10 Reasons Why Spiders Are Considered Good Luck!

Spiders are often feared, hated, and even cursed because of their creepy-crawly appearance.

But there is more to spiders than what meets the eye. So, are spiders good luck, and why? We’ll find out today!

1) Ancient People Believed Spiders Are Good Omen

When people thought that spiders were good omens, it had to do with how they were seen in nature.

Insects are a very important part of nature because they eat plants and each other.

Spiders are part of this group, but their diet is mostly other insects.

This means that they help control pests like mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches that can spread disease and damage crops.

If spiders are seen in nature, it is a sign of a healthy ecosystem.

When ancient people saw spiders in their fields, they knew that their crops would not be destroyed by pests.

This was seen as a good omen, and it may have given the spiders a reputation that has lasted thousands of years.

Now: how did being useful turn into the superstition of spiders being good luck?

Nobody knows for sure, but it’s that way with anything, isn’t it?

I mean, how did a four-leaved clover turn into good luck?

2) Spider Webs Are A Symbol Of Good Luck

Spider webs are a sign of good luck in many cultures.

In Japan, spider webs are often placed in the home or business to bring prosperity to the household.

You can also give a spider web gift to a friend or loved one as a symbol of luck and good fortune.

In Spain, spider webs are thought to protect people from being bitten by snakes and other dangerous creatures.

In South America, spider webs are often used to cure illness and promote good health. In Thailand, spider webs are a symbol of good luck in love and marriage.

Now, these traditions vary not only from country to country, but seemingly also from tribe to tribe or village to village, so it’s hard to find information that will explain why spider webs are lucky.

Either way, it is a superstition that is found around the world, and it is probably related to how useful spider webs are in controlling pests.

As I mentioned before, insects can be harmful to crops and even human health.

This means that if spiders eat a lot of pests, they are a sign of good luck because they keep pests from damaging crops and spreading disease.

Spider webs would be common in areas where spiders are abundant.

Plus, if you’ve ever taken the time to look at a spiderweb up close, you’ll realize how beautiful it is, especially after rain or glistening in the sunshine.

No wonder people started to believe that it brings good luck!

3) Spiders are a sign of abundance and prosperity

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In some countries, the black widow spider is a sign of good fortune and prosperity.

Because of their black color and red hearts, they are associated with money.

The spider is also seen as a protector of the home and a symbol of good health.

In China, the spider is seen as a sign of wealth and prosperity.

There is a red and black porcelain figurine that is popular for its association with money and luck.

I tried to find out why spiders are a sign of abundance and prosperity, but there seems to be no clear reason for it.

The sayings go back to the Middle Ages, so who knows how this all started!

4) Spiders eat pest insects

In many places around the world, spiders are not pests but part of a beneficial ecosystem.

This means that they eat other insects that are harmful to humans and crops.

In some areas, populations of spiders have increased due to the lack of pesticides.

The lack of pesticides is good for the environment and has allowed populations of spiders to increase naturally.

It has also allowed other insects to thrive, including pollinators like bees.

The presence of spiders in many areas is actually a sign of a healthy ecosystem.

When you look at it that way, spiders are definitely useful.

And when something is useful for the crops, it is not surprising that people would consider it a sign of good luck.

Think about it: especially in the past, people relied heavily on the fact that their crops would grow and be healthy.

So spiders that kept the pest population down must have seemed like a good thing!

5) In many countries, spiders are a delicacy

In many cultures, spiders are a delicacy.

In Thailand, there is a delicacy called The Spider Curry.

In South American countries, there is a dish called tarantulas, which is made from the large spiders.

In the Caribbean, there is a dish called escabeche, which is fried tarantulas.

These foods are often made with large tropical spiders.

While in the West, thinking about eating a spider can make shivers run down your back, cultures, and food habits are different all over the world.

Now: given that it is a delicacy in quite a few places, that would also explain why they are considered good luck!

Especially when food is not abundant, or quite mundane, having a delicacy once in a while is a sign of good luck.

