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7 Things Mindful People Do Differently and How To Get Started

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We’ve all heard a lot about “mindfulness” and its potential benefits. But what is it really? And how do you practice it?

This infographic from Mindful breaks down 7 habits of mindful people. Below, we also talk about each habit and how to adopt them in your daily life.


1) Practice being curious

The Buddhist came up with something called the “the beginner’s mind”. This is basically approaching everything as it was for the very first time. This is powerful because it creates novelty which is one of the best way to create new neural connections. You can do this in any situation. One of the best routine tasks you can practice ‘the beginner’s mind’ is when you’re having a shower. Pretending that it’s your first time having a shower means you can experience wonder at all the water hitting your skin and the feeling of it all.

2) Forgiveness

We all encounter challenges in our everyday life. At times, we can be too lazy, too overworked, and lacking in focus, and it’s easy to self-criticize. But with mindfulness we learn to accept these failures and simply move on. The simple phrase of “forgive and invite” can be enormously helpful.

3) Hold their emotions lightly

Begin paying attention to your emotions and you’ll realize that emotions are like energy that come and go. This means we don’t have to get upset when we’re experience a feeling we don’t like. It will eventually pass. With this experience, people who practice mindfulness can be grateful for the good moments and graceful during the more difficult ones.

4) Practice Compassion.

Many people who engage in self-help strategies can become even more focused on ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with this but the last thing you want to be is self-centred. Being taking notice of other people and intentionally going out of your way to show kindness and compassion. Helping others is an excellent way to improve your own wellbeing.

5) Make peace with imperfection.

It’s so easy to find flaws in ourselves and self-judge. The truth is that all humans are imperfect. As Zen priest Dogen Zenji said, “To be in harmony with the wholeness of things is to not have anxiety over our imperfections.” Easier said than done, but mindfulness leans us in that direction.

6) Embrace Vulnerability

We all try to hide from vulnerability and protect ourselves. However, when we embrace our vulnerabilities we develop courage, trust and we begin to truly understand who we are.

7) Understand that all things come and go.

If there is one law in life, it is that nothing is permanent. Everything comes and goes, whether it’s your feelings, the bird’s singing or your food that you ate this morning.As we practice mindfulness, we come to understand this and in this way, life becomes increasingly precious. We begin to put our phones down more often and open our eyes to the sacred moments all around us.

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