Authentic Energy by Spiritual Activator: Is it Worth it?

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Authentic Energy promises to show you how to use the healing power of sacred geometry to change your life.

But you might be left wondering, what does that actually mean?

This program is basically about the energy all around us and within us, and how it deeply affects our entire life. It aims to teach you how to tap into, heal and connect with this source of energy.

But does it work?

I took the 30-day Authentic Energy course and in this review, I’ll let you know my personal results, along with what I really made of it.

Why should you trust this review?

There are a lot of “reviews” out there that just seem to regurgitate the sales page for a course. I don’t know about you, but I personally never find this very helpful.

If I’m looking at reviews it means I want to know if something is going to be worth my money. So I want to hear from somebody who has actually done the course, and find out what they genuinely thought of it.

Sure, it’s just their opinion at the end of the day. But getting a heads up on all the information that I should know, is what most of us are surely looking for.

If that’s what you want from a review too, then this is what you will find here. This is my honest opinion of Authentic Energy after doing the 30-day program.

I aim to tell you everything you might need to know so you can decide for yourself whether this program will be a good fit for you.

What is Authentic Energy

Authentic Energy is a 30-day energy program from Kuya (also known as Oliver) NiÑo.

It focuses on helping you unlock your natural healing abilities, tap into your intuition and become your own healer.

Through daily video lessons and short homework exercises, you will also learn how to remove deep-rooted energetic blocks.

By taking control over your energy, the idea is that you will experience more abundance, happiness, peace, and success in life — as our energy deeply impacts all of these things.

Why I decided to do Authentic Energy

I have always felt like a bit of an energetic sponge. I had never considered myself an introvert as I am good with people.

But as I got older I realized that the people I spent time with, the activities I would do, and the emotional energy I invested into things had great power to leave me depleted — and fast.

Some days I would wake up feeling on top of the world, energized and focused. Other days I would be inexplicably drained and low in energy, with even the simplest of tasks really taking it out of me.

I had tried energy healing before, visiting energy healers. But I’d always got mixed results, and it often seemed to depend more on how I was feeling rather than the healer themself.

That’s why I was intrigued to try Authentic Energy. I didn’t want to rely on anybody else for the quality of my own energy anymore. I wanted to learn how to take control of it, support it, and use it in the best way to fuel my life.

Who teaches Authentic Energy?

Authentic Energy is taught by Kuya (or Oliver) NiÑo. He is a spiritual activator, but there is a good chance you’ve never heard of him.

I coincidentally was familiar with him before taking his program, but only because of his wife Mandy Morris (who is probably less famous) and does a lot of work around manifesting. They seem to be a bit of a power couple in the self-help spiritual world.

Up until now, Oliver says he has been working underground and out of the public eye for the last 10 years. He says through referrals he has been the one who CEOs and celebrities call to find the energetic blockages, and remove them.

The story goes that Oliver NiÑo was told by a famous psychic back in 2008 that he was going to help millions of people and that he should go to Sedona to start his work.

It was here where he first had visions of sacred geometry symbols and shapes that went on to become the key to his work and unlocking healing on a totally new level.

How much does Authentic Energy cost?

I paid $299 for the Authentic Energy program. That was a one-off payment, but you could also choose to pay in installments if that works better for you. It works out slightly more if you do though, with 3 installments of $117 each (totaling $351).

It says on the sales page this is a discount from $1,896. But I have seen this marketing tactic quite a lot with courses and I’m not sure if the price is ever really that high or if it’s just a way of encouraging you to sign up now whilst the price is low.

Who knows, the price may change, but for now it is $299.

Another reason for the lower price tag right now could be that it’s currently a pilot program and is being constantly improved. Don’t worry though, if changes are made, you will always get free access to the most recent edition. But whilst the program is new, you are getting it at a cheaper rate.

A significant thing to mention is the 7-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy with the program, you can let them know within the first week and get a full refund.

This peace of mind is always a big thing for me when I buy online, as it reassures me that I’m not really losing anything by giving it a try.

What do you get for your money when you buy Authentic Energy:

Immediate and lifetime access to the 4-week training.

Oliver’s personal routines

Access to the Authentic Energy Facebook group

Bonus Q&A video sessions

One week free trial for the “Energy Mastery Inner Circle” monthly support and mentoring group.

An unconditional 7-day money-back guarantee

What to expect when you do Authentic Energy

The program starts off with a slightly longer than normal 30-minute introduction video that will set the course up and let you know exactly what to expect.

