9 Powerful Mantras to Stop You from Judging People

One of the best things I’ve learned in life is letting of the need to judge people. It’s made me happier, a better person and more positive. Now It’s not easy and I still judge people every now and then (after all, it’s wired for humans to do so), but there are some simple mantras that have helped me along the way. They are:

1. Don’t be lazy.

The number one cause of judging is laziness. It’s easier because it fits into your mental framework of the world. Don’t fall for this. Be kind, listen and get to know the other person.

2. Know that everyone has their own story.

Everyone goes through hardships in life and there is always a reason someone acts the way they do.

3. When you strongly disagree with someone, try to understand their point of view.

There are always legitimate reasons for people believing what they do.

4. Consciously try to see the good in other people.

If you naturally find something negative, counter it with something positive about that person.

5. Be present.

Don’t let your mind make up some random story about a person. Just focus on the present moment and keep your heart open.

6. There are many different roads to happiness and a fulfilling life.

Just because they’re not on your path doesn’t mean they’re lost.

7. Never make someone feel worse than when they met you.

Consciously keep this in your mind and never let it happen.

8. The people you remember the most are the ones who loved you when you weren’t very lovable.

Remember this and return the favor.

9. Consciously remember to be good to the people around you, especially your family.

Sometimes we get stuck in a routine and we don’t think about how we treat our loved ones. But they are our most important relationships in our life, so take the time to be kind.

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