More often than not, we look back on our youth wishing we could go back and shake our younger self.  Don’t you ever wish you could tell your younger self all the things you know now?  After all, you know better now and you wish you could have saved your younger self some heartache.

 The longer the life goes on, the more you’ll learn along the journey.  But why wait until it’s too late?  Here are 7 things you need to learn before it’s too late.

1) Your Happiness is Under Your Control.

Self-talk is so incredibly vital to our overall health and happiness.  Your mind is your biggest ally, not your greatest enemy.  So don’t fight against it!  If you wake up every morning expecting nothing but bad things to happen, you’re clouding up your mind with negativity and you’re not leaving any room for happiness and positivity.  

2) Your Fantasies are Just Fantasies.

This one can hurt to hear, but that daydream you have in your head is honestly just a daydream.  When you’re wandering off in your mind, thinking about what the world should be like instead of how it actually is, you’re not living in the present.  

You’re anxious and eager for a future that may or may not happen and that can lead to a lot of stress.  So abandon those daydreams, live in the present, and be thankful for what you have in this moment.

3) Not All Relationships are Made to Last.

Throughout your life you will learn a number of lessons.  Some of those lessons will be painful and that pain might come from the hand of the person you’d least expect.

Not everyone you meet is going to be nice or have your best interest in mind, but that’s okay.  They’re in your life to teach you a lesson you need to learn.  You need to understand it all happens for a reason and allow yourself to move on.

4) Be Yourself.

No matter what you do, you always have yourself.  Don’t let go of who you truly are because of the things that happen to you.

 It can be incredibly difficult sometimes to let your true self shine, but once you do I can guarantee you won’t regret it.  Go after the life you deserve and the one you truly want.

5) We All Have Our Limits.

We all have a limit in some regard.  Some of those limits cannot be changed.  Once you accept this as a truth, you’ll be able to enjoy the moment and live without stress and without worry.

6) You Can’t Have it All.

We sometimes get caught up in the race.  We work and work, trying to obtain things that truly don’t matter in the big scheme of things.  Moving with the ebb and flow is much better than resisting it.

So instead of busting your butt trying to earn things that don’t matter, stop and listen to yourself and what you need to be happy.


7) All Good Things Take Work.

Everything takes work at some point at time.  When you were little you had to work hard and learn how to walk and talk.  The same lesson applies to other areas of your life.

 If you truly want something then you’ll be willing to go through all the hard work to get it.  But if your heart isn’t truly all in something, then perhaps that isn’t the right path for you.