Before beginning, we were also encouraged to get in touch with our “why” for taking the program in the first place. This was so helpful. Life is busy and I’ve definitely been guilty before of starting something and not finishing. I think part of the reason is that I’ve lost my motivation and forgotten why it was so important to me in the first place.

Each daily video lesson is about 5-10 minutes a day. I like this style of microlearning. We all can make that amount of time, no matter how busy you are. And the short bursts of learning make it really digestible.

But it’s not just watching the videos, it’s also about taking action afterward. That’s the key.

Each day you’ll be given short homework exercises.

They’re certainly not tasking, but if you’re not prepared to put the effort into doing this extra 15 minutes or so a day, then you’re unlikely to get a lot out of this program.

Each lesson and week builds on itself. For that reason, I’d say it’s important to follow it sequentially. Not every lesson may make sense until later. It’s also a lifestyle shift, so don’t expect miracles straight away, it might take some time to all click into place.

The energy topics you cover are varied. I won’t list every single one, but here is a sample of what you will cover, just to highlight the wide mix of subjects you can expect to encounter:

Your body’s natural way of healing

Shields and protective bubbles

The Power of Scanning

Healing with crystals

Healing with sleep

All about chakras

How to heal, step by step

Geometric breathing

Physical exercise for energy management

Sound healing

Activating your spiritual senses

It doesn’t just tell you about energy, you’ll get tasks to help you actively get to know and understand your energy triggers. For example, in order to access your feel good or restorative energy we were asked:

As a child, what did you love doing?

Being around the ocean?

Being in nature, in the forest?

Running around barefoot?

Being around animals?


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Being active?

It was actually all way more practical than I was expecting. For example, you look at how things like meditation and even your food affect your energy. Although some of the topics are clearly more new age, a lot of it also felt like common sense (in a good way), rather than anything totally “out there”.

As I mentioned, you will get short daily homework too, which normally centered around discovering things about how your own energy works.

For example, on day three (which was about meditation) this was the homework to contemplate:

Look at the list of ways to meditate that Oliver provided – which of those resonate with you?

As you think about the ultimate goal in meditation, what are you personally trying to achieve?

What other activities do you practice that get you to that ultimate goal?

Start practicing different forms of meditation to see what works for you – try on the different ideas shared in the lesson.

A typical lesson from Authentic Energy

To give you a better idea of what to expect, I’ll give you a breakdown of one of the daily lessons, to get a better feel for the course.

I’ve chosen day five, which was ‘Light Therapy ‘ as I think it highlights how grounded and practical some of the topics are — even when they don’t necessarily sound it at first.

The idea behind light therapy is that you had a favorite color growing up (and probably have one now). Well, there is also a certain light energy that helps your energetic body.

Different colors will help you. Everyone is different and this lesson is about discovering what works best for you.

We were told that light therapy has actually been scientifically proven, although no evidence was cited in the program itself for this.

I did a bit of googling myself on light therapy and found that using different kinds of light and colours on the body does have a wide range of healing effects.

Studies seem to suggest it can improve all kinds of things from acne, infections and even potentially neurological problems, including Alzheimer’s and traumatic brain injuries.

Of course, it’s worth highlighting that light therapy uses actual real light in order to change the body, rather than simply imagining light entering the body like with the exercises in this program. But colors have been shown through research to change our mood, behaviour and stress levels.

This is the exercise you are then asked to do:

For  5-10 minutes:

  • Go into a relaxed meditative state.
  • Start off with 5-5-5 breathing.
  • Once you are in that relaxed state, experiment with colors.
  • To begin, imagine bright white light coming in, filling every part of your body from your head to your toes.
  • Then, imagine a white liquid coming in, filling every part of your body from your head to your toes.
  • Continue this process, trying different colors – first as light, then as liquid: o Purple o Gold o Pink o Blue o Add in any colors you want to explore.
  • Pay attention to how you are feeling afterwards – this will give you a clue.

The idea is that as we’re all different, you will either respond well to light and it is golden light, or you respond well to gold and it’s liquid. This simple exercise is one of the foundational tools that you will go on to use throughout the 30 day program.

My results after taking Authentic Energy

Taking this course made me realize that I am a healer. I’ve always thought of energy healing as some kind of mystical gift that you are born with, but now I know that you can learn it just like anything else in life.

It’s just about tapping into how you feel and how things affect you. For that reason, it’s also more accessible than I imagined. Taking ownership and control over my own energy was way more practical than I thought.

For me, what felt more transformative about Authentic Energy was this course teaches you how to master inner healing for yourself. It was really empowering to acknowledge that the healing and progress I made came from within, and I wasn’t relying on any external influences.

