According to new research, this type of man gives the best orgasms

As humanity inches closer to understanding the female orgasm, one group of researchers have discovered what they believe is the best way to induce pleasurable experiences for women everywhere.

It turns out that orgasms might not have anything to do with the woman’s anatomy or ability to perform in bed.

A woman’s ability to orgasm doesn’t have anything to do with male anatomy either, in case you were wondering if that was the magic secret.

It turns out that the extent of pleasure that a woman experiences during lovemaking has everything to do with the kind of man she is with.

According to research, there are several characteristics of men that lend well to sex and provide a more pleasurable experience for women.

This new research suggests that these characteristics make these type of men better at sex and better at giving a woman an orgasm.

1) Humor

It goes without saying that any man with a good sense of humor is thought to be attractive to women.

Humor is so important to women that they often find themselves attracted to men they would have otherwise deemed unattractive.

Women love to laugh, and anyone with the power to make them laugh has the potential to make dark days bright, and sad moments happier.

Men who are funny usually pay attention to the details and can see things from a high level.

Their humor allows them to look at things from a different perspective and while they are often funny, they know when it’s time to be serious.

2) Creativity

Men who get up and go to work every day and then get up and do it all over again tomorrow are boring.

Women like men who have a little creativity in their bones – no pun intended. Have you ever noticed that some of the ugliest guitar players, drummers, painters, and artists get the girl every time?

It’s because women find creativity attractive. A man who can create with his hands is a man who can create magic in the bedroom.

Plus, creative men are thought to be more mysterious, and women love mystery.

3) Warmth

As the old saying goes, “if you want to see how a man will treat you, watch how he treats his mother” seems to apply to relationships more than ever.

Women are attracted to a man who is kind and approachable. Warm and affectionate men make the best bedmates because they pay attention to the women they are with.

While men and women often get different things from sex, women like to feel like they are safe with the men they sleep with, and a man who can make a woman feel safe is worth hanging on to.

When a woman feels safe, she can relax and enjoy sex more than a woman who feels pressured into sex or if she knows the sex doesn’t mean anything to the man.

4) Faithful

While many people think that having sex with the same person for the rest of your life could be boring, women cherish commitment and faithfulness.

A man who is faithful to her makes her feel wanted and needed, and that can create the perfect atmosphere for orgasm and pleasurable sex.

Many women don’t experience orgasms during their early sexual experiences because their partners have not developed a connection with them yet.

One-night-stands don’t provide the space for a faithful relationship to blossom, but as a man and woman become closer, it becomes apparent to the woman that he wants to be with her and her alone.

5) Scent

Scents can take us to moments in our lives that made us feel happy, sad, excited, satisfied, and hopeful.

It’s no wonder that the way a man smells can attract a woman to him. Scent can trigger emotions and feelings that can make a woman feel more relaxed and more interested in her partner.

It can also help improve orgasms for women who associated smells with their partner.

If the smell of a man makes a woman feel safe and loved, she’ll experience better, stronger, and more frequent orgasms than a woman who is not connected to her partner through her senses.

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