7 signs you’re moving forward in life, even if doesn’t feel like it

Sometimes in life, we are clearly moving toward our dreams. We meet the right people who see our intentions, find the right opportunities that elevate us, and our efforts land.

We know we are moving in our desired direction because it feels dreamy, magical, and supercharged with potential.

At other times, it can feel like the current is against us, despite our best efforts. Exciting opportunities fall flat, we receive no response, we get ghosted, blindsided, or we may even be the momentary villain in someone else’s story, causing them disappointment. If we are not conscious of breaking out of this energy, it can cause an unwanted domino effect.

In swimming against many currents, I have learned that even when we feel life is against us, we can still move forwards: growing, learning, and strengthening our resolve – as long as we can remain mindful of certain habits and perspectives. These are seven sure signs you are still swimming ahead, even in the worst of tides.

1. You have patience with yourself.

Having patience with yourself as you navigate all situations and feelings is key. By showing yourself grace rather than acting from force, impatience, and unforgiving, you build the capacity to go further.

A friend and mentor told me: one single rose takes years to grow. Cancer cells, mold, and parasites often spread fast. Worthwhile things take time, while anything too quick to grow tends to be destructive and unsustainable.

If you want to build something lasting, showing yourself patience and embracing a slow and gradual journey is a big sign you are on your way forth.

2. Your social circle is changing.

Look to your circle of trusted people to see the clearest reflection of yourself. We magnetize the people who show us aspects of ourselves, whether they are healed or. unhealed. If you have people in your circle who make you feel safe, supported, loved, and seen; you are likely expressing yourself authentically. If you have people reflecting unhealed parts of you, or triggering you, use it as an opportunity to see yourself more clearly. Are you seeing your own behavior or a layer of yourself you’ve outgrown and need to leave behind?

Every person who comes into your life and triggers something deeply in you – wanted or unwanted, offers a great gift. If you can open to it and integrate it, this is a sure sign you’re progressing.

3. You may be making mistakes, but you are learning from them.

Mistakes are the best way to learn and propel yourself forward. If you are not making any mistakes, the chances are, you’re not learning everything you can.

The most successful entrepreneurs and creators often have hundreds, if not thousands, of ‘failed’ projects that the public haven’t seen. Instead of dwelling on those mistakes, they used them as a vantage point to create something more aligned.

This ability to keep trying, despite failures or mistakes, is a crucial skill to embark on toward your vision of success.

4. You are doing things that used to scare you.

Whether as simple as starting a conversation with a stranger, speaking up more in a
group, or joining a fitness class – if you are experiencing things you didn’t think were
possible or weren’t even on your radar, you’re doing wonders to expand your comfort

A growing comfort zone is a sure sign that you are on a growth trajectory, no matter how small those steps may be. Continuous, small steps will lead to confidence to take bigger steps. You are strengthening the muscle of taking risks and gaining a greater perspective of what you are capable of experiencing in life, which is truly limitless if you believe it to be.

5. You know who you are more than ever.

Even if life may be going in undesirable ways, if these experiences helped you to become more self-aware of who you are, what you need, what you want and do not want, and where you want to be – you are already in the perfect position to move toward it.

An understanding of your current capabilities, weaknesses, values, and goals helps you map out exactly what you need to do next and how.

6. You actively practice gratitude.

It is natural to be grateful for a desirable outcome, but what counts is when you can extend gratitude for mundane, even negative situations.

When you can practice gratitude for a cup of coffee, a stranger smiling at you, or a taxi getting you where you need to be; you are learning how to cultivate joy.

It can take time and be challenging, but when you are able to find the gratitude in grief, loss, a dispute, or not getting the job, you are doing wonders for your journey. It helps to remember that everything is leading you to where you belong, even if it takes retrospect.

7. You are healing old wounds.

If something painful that used to trigger you a lot now hurts much less, this is a sign you are healing.

You can do this actively with wellness practices such as meditation, movement, journaling, reading books, and taking courses or workshops – or it can be a gradual progression of life and gaining perspective.

Either way, if you notice that old wounds and triggers have less effect on you, you are healing and creating space for new, uplifting experiences. However, be mindful of the difference between true healing and emotional suppression.

If you relate to any of these signs, you are cultivating a beautiful journey ahead at your own pace.

Whether going through something difficult or blazing through goals, I encourage you to remember that moving forward in life is truly not dependent on the circumstance, but on your mindset and attitude.

Every situation we face has the potential to help us move forward if we can meet it with patience, awareness, empathy, resilience, grace, and gratitude.

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