7 science-backed reasons you should masturbate tonight

By June 5, 2017 No Comments

Many, many, many years ago, masturbation was thought to be a sinful activity that only the morally depraved engaged in.

According to religion, it somehow caused health problems, like blindness, hemorrhoid’s and acne. Haha. Well, it probably isn’t that surprising that religion was so very wrong.

Luckily, science has come along and confidently crushed those rumors about masturbation. A lot of scientific research and data has proved that masturbating has many heath benefits and is really good for you.

So, here are 7 damn good reasons to have a party for one tonight.

1) It makes you happy.

Well as you’re probably already aware, having an orgasm makes you feel great – which in turn makes you happy! When you masturbate, your brain crafts a beautiful cocktail of neurotransmitters including dopamine and oxytocin, which helps lift your mood and make you feel happy.

2) Masturbation can help relieve menstrual cramps in women.

When you masturbate, the hormones released can help relax the muscles that are cramping and causing you pain.

3) Masturbation can improve muscle tone in the pelvic area, which helps reduce involuntary urinal leakage in women.

Masturbating is kind of like exercising – practice makes perfect. The more you work these muscles, the stronger and better they’ll be.

4) Masturbation can help flush out bad bacteria in your pelvic area.

When you masturbate, your vaginal muscles stretch, secreting vaginal mucus. This causes fluid circulation, which helps flush out bacteria hanging out where you don’t want them.

5) It ups your immunity.

According to research, orgasms increases levels of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol actually helps regulate and maintain immunity in small doses.

6) It’ll help you chill.

The splendid feel good chemicals an orgasm can produce can also make you chill. These chemicals have been shown to reduce stress, tension and feelings of depression. Bonus: Achieving that orgasm can make you sleep better, too.

7) It can help you relieve pain.

The hormones that help you think happy thoughts can also take away the discomfort that comes with issues like headaches, arthritis and cramps, according to research.

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