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    Your Facebook “likes” expose more than you think, according to computer scientists

    Quick question: how many posts have you given a thumbs-up on your Facebook newsfeed today? Right, that’s what I thought. Just like me, you probably have no idea. And yet these mindless acts of appreciation give away much more about ourselves than we realize. In a stunning TED talk (see below) Director of the Human-Computer Interaction […] More

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    12 girly things men secretly love to do

    Even if gender becomes a more fluid concept these days, most men still like to play tough on the outside. Gentlemen, time to come clean. When no one is watching, you love to let the woman inside you out. These are the 12 girly things you secretly enjoy doing! 1. Men love gossiping too Forget […] More

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    10 things you do every day that harm your health

    You go to the gym? Check. You try to eat healthy? Double check. More than ever we are conscious of what we eat and we pursue a healthy lifestyle. But some simple actions that we do every day actually cause us harm. Check out if you unconsciously do any of the 10 things below that […] More

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    How to speak so that people will listen, according to a renowned expert

    Do you ever feel that when you’re speaking, nobody’s listening? Do you sometimes find it difficult to make your point among friends or colleagues? We all struggle to be heard in this fast-moving world, where we’re constantly being bombarded by opinions and tweets. Time to turn things around. Check out the following tips and tricks […] More

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    The one simple sign that you’re in a happy relationship, according to scientific research

    Tired of knowing all about your friend’s romantic dates on Facebook? Do all couples look more happy than you and your partner on Instagram? Don’t fuss — a study has proven that the happiest couples actually post the least about their relationship on social media. So if you’re not posting lovey-dovey pics online like others […] More

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    Sudanese model was told to bleach her black skin by Uber driver – this was her surprising response

    One random weekday Nyakim Gatwech was on her way to a job interview in an Uber cab, when her driver unexpectedly asked her a question with great consequences. The man, who she describes as a “light-skinned black man”, asked her out of the blue: “Don’t take this offensively, but if you were given 10 thousand […] More

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    5 mind-blowing gadgets that will change your life in 2018

    Next to post-Christmas diets and new year’s resolutions, January also welcomes the world’s biggest tech show called CES. The annual Consumer Electronics Show, taking place as we speak, gives a glimpse of the latest cutting-edge technology that might change our lives in the year ahead. So what gadgets does 2018 have up its sleeve for […] More

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    The rise of “Big Brother”? China moves to “rate” its citizens

    It sounds all too paradoxical in today’s free and globalized world, but Chinese citizens have only two years left of personal freedom. Wired reveals that afterwards, it’s Big Brother’s eyes on their every move. So, what’s the true deal and will the rest of the world follow? People become a number By 2020 the Chinese […] More

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    A Navy SEAL commander reveals 5 simple habits that will immediately make you stronger

    Feel like you’re constantly running behind schedule? Does your day never seem to have enough hours to get all the work done? Do you always intend to go to the gym but end up on the couch? Time for a change. And Jocko Willink, a retired Navy SEAL commander, knows exactly how to bring that […] More

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    This video shows Facebook is listening to your conversations when you’re not using Facebook

    Have we ended up in the real-life version of “1984”, George Orwell’s visionary novel? Big Brother may not be watching you, but Facebook certainly is. Recently mouth-dropping stories popped up again about Facebook hacking our private lives. Apparently, Facebook can listen to our most personal conversations and use this information for advertisements. The stunning cat […] More

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    Scientists believe cockroach milk could be one of the most nutritious foods in the world

    Forget about chia seeds, goji berries or quinoa. Move over, almond milk. Cockroach milk may turn out to be the new superfood you’ll be raving about in the future. You’re reading this right. Cockroach milk. Time to leave your initial disgust behind and discover what this little creature can bring for your health. An amazing scientific discovery […] More

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    The simple solution for healthy and happy living – and 5 ways to find it

    Most of us lead busy lives and often feel stressed. Running from one agenda item to another. Managing a constant inflow of emails and social media updates. Ticking off a never ending to-do list. Does this sound all too familiar to you? Then it’s time for a change. Research shows that stress can contribute to […] More

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