These 7 brutal but powerful lessons will make you a better person

When it comes to living a beautiful life, we need only look at ourselves to find the answers we are seeking.

Happiness, goals, trust, truth, and more are all sitting inside each of us waiting to be discovered.

You don’t need to go very far outside of yourself to see that everything you need to live a beautiful life is right inside you.

Here are 7 things that are tough to realize, but when you do, they’ll make life beautiful.

1) Happiness Doesn’t Come From External Things

It seems no matter how hard we try to find happiness in our belongings, our jobs, our vacations, our cars, our homes, our bank accounts, or anywhere else we look, we just can’t find the kind of happiness we have come to expect from our human lives.

What we know now though, is that happiness doesn’t come from those things. Happiness can only come from inside us.


2) Getting What You Want in Life Means Working For it

When you decide you want to set a goal, you can’t just pray that the goal will manifest itself.

You have to accept the challenge of going after the goal, and you have to accept the work involved in getting to that goal.

You need to hustle to get where you want to be and that can make the rewards much more awesome.

3) Some Things Are Just Not Meant to Be

Sometimes, though, no matter how hard you work for something, you just can’t grasp it in your hands.

This happens from time to time, and usually, life has a funny way of giving us things we didn’t know we wanted to needed because we are too busy bitching about the things we didn’t get.

Start paying attention to why you aren’t getting it and start looking for the other opportunities, people, places, and things that are showing up instead.

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4) Your Dreams Steal your Life Away

We spend most of our days thinking about things that have nothing to do with the moments we are living in. We daydream about summer vacation, Christmas holidays, and weekends. We spend more time thinking about the future than actually living in the present.

When we tap into our lives in the moment we find all kinds of things we didn’t know were there: good and bad.

5) Life Has its Limits


If life were endless, we’d all get pretty bored after a while. Life is precious and that is exactly what makes it so exciting and interesting.

If we knew we would live forever, we wouldn’t take risks, we wouldn’t fight for love, we wouldn’t try to achieve goals. There would be no need to leave a legacy.

But life is short. And we all have a card that is going to be drawn sooner or later. That’s what makes life worth living right now.

6) Not Everyone is Like You

When we are growing up, a common theme is that we wished everyone was like us. As we get older though, we recognize the importance of diversity and differences. We come to find that we are grateful that we are unique.

We are special simply because we are alive, because no matter how far you look, you’ll never find another person who is exactly like you, ever. Being an individual is amazing.


7) Know Who You Are and Embrace it

One of the blessings and curses of being a human is the ability to feel shame and guilt, pride and happiness. We all like to think we are good people, but turning a light inward sometimes means that we need to work on the kinds of people we are.

While this can be incredibly difficult, it can also be very rewarding and act as a catalyst to instil change in ourselves and encourage others to change as well.

Knowing who you are and accepting you for you is a big step in a lot of people’s lives. The sooner you can self-identify, the better off you will be in all areas of your life.

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