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Are you sabotaging yourself? Ariana Huffington explains how to stop it once and for all

Do you sometimes feel like you’re sabotaging yourself?

That you have all these ambitious goals — eating healthy, working out, being successful — but at one point or the other you screw up?

You’re not alone — it’s like self-sabotage is part of human nature.

The good news is that we’re not powerless against it. There are concrete actions you can undertake to stop undermining yourself — and who better to guide us in this process than Ariana Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post and CEO of wellness company Thrive Global?

Goalcast interviewed her (check out the full interview) and revealed her insights on how to stop self-sabotage and overcome anxiety. We lined up the key steps for you below!

Recognize and ignore your inner ‘obnoxious roommate’

First, where does self-sabotage come from?

Well, it’s estimated that during the day our subconscious is in charge for about 95% of the time. Believe it or not, this means only 5% of our daily activities are consciously controlled.

It explains why we can easily set goals on a conscious level, like eating more healthy food, lose weight or become successful. However, if our subconscious isn’t programmed for these goals then we can’t help but hold ourselves back.

It often comes in the form of an inner voice saying we’re not good enough anyway, that these goals are way too ambitious so we might as well give up.

Sounds all too familiar?

Ariana Huffington calls this inner voice of negativity and self-sabotage the “obnoxious roommate” living in our heads. “It’s the one that tells you you’re not good enough, you’ll never succeed, who are you to be trying this? And it’s incredibly important to learn to recognize it and then ignore it.”

Surround yourself with a positive tribe

Easier said than done? True, it’s not easy to ignore that “obnoxious roommate” in your head. It can overpower your thoughts and prevent you from reaching your dreams.

Here’s a tip from Ariana to overcome this: “One thing that helps more than anything is surrounding myself with people who make up what I call my Thrive Tribe – people who will always be in my corner, always there for me, whether I succeed or fail.”

Surround yourself with people that lift you up, that believe in you and support your dreams. Your “tribe” will help you to conquer that obnoxious roommate, and you’ll do the same for them.

Get enough sleep

A second step to take is a basic but crucial one — make sure you get sufficient sleep.”Sleep deprivation is a big one”, says Ariana. “And the signs are pretty easy to read: when I don’t get enough sleep, I’m more reactive, more irritable, less present and generally less joyful.”

Recognize this? Be sure to get your hours of sleep to be able to function at your top level. When you’re tired, you’ll tend to put off your goals or go back to bad habits more easily.

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Is your head still spinning at night? Check out our tips on how to fall asleep in 30 seconds or less!

Unplug from your phone

Another key tip to help rest your mind and reach your full potential, is deconnecting from your phone.

Huffington advocates against smartphones and social media – both of which can deprive us of sleep, encourage procrastination and prevent us from spending quality time with the people that matter the most.

“Unplug from your phone and connect more often with each other”, is her advice. “Our screens are often like third wheels in a relationship – diverting not just our attention but also our sense of connection with each other.”

So switch off your phone once in a while, before you go to bed or during a dinner date. Both your own mind and your relationships with others will benefit from it.

Need a helping hand? Check out these hacks to stop checking your phone every minute!

The helping hand of technology

This brings us to the final yet important question: should social media companies like Facebook limit our access to technology, or is it entirely up to ourselves?

Here Ariana points to a shared responsibility. “They’re not exclusive. As an increasing number of voices are pointing out, there are changes that the tech world could make that would make it easier for us to have a healthy relationship to technology.

At the same time, we don’t have to wait on the Facebooks of the world to bring about the changes we need. There are choices we can make and changes we can implement that can lead to real improvements right now. We are not powerless!

One is to seek out technology – and there’s a growing amount of it – that’s designed to help us create boundaries and have a healthier relationship with technology.

This is going to be one of the next frontiers in technology – apps and tools that helps us use the technology in our lives to enhance our humanity.”

Do you agree or disagree? Share your views and experiences with us in the comments below!

And for more life motivation and inspiration, check out Goalcast‘s page.

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Written by Gosia Kurowska

Gosia Kurowska was born in Poland and has lived in Belgium before moving to Thailand recently. She has worked for the EU institutions as a speechwriter and press officer for several years. She now launched her own blog on handmade fashion and jewelry from Thailand/Asia,

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