4 Ways to Be Mindful All the Time (Without Needing to Meditate)

When we usually think of mindfulness, we picture someone in solitude meditating in a calm environment.

But can you practice mindfulness throughout the day in the presence of other people?

The answer is yes, you can practice mindfulness anywhere.

Being with a person – partner, colleague, kids, friends or neighbors – is one of the best ways to practice mindfulness. Social mindfulness is called relational mindfulness – according to the Mindful Awareness Research Center.

Many of us complain of not having the required amount of time to practice mindfulness. We are so busy and involved in our life that it becomes difficult to practice mindfulness. But it is achievable. You don’t have to worry about others knowing your practice. It’s like practicing stealth mindfulness.

How to practice mindfulness

Listen more

Most of us are terrible at being a good listener. Our lifestyle is so chaotic – constantly messaging, chatting online, SnapChatting, Instagramming – we often cut-off people during conversations. When we encounter a good listener, we feel acknowledged, understood and heard. Take the time to listen to someone while not judging what they’re saying. Simply focus on the words being said and eliminate your biases. 


Take mindful breaths frequently.

Notice sensations in your body and put attention back to your work. Doing so will help you inculcate awareness and make you a good listener.

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Speak in a skillful manner

We no longer exist in a society where mindful speech and conversations are given importance. Practice skillful and mindful speech – which translate into speaking from your heart. Most of the time, we are talking without thinking. And that my friend – creates nothing but noise. Practice skillful oratory. Induce inner awareness while talking to someone.

Maintain 24/7 mindfulness

By focusing on listening to others non-judgmentally when they speak and connecting with your bodily sensations while you breathe and talk, you’ll be able to practice mindfulness 24/7.

Here is a checklist to practice mindfulness throughout the day:

  • Speak from your heart and keep the awareness alive.
  • Give complete attention to the person who is speaking.
  • Don’t judge the words of the person speaking. Simply take the information in.
  • Be present in the now – physically and mentally.
  • Bring back your wandering attention to an object or bodily sensations. 
  • Speak authentically – what you’re actually feeling. 
  • Create a connection with every conversation.

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