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818 meaning: The 10 big reasons you keep seeing this number

Let me tell you that I’m envious of you seeing the number 818. Maybe that’s why the universe doesn’t send me any messages.

You are a lucky person who doesn’t have to worry about material things anymore. All you have to do is work a little more on your spiritual side and use your common sense regarding money.

While I wait for my own message, I decided to help you figure out the real meaning behind the number 818.

What does seeing 818 really mean?

818 is a sign that your honest, hard work will be rewarded. There’s no way to know for sure what you’ll receive, so stay alert and look for signs.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop aiming higher. In fact, 818 is also a warning sign that you might like the taste of success a bit too much.

Relying on other people’s help is not healthy either. That’s why you are now empowered to take control over your life and responsibility for your actions.

Although 818 speaks of abundance, prosperity, and material gains, its meaning doesn’t stop at material possessions. You are encouraged to believe in yourself more and evolve spiritually.

10 reasons you keep seeing the number 818

There are 3 common reasons that explain why you keep seeing the number 818. These are related to your individuality, intuition, and inner strength.

The list continues with valuable information regarding other less common reasons that could fit your life situation like a glove.

1) You should take full control over your life

Your authority and personal power are in the foreground. Number 8 appears twice, which means that its influence is doubled.

Number 1 represents independence, ambition, and initiative. All of these are extremely useful in case you want to embrace self-leadership. Actually, this is exactly what the universe wants from you.

It wants you to start relying on yourself only. Your happiness or your success cannot depend on other people.

Self-sufficiency is another keyword that characterizes number 8’s influence. In other words, you should stop searching for happiness in other people. The same goes for solutions.

2) Your thoughts must be pure

Number 1 is a nice number to see wherever you look, but it comes with a catch too. Its occurrence lets you know that now, more than ever, you have the power to make your thoughts a reality.

You can manifest your desires in your life. However, you have to make an effort to flood your brain with positivity because otherwise, your fears could materialize as well.

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Do you know the difference between the law of attraction and manifestation? If you are unsure, you can read all about it here.

One trick you can use to stop thinking about your fears is to start thinking about your desires and ambitions, especially not the material kind.

3) You must know you’re lucky

Wealth and abundance are coming your way. The universe loves people who work hard and keep making progress. Therefore, it rewards them too.

Your future financial gains could also be unexpected. You will not only get paid for your work, but you will also receive a bonus from another, mysterious realm.

I know this is tough to hear, but you’ll do better at keeping your finances in check than at maintaining harmonious relationships in your life, at least for a while.

Your independence seems to be very important for the success of your future endeavors.

4) You have to remove the factors of your unhappiness

Let’s play an imaginative game!

Think of various reasons that cause you unhappiness and imagine placing them on a road.

Now visualize the way positive energy flows on this road.

It’s hampered by your unhappiness, isn’t it?

In this regard, I can give you some examples:

A relationship that no longer makes you happy stands in the way of your future happiness.

A friendship that consumes you makes you waste time that you could use for yourself.

The fear of starting over could cost you a huge opportunity.

Not thinking for yourself might lead to others controlling your life.

Use your free will because it plays an important part in becoming more fulfilled.

5) You should learn to trust your gut

Since we’ve established the role of other people in your life right now, you should no longer ask or care about their opinion.

What you should do is learn to listen to yourself, especially if you don’t have a clear idea about how you want your life to look like.

Ask yourself this: What is it that you really want?

As soon as you overcome this part, the universe will provide the needed support to also put your decisions into practice.

6) You can relax because your troubles will end

Sometimes, the number 818 occurs in the lives of people who are going through some hardships. For them, and you, if this is also your case, this number is a sign of hope.

I can’t tell you how your problems will end, but what I can tell you is that they will. Instead of letting your fears take over you, you can try to keep them under control and practice positive thinking.

If hearing about the importance of positive thinking in your life makes you roll your eyes, maybe you’d like to try a few mindful techniques to help you get rid of negative thoughts instead.

7) Do good and good will come to you

You might not be aware of the power of good and bad deeds. So, this is one more reason you could be seeing the number 818.

Even if you should always act in your best interest, this does not mean that your actions are allowed to harm others.

In fact, you need to make sure that nothing you do hurts others. This is because the universe will reflect this bad energy back to you.

Don’t take my advice literally, though. Sometimes you have to hurt others in order to move on with your life. There are definitely exceptions, so you have to use your own judgment as well.

8) Start being more responsible

The numbers say that you have made a habit out of blaming others for your failures. Is this true?

