6 rare things successful people do – that normal people don’t

We all aspire to reach certain heights in our lives, but sometimes the path to success is shrouded in obscurity, far removed from our understanding.

You might look back on your previous attempts at success and question why some endeavors thrived while others fell flat, or wonder if what you’re doing right now is setting you on the path to victory or defeat.

How do you discern the actions that breed triumph from the rest? Is there a special secret that successful people are privy to and us mere mortals are not?

After observing a multitude of successful people and analyzing their habits, I’ve identified 6 uncommon things they consistently do, which seem to be missing in the routines of average individuals.

If these seem unfamiliar or even counter-intuitive, it might be time to reassess your strategies.

1. They Embrace Failure

It’s a paradox that most of us find hard to digest.

For the average individual, failure is seen as a setback, a deep pit from which climbing out seems impossible.

We shy away from endeavors where the risk of failure looms large, preferring the safety of our comfort zones.

But the successful person’s perspective on failure is dramatically different.

They see failure not as a dead-end, but as a detour or a stepping stone on their path to success.

They perceive each failure as an opportunity for learning and growth, dissecting their mistakes meticulously and using the lessons to fine-tune their strategies.

Successful people do not just endure failure – they embrace it with open arms, knowing that it is an essential ingredient in the recipe of success.

It’s this unorthodox attitude towards failure that sets them apart from the crowd and propels them towards their goals faster than the rest.

If you find yourself fearing and avoiding failure, it might be time to rethink your approach and see failure for what it truly is – an invaluable teacher.

2. They Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Most of us are locked in a static mindset, believing that our abilities and talents are fixed.

We tend to attribute success to inherent talent rather than hard work, and when faced with challenges, we often back down, thinking we simply “don’t have what it takes”.

Yet, those who achieve remarkable success approach life with a different mindset.

They believe in the power of growth and learning.

They understand that talent is just the starting point and that their abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.

Successful people constantly seek to improve themselves.

They are not afraid of challenges or difficult tasks; instead, they welcome these as opportunities to learn and grow.

They know that every skill can be learned and every challenge can be overcome with persistence and effort.

If you find yourself stuck in a static mindset, it may be time to adopt a growth mindset.

Start believing in your ability to learn and grow, and you might be surprised at how far your journey to success will take you.

3. They Prioritize Personal Wellness

I’ve always been a firm believer in the saying, “Health is wealth.”

But I used to think of it only in terms of physical health. I was never one to skip a workout or ignore a healthy meal, but I overlooked the importance of mental wellness.

Successful people, however, view health in a holistic manner. They understand that physical and mental well-being go hand in hand and are crucial for sustained success.

They make sure to take care of their bodies with regular exercise and a balanced diet, while also tending to their mental health through practices like meditation, mindfulness, and maintaining a positive environment.

I learned this lesson the hard way when my neglect of my mental well-being led to burnout.

I was working long hours, chasing deadlines, and pushing myself too hard. My productivity plummeted, and my motivation dwindled.

That’s when I realized that being physically fit wasn’t enough; I needed to prioritize my mental wellness too.

Now, I make sure to incorporate mental health practices into my daily routine – be it journaling, meditating or simply taking some time off to unwind.

This renewed focus on overall well-being has not only improved my productivity but also brought more joy and balance into my life.

If you find yourself neglecting your health while pursuing success, remember that your well-being is not an area where you can afford to cut corners.

Prioritize your health, and you’ll find yourself better equipped to achieve your goals.

4. They Surround Themselves with Positivity

Your environment significantly influences your behavior and mindset. This is why successful people are extremely selective about who and what they allow into their lives.

They consciously surround themselves with positivity, be it in the form of positive people, inspiring books, or motivational podcasts.

They understand that negativity can be contagious, so they distance themselves from naysayers and energy drainers.

Instead, they choose to spend time with people who uplift them, challenge them, and inspire them to be better.

Also, they are voracious readers and lifelong learners, constantly feeding their minds with knowledge and motivation.

It’s been reported that the average CEO reads about 60 books per year – a testament to their commitment to continual learning and growth.

If you find your environment filled with negativity or stagnation, it may be time for a change.

Remember, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with – choose wisely.

And never stop learning and seeking inspiration wherever you can find it.

5. They Know When to Say No

Early in my career, I was a certified people-pleaser. I said ‘yes’ to everything that came my way, whether it was an extra project at work, a social event with friends, or a favor for a family member. I believed that the more I did, the more successful I would be.

But over time, I realized that saying ‘yes’ to everything meant saying ‘no’ to something else – often it was my own personal time or critical tasks that would have had a meaningful impact on my goals.

This left me feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and ironically, less productive.

The most successful people understand the power of saying ‘no’.

They realize that time is their most valuable resource and they guard it fiercely.

They are discerning about the commitments they take on, ensuring each one aligns with their goals and contributes to their success.

After learning this lesson, I started practicing the art of saying ‘no’. It wasn’t easy at first – I had to fight feelings of guilt and the fear of disappointing others.

But as I became more comfortable with setting boundaries, I found that not only did I have more time to focus on what truly mattered, but people actually respected me more for valuing my time.

If you’re constantly overwhelmed by your commitments, it might be time to start saying ‘no’ more often.

Remember, every ‘yes’ is a ‘no’ to something else – make sure it’s worth it.

6. They Practice Gratitude

It may seem surprising, but one of the most common habits I’ve noticed among successful people is the practice of gratitude.

They don’t just focus on their future goals, but also appreciate what they already have.

They understand that success isn’t just about accumulating more wealth, power, or recognition.

Instead, they view success as a journey, and they acknowledge and appreciate every step along the way.

They are grateful for their achievements, their learning experiences, and even their failures.

In fact, research has shown that practicing gratitude can lead to increased happiness, improved health, and a stronger ability to deal with adversity.

Successful people harness these benefits by cultivating a daily gratitude practice – writing in a gratitude journal, expressing thanks to someone who has helped them, or simply taking a moment each day to reflect on what they are thankful for.

If you’re always chasing after the next big thing and feel discontented with your current circumstances, it might be time to incorporate gratitude into your daily routine.

Not only will it help you enjoy the journey more, but it will also keep you grounded and remind you of how far you’ve come.

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