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6 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Feminine Energy in the Age of Trump

This weekend we have seen what may be the biggest protest march in American history, with over 2.9 million joining in the protests for the Women’s March in numerous cities all across America.

Millions of women (and almost as many men) are protesting the election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency, and sending a message that they won’t easily accept Trump’s political agenda.

It raises some some interesting ideas about what one Ideapod user is calling the “worldwide blossoming of the feminine.”

What do we mean by this?

We seem to be living in an age where many are challenging patriarchal notions of power and the masculine qualities in favor of the more feminine energy of moving with the flow of life.

Here’s the key point:

Only by embracing our feminine qualities alongside our masculine qualities will we be able to create a world bringing people together to create a more harmonious world treating the planet in a much kinder way.


Feminine energy is something we all have – both men and women – and is about the side of ourselves that is rejuvenating, wild, resourceful and spontaneous. It’s about harnessing our creative resources.

If the Women’s March resonates deeply with you, it could be that you’re seeking out a more feminine connection in your life.

Here are six practical ways you can get in touch with your feminine side:

1. Reflect.

So many of us are busy enough that we rarely take the time to listen to what’s happening inside of us.

This can easily be changed. All you have to do is connect with who you are. There many ways to do this, from therapy to a more informal process of exploring your inner feelings.

Ideapod is one way where people explore themselves through the sharing of ideas, and there are others such as writing in a journal. Make sure you take the time to be with yourself to listen to what’s really happening deep down.

2. Go into nature.

The feminine is all about life force energy, which is in abundance in places like the forest, jungle, parks and the ocean.

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Go there when you’re feeling out of sync and in need of replenishment.

3. Get creative.

If you think about a woman’s body, it is designed to create life. The feminine is all about creativity.

There are many ways to harness your creative side, from art, writing and dance to painting and coming up with new ideas.


4. Hone your emotional expression.

The masculine is defined by logic, and the feminine is expressed through emotions. Many of us have been taught to repress our emotional feelings, so one way to get in touch with your feminine side is to get in touch with your emotions.

This can be done by listening not to your thoughts but how you feel. Just feel it without letting the thoughts tell you what’s going on.

5. Value spontaneity and play.

We don’t value vacation, downtime or play as much as we should. Therefore we miss out on the spontaneous joys of life.

Make sure you take the time out to relax and unwind. You’ll find that you have more natural energy to be spontaneous, which is when your life force truly expresses itself.

6. Force yourself to transform.

It may seem strange to use the word “force” to describe the feminine. But the feminine is incredible bold and is the force of transformation.


When it’s time to make a change, it’s the feminine energy inside you that surges forth. This can be intense and creates destruction! Just remember that destruction is the step before creation.

You may be wondering what’s happening with the Women’s Marches and how you can get involved. You may even be a Trump supporter who wants to be part of this energy.

It’s not a contradiction to support Trump while still supporting the creation of a civil society where people stand up to ideas they disagree with.

We are not homogeneous beings. We have complex views.

The Women’s March is a demonstration of the activation of feminine power and energy, and it’s an opportunity to reflect on how you’re reacting to it. There may be an opportunity to get involved and evolve in the process.

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