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5 Ancient Tibetan Exercises You Need To Be Doing Every Day To Stay Young And Healthy

For over 2,000 years, Tibetans have doing these 5 exercises to centre themselves and experience peace. They’ve now become available in the west.

For good reason, they have become extremely popular. Not only do they reduce stress and anxiety, but they are said to slow your aging system and give you clarity and mental focus.

These exercises also require flexibility and strength, and are a great way to tone your body. What’s more, these exercises are simple to do and you don’t have to be fit to do them. However, if it feels uncomfortable then it may be wise to stop or reduce the level at which you’re doing them.

Rite 1 – Slows ageing, increases energy

The Speed of the Chakra spin is a key to vibrant health. The first rite works on all 7 Chakras by coordinating their spin so they are in complete harmony. It distributes pure Prana energy to the endocrine system, and in turn to all organs and processes in the body which is one of the major requirements for vibrant health, rejuvenation and youthfulness. It is the key rite to reset one’s body to optimum functioning.

Rite 2 – Induces Vitality, Strength

The second rite works mainly on the Manipura or Solar plexus Chakra, situated in the abdominal region. This Chakra is the centre of Vitality and Vigour. It also regulates the functioning of the pancreas and digestive organs. As a result it’s curative in curing digestive disorders, diabetes and fluctuations in blood pressure. This rite also strengthens the abdominal muscles and acts as a powerhouse by constantly supplying vitality and bestowing balance and strength.

Rite 3 – Joyfulness, flexibility

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This rite energizes the Vishuddhi or throat Chakra which activates the pituitary & thyroid glands. Harmonization of these two major glands regulates the metabolism rate, controls water balance in the body via the control of re absorption of water by the kidneys & optimizes the functioning of our sexual organs. On an emotional level it fills one with a feeling of unlimited happiness and freedom that allows our abilities and skills to blossom. It also alleviates anxiety and suppressed fears.

This rite also strengthens the spinal column and makes one more flexible.

Rite 4 – Clarity, Development

The fourth rite works on the Swadisthana or Sacral Chakra associated with our re productive organs. It activates our lower abdominal and pelvic area, thereby awakening our sexual energy, and general state of pleasure. It also strengthens the lower back. When this Chakra is harmonized it brings clarity and development of a strong personality. This rite also helps weed out our negative base qualities that hinder our development.

Rite 5 – Body toning, Tranquilty

This rite is an overall body toning and strengthening exercise. This posture stretches the shoulders, legs, spine and whole body; It builds strength throughout the body, particularly the arms, legs, and feet. It also relieves fatigue and rejuvenates the body while improving the immune system, digestion and blood flow to the sinuses. It calms the mind and lifts the spirits.

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