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    Gordon Ramsay’s cooking MasterClass is not what I expected

    I like cooking as much as the next person. But my cooking skills are limited to the recipes I inherited from my mom and ones I learned off the internet. I’m not someone who’s aspiring to attain chef-skills. But I do love food. And I love the feeling of cooking something for my loved ones […] More

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    Prince EA explains why overthinking is your worst enemy

    Your mind is powerful. It can work to your advantage. But it can also work against you. Check out the video above where Prince EA tells you a story. Or keep reading for our summary. Harry Houdini, magician extraordinaire, was famous for his jailbreak escapades.  In his entire career, he managed to escape every jail […] More

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    11 anxiety quotes from famous people that prove you are not alone

    Do you know the leading cause of ill-health and disability in the world? It’s not cancer, debilitating diseases like HIV, or even poverty. The number one cause of health problems in the world is mental illness. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 4 people in the world will be affected by mental disorders at […] More

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    More married couples have roommates than ever before, according to new survey

    There’s a new housing trend in town. More and more married couples in America are living with roommates now. And they actually choose to. According to the economists at home and neighborhood website, Trulia, married couples now choose to take on roommates as a way to ease the financial burden of current housing costs. And […] More

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    Are you experiencing spiritual awakening? 10 key signs to look out for

    We all have a somewhat vague idea of spiritual awakening. In truth, it is one of those things in life that’s difficult to define. It’s an experience a very lucky few find in their lifetime. However, we’re in an age of unprecedented consciousness. Information has never been so readily available. Distances between each other have […] More

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    8 essential tips to make your long-distance relationship work

    Almost everyone believes that long-distance relationships never work. If you’ve ever been in one, you’ve probably been discouraged from it – even by the people closest to you. Your family and friends all say the same thing: Long-distance relationships are hard, and you’ll be subjecting yourself to a lot. Honestly, for the most part, they’re […] More

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    Vaccines don’t just save lives. They fight poverty too, new research shows

    To vaccinate or not to vaccinate. For years, parents worldwide have slowly been grappling with the decision to vaccinate their children. Some parents sight a plethora of personal reasons why they choose not to vaccinate – even suggesting conspiracy theories. Despite the fact that vaccines are easily available and proven scientifically-safe and virtually harmless, many […] More

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    11 reasons why mature women are the best women to date

    We all have our dating preferences. From looks, intelligence, to personality, we all have our “type.” But what if I tell you there’s a certain aspect to a woman which makes her extraordinarily worthwhile to date? Care to take a guess? It’s maturity. And it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with age. You don’t […] More

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    Marrying someone with money is still a woman’s best path to the top 1%

    Despite achieving great strides in women empowerment, it seems that the best way for women to be part of the world’s 1% richest is to marry into it. At least according to research. A new study published in the American Sociological Review finds that it’s almost impossible for a woman to to obtain a top 1% status […] More

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    How to get your life together: 8 seriously effective life hacks

    When we were children, we couldn’t wait to grow up. We so desperately wanted to make our own decisions, go to bed whenever we want and eat as much junk food as our bellies can hold. Being a grown-up meant we’ll be able to do everything we wanted. Fast forward a couple of years later […] More

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    Learn to be alone until you find someone who is actually good for you

    You see it everywhere. People settling for relationships that aren’t really healthy for them, all in varying degrees. From situationships, one-sided love affairs, emotional manipulation to physically abusive relationships – All because they are afraid of being alone. “Alone.” What is it about this word that scares the crap out of us? Why is it […] More

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