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    Analytical skills: 7 ways to improve yours now

    Analytical skills are not taught in school – not even an elective. But this skill hugely affects your success when you go out to the “real world”. What gets a person closer to success is their ability to rely on analytical skills – not on emotions and desires – to overcome challenges regardless of urgency […] More

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    Is Buddhism a religion or philosophy? 6 experts weigh in

    In a nutshell, Buddhism developed from the teachings of the Buddha, a teacher who lived in northern India. In ancient India, “Buddha” referred to an enlightened being who has awakened from ignorance and has already achieved freedom from suffering. His teachings state that in order to eliminate suffering, one must understand the true nature of the world. […] More

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    The “steak and eggs diet”: More effective weight control?

    There’s a lot of different diets out there. From vegan to fat based, there is no shortage of diets that people want to try. In fact, every other so-called “health expert” have something to recommend! Even before zero carb and carnivorous diets in recent times, there is an “old-school” diet back in the 1950’s called the “steak and […] More

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    44 touching love messages for him and her

    Let’s admit it. It makes us happy every time we receive sweet messages from the one we love. We can’t help but gush over it. At the very least, it can make us smile. A loving message from your partner will surely brighten up your day. There is nothing sweeter than to receive a sweet […] More

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    11 common traits of happy people

    What makes you happy? Is it a loving partner, a fun high-paying job, or endless world travel? Most people spend their lives waiting to be happy. They think if they have more money or more cars or a perfect relationship, then they can be happy. But the truth is that anyone can be happy right […] More

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