After 17 years apart, I felt my Twin Flame reaching out in 5D. What do these signs mean and will we reunite?

I am a creative freelancer in the midwest. I have been single for 17 years and recently learned I was a Twin Flame. I have not seen my Twin Flame since 2007.
When my Twin Flame reached out to me in 5D last summer after 17 years, was he aware of it in the 3D? Did the signs come from him- or the Universe? I had moved on, but the telepathy, repeated numbers, messages in songs/dreams, astral touch, animal sightings (snakes and deer), Infinity symbols came out of nowhere. I had a strong sexual energy during this time. I discovered he was my Twin Flame, which helped me make sense of the breakup 17 years ago. This communication went on for about two months. It felt as if he was by my side the entire time, but subsided in early July.
Ideally, I would love to reunite with him, but I would want him to reach out to me. Otherwise, I would at least like to have more clarity on why the signs and symbols came out of nowhere after 17 years.


Thank you for sending this in.

The signs and symbols you describe – the telepathy, numbers, dreams – are classic hallmarks of an awakening. While our minds look for patterns, especially during emotionally significant times, the sheer volume and nature of these synchronicities point toward something deeper at play.

However, if your Twin Flame was reaching out to you on a spiritual level, he may not have been consciously aware of it in his everyday life. As you no doubt already know, Twin Flame journeys are often complex and rarely follow a linear path.

It’s completely understandable that you would yearn for a reunion after such an influx of feeling his presence by your side. That being said, I want to gently remind you that Twin Flames often move in and out of each other’s lives to trigger growth and healing. This temporary separation is often a necessary step and a catalyst towards new pathways opening up and experiences becoming possible – sometimes in the 3D presence of our Twin Flames, but often also independently.

If you still feel a compelling urge to connect with your Twin Flame, you have the power to honor that sentiment. I would advise that you act on this calling and reach out only after making sure that you’re doing so from a place of security and acceptance, not one of fear or doubt. Letting your Twin Flame know that you’re available in the physical dimension takes a great deal of vulnerability, but if you do so without expectations and while expecting nothing in return, your soul will also no doubt feel so much lighter.

That being said, our stories and paths tend to play out regardless of the decisions we make, and whilst waiting for him can be difficult, there’s immense power in focusing on your own journey right now. What can you do to step further into your purpose and expand your understanding of your connection to the universe?

Here’s where things get exciting: If you’re not already doing so, dedicate some of your own time to meditation, journaling, and spiritual exploration. By focusing and uncovering hidden aspects of yourself, you might find an even deeper understanding of what exactly ignited those signs after 17 years.

In addition, try and trust in the divine timing. Twin Flame reunions, when destined, happen according to a larger plan. Continue nurturing your work and passions; that radiant energy is what will draw your Twin Flame back when the time is right.

While I cannot guarantee that a physical reunion is on your cards, know that by honoring this sacred connection, you’re growing spiritually in extraordinary ways.

The Universe is undoubtedly working in your favor, even if the path seems unclear right now. Remember, sometimes our greatest breakthroughs come when we trust the process, even the parts we don’t fully understand.

With love,

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