A unique Q&A session with Justin Brown talking about Out of the Box

Today is a very special day, because later on we’re running the first live seminar for Out of the Box.

Out of the Box is a very unique online group coaching program with the shaman Rudá Iandé. It goes for 12 weeks for 30 people. These 30 people can expect to learn some revolutionary techniques to completely change their lives. They’ll be provided with the tools to access their deeper life force within.

There’s nothing more satisfying to me than seeing people on this kind of life journey, where you start to really open up to your own potential and take the control of the reigns to your life.

I’ve received so many questions from people wanting to know more about Out of the Box, so I ran a Q&A session. The edited recording is below.

The questions covered include:

  • What can I expect from doing Out of the Box?
  • What do I get access to as part of the program?
  • Why is the cost $400 per month over 3 months?
  • What are the results people get from Out of the Box?
  • Is online group coaching as effective as one-on-one coaching?

Here’s the video:

There’s only a few places left in the program. If you want to enroll, fill out the details below.

We have a new salon playing for a limited time

Do you want to live your life with purpose and meaning, but you struggle to figure out how to do this without needing to completely change your life in the process?

Most modern day approaches to living with purpose and meaning involve trying to visualize a different life for yourself.

The problem is that doing this distracts you from the life you're already living right now.

In this free salon, Ideapod founder Justin Brown shares a very different approach to aligning with your purpose and creating meaning in your life, without needing to drastically change your life.

Check it out:

How to Live with Purpose and Meaning, Without Turning Your Life Upside Down

Written by Justin Brown

I'm the CEO and co-founder of Ideapod, a platform for people to connect around ideas. I'm passionate about people thinking for themselves, especially in an age of information overload.

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