6 incredible proverbs by Native American elders that will bring you wisdom and clarity

I will never understand how the superior wisdom of the Native American Elders wasn’t able to overcome the European pioneers who settled America.

I say this because the Indians were clearly in touch with a force greater than themselves:

Why did their respect for life and something greater than themselves not protect them? After all, brute force doesn’t always triumph. Think about the eventual triumph of peaceful resistance by leaders like Ghandi, Aung San Suu Kyi and of Nelson Mandela.

Nonetheless, the outcome of history doesn’t diminish Big Thunder’s wise insights. The question is mine alone.

The Native American’s deep respect for life, nature and the earth is ominously portrayed in these well-known words the entire world would do well to heed:

This proverb of the Cree group of Native American Elders is a stark reminder of the consequences mankind faces if we continue our current ways. Will we allow the endless pursuit of profits to drive us to this point?

Another poignant Indian proverb states our responsibility to the planet from a unique perspective:


Read it again and let it sink in. While we are here, the earth is not ours to make with as we please. We have custodianship. That’s all.

What modern society is learning about the benefits of silence and solitude, those who dwelled this land before us knew long ago. Ponca Chief White Eagle counsels to wait for clarity before you act:

Go Forward With Courage


True wisdom is universal. When you come across it, you recognise it. It resonates no matter what the origin. The following words by Chief Seattle could have been said by any of the sages known to man:

Let’s end with a Cherokee Prayer:

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