Barack Obama’s Top 10 Biggest Regrets Upon Leaving Office

With President Barack Obama set to leave office later this month, it’s a fitting time to hold his presidency to account and analyse his biggest regrets.

The futurist, author and entrepreneur Alex Lightman has done just that in a recent Facebook post. He notes that Obama had 30 million people working for him and over $30 trillion in spending power, and lists the following regrets Obama will likely have.

What do you think of the ten largest regrets that Lightman came up with? Join us at, our parent site and a place where anyone can join to share their ideas, where we are discussing Barack Obama’s legacy via the hash tag #ObamaLegacy.

Here are Lightman’s top 10 regrets (on behalf of Obama).

Barack Obama’s Top 10 Regrets

1. Could have legalized marijuana by simply giving a press conference and introducing experts on medical uses, and then taken cannabis off Schedule 1 as a drug with “no medical uses”, which everyone knows is a lie. Obama’s legacy: admitted cannabis smoker and known dealer while at Occidental College who put hundreds of thousands of his fellow cannabis aficionados in prison…while the rest of the nation votes, every time, for marijuana legalization.

2. Could have ended the US embargo of Cuba, and even ran on this issue during his US Senate campaign. Legacy: the man who signed the fraudulent US embargo (it’s based on the Trading with the Enemy Act that was created for Nazi Germany, a nation at war with the US, and misapplied to Cuba, a nation that the Defense Intelligence Agency concluded 20 years ago was not threat to the US) into law in September 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, and who actually visited Cuba, something forbidden by the law he signed every year.

3. Could have ended the use of drones based on the 90% civilian casualties they have caused. Legacy: the Nobel Peace Prize winner who swiped right using his Tinder for Murder app on his iPad on almost a daily basis. Killed hundreds of civilians by choices he made PERSONALLY, rather than leaving them to the military…civilians in nations that the US was not a war with, and therefore murder, not military actions.

4. Could have educated the US on the US Constitution and why it’s important to follow it in letter and spirit. Legacy: A LAW PROFESSOR who claimed to be a Constitutional Scholar (i.e. read it carefully and understood it) who took the shortcut of doing everything of significance via Executive Order (as extreme in the opposite of the founder’s intent as you can get), even though he was given the great gift of having his party in control of both the House and the Senate when he took the oath of office to protect and defend the US Constitution.

5. Could have made peace in the Middle East and ended ISIS. Legacy: Wars continue to rage as US warplanes fly over seven Muslim nations. Gave an illegal cash bribe to Iran, based on Valerie Jarrett’s lobbying…because her parents live there. Iran still not a friend, getting a huge shipment of Uranium this week…even though it has ten percent of the world’s oil and solar is 1/30th the cost of nuclear. His Secretary of State gave $45 million of State Department funds to back what became ISIS…six weeks before leaving public office.

6. Could have reduced medical costs. Legacy: Affordable Care Act did not, in fact, make health care more affordable. It reduced the supply of doctors while increasing demand…text book cause of inflation.

7. Could have increased average life expectancy. Legacy: Obama is the only president in US history to preside over a fall in life expectancy not caused by war or plague.

8. Could have generated the credibility that his endorsement would have led to a victory by the person he endorsed and his party. Legacy: Lied and said that Hillary Clinton was the person in most prepared to be US president in history…and she lost. First time I can remember that Republicans control everything…the biggest rebuke for a president in US history.

9. Could have appointed a liberal Supreme Court justice to replace the most conservative justice during his term. Legacy: made to appear like a lame duck a year earlier by not being able to even get hearings on the appointment of a successor, even with virtually unlimited things to bargain with.

10. Could have set in motion Basic Minimum Income to deal with the 70% of jobs that will be lost from AI, robots, and Internet of Things. Legacy: Accelerated the philosophy that will cost Americans jobs, but with fewer safety nets in the future. No new programs or insights to care for those without jobs.

The full post by Alex Lightman is here:

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