If it is, the universe wants you to take responsibility for what you’ve done and work things out with yourself.

From now on, you can make more conscious decisions. Your personal power and inner wisdom are enhanced. Don’t miss this opportunity to make the needed changes.

After giving it some thought, you’ll feel ambitious and motivated to work on yourself. Making mistakes is a way to learn how to stop making them.

9) You have to focus on yourself

Ask yourself this question: What is stopping you from being truly happy?

The need for progress is clear. In addition, it is encouraged by the universe.

Work on every aspect you want to improve. Get ready to accept new opportunities in your life.

Start thinking like a leader and find inspiration inside of you.

All these steps are meant to prepare you for what’s to come in all areas of your life.

10) Expect new business opportunities

Are you an entrepreneur or a business person? If you are, this reason for seeing number 818 is dedicated to you.

Put your affairs in order because a new business opportunity awaits around the corner. You must be prepared to act when the opportunity presents itself to you.

Every entrepreneur who sees this number will be successful unless they only focus on making money, disregarding the consequences the entire process might have on others.

So, if you are thinking of starting a business, now is a great time. Keep in mind that you must earn your money honestly without disfavoring others.

818 angel number meaning

As usual, the angels are by your side and act in your best interest. This time, they want to communicate with you because they want you to become aware of certain aspects.

Because you are now influenced by the energy of number 1, your thoughts become more powerful. They become so powerful that you have the ability to make them happen in real life.

The angels want you to know that you can do this and they send positive vibrations your way. It is time to rely on yourself more, believe in your strengths, and listen to your intuition.

While you do some soul searching, they guarantee that you won’t have to worry about money. Unless, of course, you end up becoming greedy and focused on gathering wealth. The angels definitely don’t support that.

Spiritual meaning of seeing 818

When you see number 818, the message you are receiving tells you to listen to your inner vision and intuition. You have to look for answers inside of you because your material gains are already ensured.

You must focus on becoming more self-reliant and confident. The energy of number 81 supports you in changing every aspect of your life that is not flowing as you’d like.

Pay special attention to your thoughts. They might give you a clue regarding the right life path for you.

“At its best, it is as spiritual as it is materialistic. The sacred side of the 8 is practical, rational, and intelligent. It knows the difference between make-believe and genuine realization,” says Hans Decoz, master numerologist.

Karma is also a spiritual concept related to this number. I encourage you to read this comprehensive definition of karma to make sure you get it right.

Does the number 818 offer spiritual protection?

Simply put, this number doesn’t offer spiritual protection. However, it is a clear sign that you should beware of karma. Whatever you do, good or bad, will come back to you.

You are able to protect yourself because now you know for sure that every action has consequences.

My advice is to start a chain reaction of positive thoughts and actions. You have full control over your spiritual and material life.

Make sure you don’t make unwanted mistakes that could generate a negative karmic response.

The meaning of 818 in religion

When I searched for the meaning of 818 in the Bible, I found this inspiring quote: “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18

One way or the other, the message stays the same. Even if you struggle right now with different aspects of your life, this suffering will not go on forever. You can change things and your future will improve.

Gospel Times mentions that, in Christianity, the number 8 is associated with infinity, renewal, and restoration.

Britannica reveals interesting aspects about the meaning of 8 in Buddhism. It seems that this number is considered lucky because they associate it with the number of petals a lotus flower has. Moreover, this plant is a symbol of good fortune.

Yijing is a Chinese divination system that refers to the number 8 as the number that determines the life of a man. Britannica mentions that it is based on number configurations.

Number 818 meaning in love

Number 818 has different meanings depending on your current relationship status. I have especially good news for those of you who are single. You might meet your twin flame. I will explain everything below.

The occurrence of this number everywhere you look speaks of changes regarding your love life. In case you are coupled, you might need to reevaluate your current relationship.

Ask yourself if you are truly happy. The universe doesn’t think you are, and that’s why it sends encouraging vibrations your way. Try to use them and be honest with yourself.

Do you accept bad behavior from your partner?

Do you still feel butterflies in your stomach?

Is your partner supportive or judgemental?

I know that ending a relationship is one of the hardest things to do. However, you don’t have to sacrifice your happiness. These numbers carry positive energy that you can use to your benefit.

If you are no longer happy, you must find the needed strength to move on. According to these numbers, the future looks bright for you.

818 angel number meaning for twin flames

This angel number is a sign of hope in the case of twin flame reunions. It includes 2 infinity signs that are placed vertically, and the symbol of new beginnings, number 1.

