5 behaviors men display when they genuinely fall in love, according to psychology

In La Vita Nuova, the great medieval Latin text by Dante Alighieri, the writer’s, shall we say, intense love for Beatrice is nothing short of timeless. 

Imagine a love so wild that it captures your every living, breathing moment. This is exactly how the man felt.

In the ancient tale, Dante reflects on all the ways he has fallen for Beatrice, a woman he saw as the very essence of virtue and grace.

Dante wasn’t just daydreaming about Beatrice in his spare time—he was utterly consumed by thoughts of her.

So much so that he often retreated to his room to be alone with his feelings, becoming so absorbed that he struggled to function as a normal human being. 

“Love, many times without warning, attacked me so violently that no part of me remained alive except one thought that spoke of this lady,” he writes.

While published all the way back in 1294, this still holds true for many of us, the idea of true adoration.

Dante’s love for Beatrice wasn’t just about her beauty, it was rooted in his deep appreciation of all her complex and interesting traits. 

If you suspect a man is falling in love with you, or has already fallen, there’s a good chance he might be dropping hints. Dante-level hints.

Here are some telling behaviors men display when they fall madly in love, according to psychology:

1) He lightens the load by helping you out

At last, you arrive back home. It’s been one heck of a day.

You’re all set to tackle the usual evening chaos—the pile of laundry, the barking Labrador in need of a five-mile walk—but hold on a hot minute!

Something’s…different. The clothes? All folded neatly and put away. The loud-mouthed pup? Sleeping soundly in the sunshine.

Oh my gosh—even dinner is in the oven.

Surprisingly, you didn’t ask for any of it, didn’t have to, yet it’s all magically done and dusted. Who’s behind this? The man who’s very much in love with you, of course.

An Australian study outlined acts of service as an indicator of genuine love. 

But why is this the case? Well, when a man goes and does things for you without being asked, it’s a clear sign they’re deeply invested in your joy.

This means that they will willingly and gleefully go out of their way for you because they’re not just thinking about themselves anymore. Nope, your entry into their lives has changed things for the better.

They’re thinking about you and want to make your life better in the everyday moments and in the grand scheme of things. It’s their personalized way of showing you love and care—so drink it in!

It’s a quiet, powerful way of displaying his love in a language that doesn’t require all that many words.

2) He is 100% committed to you

You know that feeling when someone is your ride-or-die, your person, your absolute everything? 

That’s the vibe when a guy is committed to you and loyal AF.

This is because love isn’t just about the high, exuberant times—it’s about showing up, every single day, even when it’s tough and uncomfortable.

Research on romantic relationships, published in the journal The Archives of Sexual Behavior, pinpointed commitment and loyalty as a sign of a man falling deeply in love.

He’s focused on building something real with you, something lasting. 

Plus, he doesn’t just say he’s loyal… he shows it. He’s not looking around for other options because, to him, you are the best option. 

And get this, his loyalty isn’t just about being physically present—it’s about being emotionally invested in your success and mental health. That’s how you know he’s deeply, deeply in love.

3) He’s deeply trusting of you

behaviors from a man hes ready for a serious relationship 5 behaviors men display when they genuinely fall in love, according to psychology

A man in love is not questioning your every move or message. Instead, he’s trusting you so completely that it makes you want to be the best version of yourself.

A study on loyalty in romantic relationships explored the element of trust and its bearing on a partnership.

Psychologists found that if a man held high levels of trust, it meant they were in love—usually for the long haul.

When a man is deeply in love, he doesn’t want to make you feel as if you are untrusted or doubted. 

In order to make you feel secure, he places his trust, faith, and confidence in you and he does this all because he’s certain in the relationship and in you.

And when you reciprocate that trust, it creates a cycle of respect and security—and it flows with ease.

4) He’s appreciative and loving of the most authentic version of yourself

When a dude is really in love, and I mean properly in love, he’s not interested in turning you into something you aint.

Instead, he’s right there, showing up and loving you fiercely for who you are, flaws, quirks, and all!

Psychologist John Welwood dived deep into the element of acceptance in relationships in an article for the Association for Transpersonal Psychology.

Welwood fleshes out that if a man genuinely falls in love with you, it means that he meets you on your level—just as you are.

It’s almost as if he’s been given a distinct lens where he can see right on into your soul, and what he sees? He absolutely loves.

Believe you me… there’s nothing sweeter than being loved for exactly who you are.

That kind of unquestioned, unfettered total acceptance is worth more than a million bucks.

5) He displays love and acceptance for himself, too

What is it about a man who seems so deeply in love?

Well, there’s a good chance he’s already mastered the very first love: self-love!

“The more we know ourselves and develop the courage and skills to communicate our inner experience, the more that trust and love can flourish,” explained Dr. John Amodeo in a piece about the way we experience love.

Think about it. Loving another person can come on naturally, easily, and quickly…but loving yourself too? 

That’s where things can be a little complicated. Because we can see ourselves for who we really are, and across a whole lifetime too.

So, if a man’s already found peace within himself, it means he doesn’t need to seek out external validation—he already knows his own inherent value.

And from this happy place? Well, that’s where the real, juicy love flows.

So, if you see a fella who is deep, deep in love, look a little closer. 

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll see not just deep love for you, but a person who’s found love within themselves. 

Final words

So, wrapping it up, psychology can help us unveil a whole suite of behaviors that guys show when they are head over heels in love.

As we’ve seen, they will come up with their own unique love language! You’ll see it in the things they do rather than just what they say aloud.

They’re ride-or-die types, all about loyalty and sticking firmly by your side. 

Plus, they’re not afraid to show themselves a little self-love, which is surprisingly key for a healthy relationship

Trust? Oh yeah, they’ve got loads of that. And my absolute favorite part? They’re cool with you being you, no pretending required.




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