5 behaviors of people who lack determination in life, according to psychology

If you’ve observed successful people, you’ll notice that they’re not necessarily the smartest or most talented people in the room. Instead, they’re determined individuals who are ready to put in the work to achieve their dreams.

On the flipside, those who lack determination are often people without the drive or motivation to succeed. They may be ambitious, but their ill discipline prevents them from achieving what they want.

Today, we’ll look at 5 behaviors of people who lack determination in life, according to psychology.

If you find that some of these behaviors are familiar to you, it may be an indicator that you should start working on your discipline.

1) They procrastinate

Studies show that the less people self-regulate or exercise self-control, the higher the tendency for them to procrastinate.

Procrastination is the act of putting off things that one needs to do and someone with little determination in life would prefer this over doing something that they do not enjoy. 

This habit stems from laziness and a general lack of motivation. They’d rather enjoy themselves by not doing anything and put off things that may not be as fun, to the last minute, or not doing it altogether.

The thing is that they know what needs to be done, they just don’t want to do it.

Even when they finally get around to completing the task, it’s often done in a haphazard manner because of the imminent deadline. 

Ultimately, the work or task that they complete is done very poorly and doesn’t reflect well on them.

Procrastination is therefore a classic habit of someone with no determination in life, because they don’t prioritize the task assigned to them and lack the motivation or drive to complete their tasks.

2) They’re careless

Another sign of someone with a lack of determination is their carelessness.

While I understand that some people are just more careless than the rest, having a sense of drive motivates a person to check their work, rather than turning in work that is full of careless mistakes.

I used to know a colleague who was eager to prove himself and his self-motivation was reflected in the standard of work that he presented. However, he soon lost momentum and that was when the mistakes crept in.

His mistakes weren’t serious, but the frequency of these little mistakes did present a cause for concern – from typos to missing attachments and files, to sending out emails to the wrong recipients.

It was clear that he just didn’t have any motivation to actively check his work before clicking ‘send’. 

Outside work, someone with a lack of determination may also become more forgetful. They miss out on appointments, get dates mixed up and may not even show up at the last minute because they completely forgot about the appointment.

If these are habits that you’ve observed in your life, you may have a lack of determination.

3) They often mindlessly scroll through social media

Scrolling through social media mindlessly is often a habit of people who aren’t determined in life.

The reason for this largely stems from the idea of instant gratification

Why does one have to put in effort or place themselves in an uncomfortable situation before being able to enjoy themselves when they can be entertained almost instantly with a scroll of a page? 

Moreover, people with a lack of determination are also enticed by the idea that they can put their brains to rest and enjoy whatever content is on their explore pages – since these mostly elicit positive responses and will make them happy for a while.

Whether it’s through likes, comments or the ability to interact with people almost instantly, social media is much more interesting than reality. 

They’re also likely to be easily distracted as their brains aren’t used to focusing on a task for more than a few minutes – the average length of a video clip on social media. They may find their minds wandering if they don’t feel engaged almost instantly.

This makes it tougher for them to work on their goals as they’d rather be doing something more interesting. 

Their lack of determination thus contributes to their endless scrolling on social media, which can take up hours on end each day.

This leads to the next point.

4) They go through the motions each day

Someone who has a lack of determination is likely to go through the motions of each day without a set goal or agenda to adhere to.

Instead, they take each day as it comes without having any target to achieve. 

The days roll by and they have hardly any recollection of them because they’re just living for the sake of it.

Having no clear goals or ambition can result in a person losing their purpose in life. They drift endlessly with no vision for the future, which can lead to feelings of stagnation and discontent.

If you feel stuck in life and everything seems to be passing you by, you may have a lack of determination in life, which has resulted in this overall lack of direction. 

5) They are not productive

An obvious result of someone without any determination in life is a lack of productivity.

They may be at work but they produce either nothing or close to nothing – just slipshod work that was done with minimal effort or care.

Outside work, this can also impact their relationships – they may put in very little effort and expect the other party to make up for it. 

The thing is – someone can also be very busy but not achieve anything. Their productivity levels remain at zero because the things that they’ve completed are of low priority.

They have made little to no headway in achieving what they had set out for themselves, and this boils down to an overall lack of determination to succeed.

They’re hindering their own progress by not prioritizing the correct things in life.

Final thoughts

If you find that you relate to the habits in this article, it’s not too late to change.

The first step is acknowledging where you’re at and then, taking the necessary steps to improve.

Change won’t happen overnight, just as habits take time to develop. But after doing this for a while, you’ll realize that these habits will come to you naturally.

Your levels of determination will increase as well, putting you on a path towards success! 

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