The more inquisitive I became, and learned to listen to and try to understand my own energy the more powerful my results were.

I’ve definitely become more full of energy, rather than leaking energy without even knowing why like before.

I basically feel more chilled out too. It’s easier for me to intuitively stay away from the things that steal my energy and keep this source topped up (from the inside out) in order to be generally more peaceful and happy in day-to-day life.

Who will like Authentic Energy and who won’t like it?

Of course, Authentic Energy isn’t going to be a good fit for everyone. The most obvious people who won’t get a lot out of this course are hard-line energy skeptics.

Even though the popularity of certain energy healing methods like Reiki has become far more widespread, scientifically speaking, there’s still plenty of debate over the legitimacy of energy work.

Personally, I feel the difference of energy in my mind and body and so that’s enough to convince me it’s real. I’m guessing that if you’re here reading this review and have an interest in this course, you too are open-minded about energy work.

The program says that it’s suitable for all levels of students. That no matter whether you are new to energy healing or already experienced there is plenty to learn. Beginners, like me, are probably keen to just master their energy.

But for those more advanced energy practitioners, there are plenty of opportunities to go deeper, as you will learn different applications for what you may already know along with new techniques and methodologies.

It’s probably unsurprising, but still worth pointing out, this course has definite spiritual undertones. It takes the stance that we come to Earth as divine spiritual beings connected to a higher power source.

So if that’s a) not a belief you share b) not something you can overlook even if it’s not your own viewpoint, you may struggle to get on board with the ethos of this program.

Alternatives to Authentic Energy

A quick internet search is going to bring up plenty of programs on the subject of energy healing.

But for a topic that is still considered “alternative”, it was important to me to choose something from a reputable source that I felt like I could trust. Let’s face it, there are a lot of charlatans out there.

If you’re wanting to shop around, here are a couple of other courses I would suggest checking out.

Both appear on Mindvalley. In case it’s new to you, Mindvalley is a very established and well-respected platform in the personal development space.

I’ve personally taken several of their programs and the quality is always high. So that’s why I recommend these energy programs rather than other random ones I came across online (and couldn’t really vouch for).

Energy Medicine, with Donna Eden. This is an 8-week online health and vitality course. It wants to show you how to harness the power of your natural energy for better wellbeing. It seems slightly more focused on the health side of energy healing in comparison to Authentic Energy, rather than learning about our energy in general.

Duality, with Jeffrey Allen. This is another 8-week online program from Mindvalley based on getting to know your personal energetic system (which the course explains as the part of you that goes beyond the physical body). It uses guided exercises and meditations to try and help you access and control this “conscious energy”.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Authentic Energy


• One of my favorite things about this course was an emphasis on finding what works for you.

Energy healing isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing, and there is no perfect blueprint to follow. It reminded me that I am ultimately responsible for my own energy.

• There are accompanying PDFs for each video lesson.

I like to digest information by seeing it written down, it helps me learn, so I really liked this extra. They are very simple, but it’s handy to get notes so you don’t have to make your own.

• The Facebook Group is a really good way to stay in touch with like-minded people.

If like me, you’re not surrounded by family or even friends who necessarily have the same interest in energy healing, this is useful support.

• The course was very easy to navigate.

Each day there is a new video to watch and a PDF to download. The topics were very simple which helped stop any new information from becoming overwhelming.

• I liked the wide variety of the daily lessons.

Each day talked about different things with different activities to do.

• I found Oliver NiÑo to be a good teacher.

He presented the video content well and came across as knowledgeable, warm, and authentic.


• The video content is not super polished.

I’ve done a lot of Mindvalley courses for example, and they are clearly big budget and it shows in the video content. This is definitely more humble and it’s apparent it’s not scripted. But Oliver says he did that on purpose to keep his energy pure, and it does admittedly give the content a sincere feel.

• Energy work is not a scientifically recognized field.

I’ve already mentioned that in the science world, energy work is still quite controversial. If you do believe in it, this isn’t going to be a con. But it’s always a good idea to do your own research.

• Oliver NiÑo doesn’t have any specific credentials in energy work that I could find.

But that’s also because of the nature of energy work. What he does have is ten years of practical experience having taught privately on the subject.

Authentic Energy: Is it worth it?

At $299 I personally found Authentic Energy good value for money and would say it was worth it.

It introduced me to lots of new ways of thinking about energy, along with plenty of practical tools to implement in my life to explore and enhance my own flow of energy.

The content itself was super easy to follow and fun to complete.

I would recommend this course for anyone curious about how energy impacts them and who wants to take charge of their energy, rather than falling victim to their own energetic shifts.

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