It is a sequence of numbers that brings emotional balance to your life, as well as prosperity and abundance.

To be more specific, the energy carried by angel number 818 ensures your success and progress, facts that attract your twin flame.

Listen to your thoughts and intuition carefully because they will guide you in the arms of your mirror soul. Believe that you will meet him or her to speed up the process.

However, also consider the fact that your twin flame might not be ready for your reunion, yet. They might need to evolve further to match your progress.

To find out what to expect, you can read more about twin flame relationships here.

Number 818 meaning in numerology

Number 8 is considered one of the most successful numbers. If you are under its influence, it can help you control your selfish side better and avoid any abuse of power.

As you can see when you look at it, this number looks like the infinity sign. It represents your ability to move forward. When you see this number, it means you have the potential to build something of value which will last over time.

Unlike number 7, which speaks about being spiritual and having to focus on material things, number 8 is telling you the opposite. Your spiritual side might need more attention now.

Overall, the most representative keywords for number 8 are success and power.

When you see number 1, regardless if it is by itself or as part of another number, you must remember that its main meanings are leadership, independence, and new beginnings.

This number’s energy is known to enhance your intuition, as well as determination. You’ll soon notice that the Universe rewards you for listening to your inner voice and for working hard.

Numerologists say that you can become more creative and original when you are under this number’s influence.

Doreen Virtue on number 818

When Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. speaks of angel number 818 as a whole, she encourages you to continue your hard work regarding your career and finances.

In her book, Angel Numbers 101: The Meaning of 111, 123, 444, and Other Number Sequences, she explains that you need to stay optimistic when it comes to money. Number 81 is an indicator that you should stay positive regarding your financial gains. Otherwise, the author warns you that you may be delaying your financial abundance.

According to her, the way you think about money is so important that you should really pay attention to it. If you worry about not having enough financial gains, you might actually attract even less money into your life.

Even if number 8 is all about abundance and prosperity, you still have to stay confident and work hard. The angels have your back, but they can’t ensure a continuous flow of positive events if you don’t let go of your fears.

818 meaning in your career

According to Ryan Hart, author of Supernatural Happiness, there are certain key points in your career when the number 818 has a meaning.

In case you are expecting something specific to happen regarding your career, the universe wants you to know that the event will soon take place. However, you must be prepared to get something slightly different compared to what you asked for.

If this happens to you, you should have faith that this is the outcome that benefits you the most. You just can’t see it yet.

Another key point mentioned by the author is when you want to change careers, but you feel discouraged and you don’t know what to do. Well, you can take seeing number 818 as a sign that you should listen to what your heart desires.

Other numbers related to 818

Your Higher Journey provides us with a simple guide that explains all about the other numbers related to 818.

Let’s break them down here.

  • If you see the number 888, consider yourself very lucky – as the power of number 8 is tripled and that’s exactly what could happen to your money (a promotion or experience a sudden increase in wealth)
  • As life is so fast-paced, take number 666 as a sign that you need to slow down and take a well-deserved break to allow your mind, heart, and body to recharge
  • Number 909 holds a special message reminding you to consider things carefully before making any life-changing decisions
  • You have the power to make your thoughts a reality and your guardian angels are sending a message through number 818 that you can manifest your desires in your life – and you just have to act in the right direction
  • Consider yourself lucky if you’re seeing number 333 all over the place for the Universe is giving you a way forward and telling you that it’s time to grow

Seeing 818, what should you do next?

When you keep seeing 818, you should consider yourself lucky. The universe wants to help you attract abundance and prosperity in your life. It even gives you the power to attract them by using your mind.

No matter how hard it is for you to believe, your success is almost guaranteed. You just have to act in the right direction. Take some time and reflect on your true desires. Don’t let anyone influence you during this process.

Swallow your pain and gather the needed courage to reevaluate your romantic relationship if it no longer makes you happy. Don’t postpone your emotional progress by giving power to your fears. Face your fears and dare to look for true happiness.

Another great next step would be to listen to your intuition and act according to it. Your inner voice is wise and it can become wiser.

Spend more time with yourself and pay attention to your thoughts, even if you think they are random.

What do you think?

Written by Daniela Duca Damian

I’m Daniela, a passionate writer with an academic background in journalism. My work is based on research and facts. In recent years I have focused on the study of interpersonal relationships, analyzing, and writing about aspects related to social connections, romantic relationships, but also personal development. My goal is to decipher the most confusing concepts so that anyone who is interested in living a better and fulfilled life can apply them. When I’m not writing, I challenge my friends with meaningful questions about life.

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