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9 reasons why strong women have such a hard time finding love

Whenever you come across an independent and strong woman, it appears as if she has every aspect of her life down pat.

She lights up every room she enters and doesn’t hide when it comes to life’s challenges.

While these type of women are wonderfully empowered, there’s one area of life that doesn’t come so easy: Finding true love.

Men are accustomed to being the strong one in a relationship and don’t know how to deal with a strong and independent woman.

So, what happens?

They get scared and run away, especially if they’re insecure. Here’s 9 reasons why:

1) When an alpha male meets a true boss bitch, he doesn’t know how to handle it.

An alpha male likes to be the centre of attention and control the flow of conversation. A strong woman won’t stand for that.


She’ll talk about what she wants and won’t bow to the foot of a man just because he’s an alpha.

This is a big threat to a man’s masculinity and they’ll have no choice but to respond with fight-or-flight. They’ll either run away with their tail between their legs or they’ll respond with outright hostility.

2) They don’t need a man.

A strong woman doesn’t need a man to provide for them and men are accustomed to being needed as providers.

When they meet a women who has her life on lock, they start feeling insecure. How else are they going to provide value to her life? Through intelligent conversation? Please! Now that’s what makes a man nervous!

3) They have a life they love.

Strong and independent women love their life already. They’re not going to wait around for a man to call and make plans for the night.

They have passions, careers and girl’s nights frequently, so if a man comes along, he better offer up some fun or it just won’t happen!

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4) They expect intelligent conversation.

They’ve got their lives running swimmingly, so they ignore life’s small and petty issues. They want to speak about something meaningful. They want to get know you for who truly are.

Unfortunately, most men, especially the insecure ones, can’t handle anything deep and meaningful. All they want is sex to make up for their fragile ego. This just isn’t going to cut it with a strong and independent woman.

5) They are an expert at getting themselves off.

They are extremely in tune with their sexuality and know exactly what they want when it comes to sex. If a man can’t do it right they’ll simply do it themselves. They’ve been single for so long they’ve become experts at it.

If a man is lucky enough to get her into bed, but can’t pleasure her the way she wants, there’s slim chance he’ll ever see her again.


6) They already have 5, 10 and 15 year plans for their lives.

An independent women plans out each stage of their life meticulously and this plan isn’t dependent on having a partner or not. If a man can’t fit in, then she’ll simply move on with her life.

7) They’re sexy and they know it.

They’re confident, they’re sexy and they carry themselves with pride that naturally attracts attention. When you whistle at a girl like this, she’ll hear you, but she’ll ignore you because she already knows how awesome she is. You’ll have to be more creative if you really want her attention.

8) They have options.

Independent women have options. They’ve been hit on left, right and centre since the day they discovered how awesome they are. They have friends from college and high school who strive to keep in touch with her, but she won’t bother dating you if you aren’t the right fit. She gets attention everywhere she goes, so if a man is going to get petty or jealous, she’ll simply cut him out of her life.

9) They really don’t give a f*ck what you think.

They know exactly who they are, so why the hell would they care what you think? If a man doesn’t approve of her hairstyle, dress or attitude, she won’t give two f*cks.

When it comes to a strong and independent woman, you have two options: Accept them for who they are or step aside so they can see who’s next in line.


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