A global epidemic? The amount of smart and attractive women who are still single

Chances are, you know at least one or two amazing and attractive women who are single.

From celebrities to your not-so-average girl next door, you’ll find an abundance of smart and beautiful women who are not in relationships.

And you must be wondering why.

They’re smart, funny, beautiful, and are basically everything men would be attracted to.

You’d think that these gorgeous women can have any man they want. Surely they can have the pick of the litter.

However, you’d be surprised that this is such a widespread phenomenon. It might as well be a global epidemic.

So what exactly is the reasoning behind this trend? Let’s find out.

1. They don’t want to settle

Our culture looks at singlehood as some sort of an unwanted condition. If you’re single, you’re miserable. This is why so many people “settle” for partners they aren’t really compatible with just so they won’t be alone. But these women aren’t afraid to be alone. In fact, they would rather wait patiently for the right man to come along. To them, it’s better to be single than to be trapped with someone who just doesn’t feel right.

2. They have high standards

They’re aware of who they are and what they can bring into a relationship. While they understand that no one is perfect, they do have a reasonable list of things that they can never compromise with.

Their reasons may vary, but they do want the same thing – a healthy and respectful relationship with someone they can build their lives with. And they don’t want to settle for anything less than that.

3. They don’t need a man to complete them

They’re accomplished in their own right. They have their own careers, sets of friends, and basically a life that completes them. They don’t need a man to give them any validation. They’re content and perfectly happy with the life they’ve built for themselves.

They know that if the right man comes along, it wouldn’t be to serve a kind of purpose or fulfillment they need to seek. The man of their life would only add another layer to their already complete life.

4. They recognize bullsh*t and they don’t tolerate it

These are smart women who can smell bullshi*t from miles away. They don’t have the time nor the inclination to deal with silly games. They don’t want drama in their lives. In fact, they avoid dating men who are problematic.

Toxicity is something they simply shall not tolerate. They’d rather be single than deal with all that stress.

5. They know who they are completely

Smart and attractive women know themselves completely. This means they know exactly what they do and don’t want in someone.

These women are in touch with their emotions and know how to deal with them. They’re comfortable with their sexuality and their own skin. They know themselves so well that they recognize when something is not right for them – especially love. And they don’t delude themselves into believing otherwise.

6. They’re busy with their own journey.

Women who are self-aware don’t waste their time on things they can’t control. Instead, they focus on bettering themselves. These women are busy pursuing their life goals. Whether it be their careers, their passions, or their personal journey – they simply don’t have the time to date. They know that true love will come naturally when all the pieces fall into place.

7. They don’t follow rules.

Go to college. Get a good job. Find a man. Start a family.

Yeah, that’s simply not for them.

They’re not constrained to this hetero-normative path to “happiness”. They don’t believe they have to succumb to society’s preconceived perception of success or fulfillment.

Maybe they want to travel, or maybe they don’t want to have kids. Whatever their reasons are, it is because they want to stay true to themselves rather than live unhappy lives chasing for the wrong things.

8. They love themselves.

They’re single because they know how to take care of themselves. These women don’t compromise. They’re not desperate because they know they’re enough. To them, living their lives by their rules is more important than having a relationship status on Facebook. True happiness does not require having someone. They know that that’s just a bonus. Not a requirement.

9. They want to be single.

Or they just want to be single. Why is it even a question, anyway?

Perpaps there is no reason. They just want to be alone. It’s a choice.

And sometimes it’s just as simple as that.

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