Ever wondered what happens to your brain when you meditate? It can be difficult to understand the complicated neuroscience and what it all means. But I came across this brilliant explanation From Dr. Christpher Willard, who has written a book called Growing Up Mindful.

It’s short, but it explains in such wonderful detail how you’re actually changing your mind when you meditate:

  1. Each time you focus on or return to the anchor, you are building your concentration

  2. Each time you focus on the anchor, you detach from your thought stream. This is a practice of letting go in the moment, which translates to letting go in the rest of the world.

  3. Each time you notice that the mind is wandering, that is the moment of mindfulness—not a moment of failure.

  4. Each time you are kind to yourself when your mind wanders, instead of criticizing yourself, you are exercising and strengthening your self-compassion for challenging moments in the rest of your daily life.

  5. Each time you notice where the mind is wandering, that is an opportunity for insight into your mind’s habits and patterns—what we might call wisdom or self-understanding