7 reasons why people who like to be alone have stronger personalities

Society likes to paint people who are alone as sad. But the truth is that these kinds of people are perfectly happy being by themselves.

And it’s no wonder considering that being alone helps them have stronger personalities, and let’s them live life on their own terms. 

It’s not all bad. In fact, it’s pretty damn awesome. Here’s 7 reasons why:

1) They are Independent

There’s no shortage of opportunity to do things for yourself when you like to spend time alone. You want to travel the world? Why not!

Independent people learn to do more for themselves, and don’t feel the need to rely on other people. They’re also much more accepting of their own failures which allows them to learn and grow. 

2) They are Confident in Themselves

With independence comes a certain level of confidence. People who spend a lot of time alone need to learn to do new things, take on new tasks and attain new skills in order to make sure they don’t need the help of others.

While they aren’t afraid to ask for help, they prefer to do things on their own and this gives them boatloads of confidence.

3) They Fascinate People in Relationships

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you forget what it is like to do things for yourself and just yourself.

Single people or those living alone have no problem putting themselves first. A lot of misunderstandings can occur between a single person and a person in a relationship because of the disconnect that happens based on priorities or perceived priorities.

Think: mother who encourages her daughter to get married so she doesn’t need to be alone. If only she knew her daughter had life by the horns.

4) They are Hard to Satisfy

Because people who like to be alone can do anything and go anywhere, they tend to have higher standards when it comes to relationships. They don’t need someone to fix leaky faucets and mow the lawn. They want someone who can connect with them on a deeper level.

That’s hard for a lot of people to rise up to.

5) They Can See the World Alone

They love to meet people and learn about the world, whether or not they travel with a companion. Because they are confident and able to learn quickly, people who spend a lot of time alone love to travel the earth of their own volition and don’t need anyone to enjoy themselves.

6) They are Wicked Smart

Sometimes people who spend time alone are very smart. They have a lot of time to consider the world around them, develop unbiased viewpoints and can make sense of situations better than others can.

It pays off for all that travelling they do alone so they don’t get ripped off on a street corner in Rome while trying to buy knock-off Prada purses.

7) They are Free

While having a husband, wife, children, dogs, mortgages and car payments is great for some people, people who like to be a lone prefer to just come and go as they please. This creates more opportunity for them to be even more independent, gain more confidence, and learn about the world around them. And they like it like that.

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