Everyone wants a quick fix to get the body they desire. We’re all guilty of it. We long for the day when getting fit and lean is easier, faster, and requires less time than it does now.

Well, hold onto your seats: Science is saying that there is an easier way to get fit in less time than you might think. And it only takes 7 minutes.

In order to complete this magical workout, you just need yourself (obviously!), a chair (okay, we like the sound of this), and a wall (pfft, what could be so hard about working out with a wall?).

Once you have all that collected, you’ll want to follow these easy steps to completing the 7 minute workout that can change your life for the better.

This magical workout consists of repeating high-intensity exercises quickly and without rest so that your body exerts the most amount of effort in the shortest period of time.

And science is saying that completing this workout several times a week can increase metabolism, decrease fat, and help you burn calories faster than ever before.

Of course, doing just 7 minutes a day is not going to drastically change your body if you half-ass it, but if you are consistent and incorporate other healthy lifestyle habits into your regular routine, you will see results.

Here’s how it works:

Perform each of the following activities for 30 seconds each, and then repeat 2-3 times. If you need to work both sides of your body, for example during leg exercises, be sure to work each side for 30 seconds.

Here are the exercises you must do to see the maximum results of this 7-minute workout that works!

Jumping Jacks: you have to jump. Don’t take the lazy approach and don’t put any effort in. If you want to see results, get yourself into the prime position and jump off the tips of your toes.

Jumping jacks are tough and you’ll notice right away that you’ll be sweating and winded from the effort…if you are doing it right!

Wall sit: we know, you hate these, but they are super effective at working your core and strengthening your back muscles. Not to mention your legs. If you do it properly, you’ll be on your way to a more toned lower body in no time.

Push-ups: I bet you are thinking we are mad. Push-ups are pretty old school, but they slay fat and help to burn calories pronto.

You can do traditional push-ups or knee push-ups, especially if you are just starting to incorporate exercise into your routine. Either way though, you’ll feel the burn in your arms, legs and stomach.

Step-up: grab that chair and start stepping up onto it. This will be tough at first, but over time your legs will adjust to pulling your weight up that high.

Squat: keeping with the traditional exercises, squats help to pull in that stomach, tighten your butt, and strengthen your core.

Tricep Dip: going back to the chair, position yourself with your back to the chair and dip yourself down like a reverse pushup. This one’s tricky so be careful when you try it the first time.

Plank: this might as well be a four-letter word for some people, but planking is an epic way to get your body in shape.

Knee Lifts: pull your knees up to your elbows and watch that belly fat melt away!

Lunge: a classic exercise that feels like it is designed to kill a human being, but it works, we promise. Done correctly, you can develop leg and stomach muscles to die for.

Rotating Push-ups: as if a push-up wasn’t hard enough, yes we want you to do a push-up, stabilize yourself and then rotate your arm toward the sky.

Side Plank: take your plank to the side and watch as your love handles disappear.

As always, consult your doctor before incorporating any exercise routine in your lifestyle to make sure you are healthy enough for physical activity.