and carrying on.

There’s a Japanese proverb that nicely sums up this mentally tough approach:

‘Fall down seven times, get up eight’.

I think it beautifully highlights the fact that there is no end to the challenges we may face.

No matter how many setbacks we encounter, the only solution is to keep on going.

When we fully accept this, we are better able to bounce back from complications with grace.

It’s only through facing difficulties that we can build resilience. Whilst we may not like all the lessons life gives us, we can see them as opportunities for growth.

3) She isn’t afraid to go her own way instead of follow the crowd

To a certain extent, we all want to be liked. It’s a built-in instinct for human beings.

After all, once upon a time, social exclusion would have meant inevitable death. We need one another to survive.

Even though rejection these days has far less drastic consequences, it can still feel like a real threat.

So much so that research discovered we experience rejection much like we do physical pain in the brain.

In many ways then, it pays to stay in agreement with others and not to create too many waves. But if we are to stay true to ourselves, that’s not always possible.

A strong woman is prepared to disagree with the consensus. She cannot betray herself by going along with something she doesn’t agree with.

She honestly expresses her thoughts and feelings.

This demands an autonomous nature, which as we’re about to see, is another quality strong women have in spades.

4) She can take care of herself

Independence in a strong woman can be misunderstood.

It doesn’t mean she is anti-social or that she doesn’t really need anyone else.

We all value close connections, they are an important part of what gives meaning and happiness to life.

Neither does it mean that she won’t ask for help when she needs it. The smartest people recognize that cooperation gets us much further than trying to always go it alone.

It’s more that when push comes to shove, she can take care of herself.

Strong women are self-sufficient and rely on themselves. They take full responsibility and roll up their sleeves rather than sitting around hoping someone else will save them.

They make decisions based on their own beliefs and values, and their independence fuels their sense of empowerment.

5) She pushes through her fears for the sake of growth

pic2389 8 behaviors that separate genuinely strong women from everyone else

It’s not that they don’t get scared. When tackling something new, strong women also feel apprehension and uncertainty.

Fear is a natural and healthy emotion.

But they’ve learned to understand this is inevitable. Whenever we leave our comfort zone, it’s going to feel messy.

But there’s no way around it.

Rather than let themselves be controlled by this, strong women accept their fear and move through it.

That allows them to take calculated risks and embrace challenges. Because they dare to face their fears head-on, it propels them towards their goals.

6) She is strong enough to be vulnerable and show people the real her

It may seem like a paradox, but at the core of true strength lies softness.

Real strength isn’t about hardening or cutting yourself off from your feelings to protect yourself.

Becoming immune to life by trying not to care is not strong, it’s a sign of weakness.

Opening ourselves up is scary. It can feel incredibly exposing.

This is why the people who can show vulnerability are the ones who feel comfortable enough with who they are to do so.

It allows her to:

  • Admit to mistakes
  • Say sorry when she is wrong
  • Have difficult conversations
  • Show people who she really is without pretense

There’s no getting around it, if we want to live authentically, we must show vulnerability.

7) She exudes confidence because she has worked on her self-love

Observing from the outside, it can seem like strong women feel sure of pretty much everything they do.

But chances are she has had to deal with plenty of self-doubt just like the rest of us.

All of a woman’s external strength is dependent on the inner strength she has built.

And as we’ve just alluded to, this doesn’t come from “toughening up”. It actually comes from embracing self-compassion, love, and acceptance.

She believes in herself and her abilities because she has cultivated self-appreciation.

She is able to evaluate both her strengths and weaknesses. She accepts imperfections and flaws, even if she’s working on them.

The more we learn to love ourselves, the more kindness and understanding we can extend to others too.

That’s why a strong woman doesn’t just seek to lift up herself, she supports those around her too.

8) She is clear about her boundaries and prepared to enforce them when others cross the line

Whenever we build something, it has to be on rock solid foundations. Otherwise, it will end up crumbling.

In many ways, healthy boundaries are the foundations that a strong woman rests upon. They support all of her empowered behaviors and protect her as she pushes herself.

Boundaries are a non-negotiable part of showing self-respect and self-care. As highlighted by Stanford University:

“Boundaries help determine what is and is not okay in a relationship– whether that be with friends, partners, co-workers, bosses, or family members. Ideally, we put them in place to protect our well-being. They help us to build trust, safety, and respect in relationships.”

A strong woman can say no to things that don’t work for her. She removes herself from harmful situations. She is assertive when standing up for herself to keep a healthy balance in all her relationships.

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