The spider is a delicacy in many cultures, so it is only natural that it would be considered lucky.

6) In the 16th century, it was said that seeing a spider means that gold will rain down on you

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In the 16th century, people believed that seeing a spider meant that gold would rain down on you.

This was likely a result of seeing spiders in rich and valuable materials.

Spiders are often found in gold and silver, so people thought that this meant their fortune would increase.

If you see a spider, you can try to visualize a gold coin falling from the sky and landing on you! You may be lucky enough to receive a little extra cash!

Now: this is not really a reason why spiders are lucky, but this saying actually dates back to 1594.

The original phrase was: If a spinner creep upon him, he shall have gold rain down from heaven.

So, to be more exact, the spider has to crawl on you in order for you to get gold.

7) It is said that when there is dew on a spiderweb, it will be a beautiful day

In many countries, it is said that when there is dew on a spiderweb, it will be a beautiful day.

You can also use the spiderweb to predict the weather for the day.

If the web is broken or tangled, it means that storms are coming.

If the web is clear and clean, it means that it will be a sunny day.

Now: seeing a spiderweb full of dew would then obviously be a great sign, because beautiful weather is something positive.

Especially in the past, when people relied on good weather a lot more for their survival than we do now, it makes sense why spiders might be considered good luck!

8) Seeing a spider spin a web is a sign that your income will increase

In China, it is said that when you see a spider spinning its web, it will signal an increase in your income.

If a spider spins a web in your home, it means that your financial luck will increase.

And the best part?

If you go to work and see a spider spinning its web, it means that you should be patient, compensation is coming soon.

Why is that?

Well, seeing a spider spin its web is a sign of hard work. It means you have worked incredibly hard and your reward is finally coming.

Plus, the web itself can be a sign of collecting money.

9) If you walk into a spider web, you will meet a friend that day

In Japan, if you walk into a spider web, it means that you will meet a friend that day.

This is considered a good omen because you are walking into the web of a spider, which is a friend to humans!

In Thailand, walking into a spider web means that you will meet a new friend. If you see a spider in your home or business, it means that a friend will visit you.

Now: I can’t really tell you why that is, there doesn’t seem to be a proper reason for it, but that’s what I found online!

So before you panic, next time, trying to get all the webs off of you, think about the fact that you will meet a friend that day!

10) They are not destructive, don’t spread disease, and don’t create allergens

Spiders are not destructive, do not spread disease, and do not create allergens. In fact, they help keep pests in check, which is beneficial to farmers.

You see, spiders have a bad reputation in some cultures because they are associated with Halloween, creepy old houses, and horror movies.

But spiders are not bad!

In fact, they are quite beneficial to humans.

Spiders help reduce the population of pests that spread disease, destroy crops, and cause damage to property.

As I just mentioned, they don’t destroy anything, they don’t spread diseases and they don’t create allergens, so why do we hate them so much?

Sure, spiders can bite humans, and some of them are even deadly, so it makes sense why a lot of people are afraid of spiders.

However, the same is true for snakes, and still, they are considered to be beautiful creatures.

So the next time you see a spider, don’t kill it or try to make it go away.

Instead, admire its beauty and remember that spiders are your friends!

If you find yourself afraid of spiders, try to remember these facts. If you make friends with a spider, they could bring you good luck!

Don’t judge them by their looks

jumpstory download20220716 050030 1 10 Reasons Why Spiders Are Considered Good Luck!

Spiders are often feared, hated, and even cursed because of their creepy-crawly appearance.

But spiders are considered good luck in a lot of countries and maybe you now know a bit more about why that is.

I get it, I’m also still not a huge fan of the little creepers, the same way I’m not excited about bugs, but I can appreciate the fact that they are good for the environment.

And that’s why I’m trying to share this with you, because if we can learn to accept spiders, maybe we can also learn to accept other creepy-crawlies, like caterpillars or slugs!

Now: while you don’t have to love spiders from now on, maybe this article just gave you a little bit of insight into why spiders are good animals and why they are considered good luck.

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