This African-American explains why she doesn’t care about Charlottesville, white supremacy or the KKK

If you believe what the mainstream media is telling us, a race-based war is about to break out in the United States.

Not so, according to Candice Owens in a video rant that went viral (see below).

In the video, Owens slams the media for creating a fake race war that does not reflect the reality of everyday people’s lives.

Owens asks:

“I mean there are what, 6,000 Klansmen left in our nation and you want me to actually process that as a legitimate fear every day when I wake up?”

Owens believes the mainstream media is to blame for creating and spreading ideas of race-based hysteria:

“It’s obviously the media’s fault — I mean the media is creating this entire narrative and it is crazy to me that people have not figured this out yet.”

Owens suggests the media is “simulating a reality” in which people of different races are constantly attacking each other, when the truth is something completely different.

She makes the point that 93% of black homicides are committed by blacks and 84% of white homicides are committed by whites.

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“Am I the only person in the world who relies on her own experiences to dictate what’s going on?” she asks, pointing out that black people and white people actually get along really well.

“I went to the gym this morning, a white girl signed me in and handed me a towel – no beef, I was trying to figure out this weight machine and a black trainer came over and helped me, no drama – I even went to the coffee shop thereafter and a Spanish girl made my latte with an extra shot – all good in the hood, and it was a great day, so you’ll have to forgive me for not realizing that the figurative racial sky was burning and it was up to me to choose a side.”

Owens believes that all sides in the media are to blame for fanning the flames of a race war for their own agendas.

She urges people to not fall for these tactics and start thinking for themselves.

Two problems she believes deserve more attention are the education system and the prison system in the United States. Yet the mainstream media isn’t devoting any attention to either of these issues.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments. Are you concerned about race relations in the United States?

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