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8 reasons masculine men are better lovers than “nice guys”

The strong, silent kind of man has gotten a bad rap over the last few decades. Elusive and often misunderstood, it seems to others that he has no feelings and only cares about himself.

When it comes to making love, it’s widely believed that the nice and effeminate man is better in bed.

Here are 8 reasons why this isn’t true.

1. Masculine men don’t care about her little physical flaws

Sexually, they function on a more animalistic level, trusting their gut and instincts. They don’t evaluate her with a rational or analytical mind.

They want women to be sexy, but they’re interested in women feeling sexy. They’re not interested in the details of a little extra fat, or a haircut that isn’t quite right.

Fashionable clothes are there to be ripped off. Hair is meant to be pulled. Cellulite means there’s more to play with.

Nice and gentle men are different. They focus more on their own appearance. They’re interested in an artistic kind of beauty in a woman. They care what their friends think of the woman they’re dating.

2. They don’t play mind games

Masculine men will be upfront with their intentions and let people know what they want from the beginning. They are more honest.

Nice guys care too much what others think. They’ll act in a way they think others want them to. They’ll manipulate their way in between a woman’s legs.

3. They’re romantic

If a woman finds their way to the heart of a masculine man, they’ll access true and real feelings because it’s been so much harder to get there.

Prissy men, on the other hand, open up their feelings as soon as you meet them. It’s much less genuine because they’ll do this with anyone they meet.

4. They take the lead

Strong men will plan and organize their time with you. All the woman will need to do is show up and be her playful self.

Effeminate men will always ask the woman what they want to do, driving them crazy, because they’re too scared to make a decision.

5. They’re dirty

Masculine men are uninhibited and act out their desires. They don’t care if a woman is on her period. They want to have sex, because blood is just blood.

It doesn’t matter if she has been at the gym and smells of sweat. They’ll shove their head in her armpits and breathe it in, right before they orgasm.

Pristine kinds of guys are totally different. If she’s covered in sweat, they’ll want her to have a shower first.

6. They’re in the now

Masculine men will be able to stop and appreciate the moment, experiencing it fully. Effeminate men will be more worried, thinking about yesterday, tomorrow and all of the different things that may happen but haven’t happened yet.

7. They are independent

Masculine men live and die by their own terms. They have projects and ambitions, without needing anyone else’s approval. They love to spend time with her.

Effeminate men, on the other hand are clingy and think the world revolves around them. They need a woman to spice up their lives rather than having the strength to figure it out on their own.

8. They have feelings at the right place at the right time

Strong and masculine men are laid back and unemotional, dealing with problems when they arise, solving it on the spot.

Effeminate seem attractive when they cry with a woman, showing they care. This soon gets old and turns into passive aggressive behavior where a woman never knows where she really stands.

What’s the key point about masculine men?

Masculine men are bold, confident and ambitious. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to go out and get it.

Masculine men get a bad rap. They need to know they are valued and are rewarded for being themselves.

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Written by Tina Fey

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