7 Toxic Beliefs You Need to Let Go of Right Now

Everyone has a plan.  You know, that perfect plan in your head for your life where nothing ever goes wrong and you’re happy 24/7.  In a way, we all rely on this imaginary plan.  It’s the basis for what we believe is necessary for our future happiness and contentment.  

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go along with the plan.  It can throw you for a loop unexpectedly.  When we’re young we tend to rely on this plan a little too much.  As you get older, you tend to let go of this plan piece by piece, even though you always swore you wouldn’t.  But that isn’t the only thing that changes.  Here are 7 things you’ll stop doing when you get older:

1) You Should Wait Until Tomorrow.

We all know that at some point life will end, but for some reason we choose to not think about it often.  As depressing as the subject is, it’s something that should be regularly considered.  

Some of us have had a friend or family member suddenly taken from us without warning.  This can really snap you back into the reality that sometimes tomorrow won’t come for all of us.  Because of this, you’ll eventually learn that tomorrow may or may not come and that every moment should be cherished and appreciated.

2) All the Distractions of Life are Worth Your Time.

In today’s world, we’re all glued to our phone.  Not only is it unhealthy, but we use it as a distraction from the world around us.  Anyone can communicate with you immediately and you have a world of information in the palm of your hand.  But does that all really matter as much as we think?  As you get older, you’ll realize that all those missed text messages and social media notifications really didn’t matter.  Making actual memories is what mattered most.

3) Staying Busy is Important.

It’s good to be busy once in a while.  Time goes by faster, our minds are work and our wheels are spinning.  But sometimes it’s important to slow down and relax.  All that rushing around and busyness isn’t really all that important.  Our lives aren’t infinite and being overwhelmed everyday is no way to live.

4) Faster Is Always Better.

When you’re young, at the time it seems better to work quickly and efficiently.  When you’re living this way, you’re forgetting to stop and smell the roses.  You don’t have to do everything at once.  Sometimes it’s best to slow down and just take one thing at a time.  When you’re older, you appreciate every moment and what it has to offer.

5) Everything Is About You.

In our younger years we tend to think that we’re the center of all that exists.  We only see things from a certain angle and are only concerned with how that will affect us and only us.  We tend to put ourselves first instead of thinking about how things affect those around us.  Instead of asking “What about me?” start asking “What about you?”  In our older years we seem to be more charitable with our time and also more fulfilled.

6) Everyone Else Knows What You Need.

Your voice matters, so why do you listen to everyone else so much?  Your life is your own and when you’re young you trust everyone else to know what’s best for you.  This is a good way to start going down the wrong path and farther away from the things you truly want.  When you’re older you tend to start listening to that voice in your head and figuring out what it truly is that you want!

7) It’s Okay to Hold Grudges.

This one is a big one.  Holding grudges does nothing but hurt the person holding them.  Forgiveness allows you to let go of any hurt or lasting pain you might have.  Sure, someone may have wronged you in your life, but that doesn’t mean you should be angry for the rest of time.  It’s easier to let go of the past when you’re older and just focus on the good things to come.  

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