What does angel number 3 really mean? A no bullsh*t guide

Are you seeing the number 3 everywhere you look?

We have some good news for you…

This angel number is usually associated with good things happening in your life. It’s a chance to sit back and know that the universe is looking out for you.

Everything is going to be fine.

Your guardian angel is by your side to both encourage you and offer up the strength you need.

Here’s everything you need to know about seeing angel number 3 and what it really means for your life right now and in the future.

What does seeing 3 really mean?

The number 3 is associated with communication, self-expression, adventure, creativity, joy, and enthusiasm.

Seeing 3 is a sign of good luck.

It’s likely the angels are trying to communicate with you to both guide you and impart their wisdom to help you take the right path in life.

Good things are waiting for you is you’re able to listen.

Number 3 is a chance to put your creativity and skills to good use to manifest what you want in life. The angels are right by your side to help encourage and guide you towards this good fortune.

Put simple, 3 is a good angel number. Embrace it. Follow your dreams and open up the lines of communication between you and your angels to really achieve everything you desire.

Good things are on the horizon for you.

5 reasons you keep seeing angel number 3

Angel number 3 can appear to you in so many different ways. From the clock on your phone to a phone number, license plates,  TV channel, or the number on the back of a jersey.

Pay attention to it.

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It’s about recognizing that you are seeing this number for a reason. If you’re seeing 3 everywhere you look, here’s 5 reasons why.

1) Your ambitions and desires are in line with your life path

Number 3 is a lucky number because it’s a sign that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be in life, and good things are coming your way.

Seeing the number 3 is a sign from your angels that you’re on track to receive exactly what you want in life. It’s a chance to open up your mind and soul to receive these blessings.

The angels are sending you a message to let go of any fears or doubts you have and to use the power of manifestation to make your dreams a reality.

Aim high with your desires, as there’s a good chance you’ll succeed. You have nothing to lose.

2) It’s time to start believing in yourself

Self-confidence is one of those qualities that can be so hard to invoke in ourselves. It means truly recognising all we have achieved and where we are at in life, and believing that we are ready for this next stage.

It’s so easy to let those doubts seep in to lead us astray. When things aren’t going well for you in life, it’s even more tempting to start doubting your own abilities and what you’re capable of.

Seeing the number 3 is a sign from your angels to let go of these doubts and to see yourself in a whole new light. They have complete faith and confidence in your abilities and want you to share this with them.

It’s time to start believing in yourself and pursuing any of those hidden talents you possess that you’ve been hiding behind until now. Have you always wanted to be a dancer?

Now’s your chance! The universe is letting you know now is the time to believe in yourself and achieve these dreams.

3) Expand your social horizons

Meeting others and socializing serves a much greater purpose in life. Alone we can only achieve so much, but with others, so much more.

There’s so much you can learn from being surrounded by other people. Chatting, talking, and socializing is an opportunity to be frequently surrounded by new thoughts and ideas that will challenge your beliefs and change the way you look at things.

It’s a chance to see things in a whole new light that you may never have even considered before.

This is invaluable and will help you realize your dreams even faster and exactly what you’re capable of.

Watching other people is also a chance to learn from their mistakes. By hearing their stories and events from the past, you can learn from what they have being through, without having to make the same mistakes yourself.

People play a valuable role in our lives. Seeing the number 3 is often a sign it’s time to open up that social circle in order to broaden your horizons.

There’s so much to be learned.

4) Stay positive about your dreams

Finally, if you’re seeing number 3 then take it as a sign that you need to stay positive about your dreams and what you want in life.

It’s important to have high ambitions, as your guardian angels are waiting right by your side ready to help manifest your dreams into reality.

Good things are happening for you.

But these good things rely on the law of attraction to manifest them into being. The concept is simple. We are able to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on – as long as we stay positive.

Positive thoughts bring positive results into our life, while negative thoughts bring negative results.

If you keep telling yourself that you’re a hopeless dancer, can’t dance, and have no chance of ever being able to get up on stage, then it stands to reason that this thinking will become your truth.

On the other hand, if you believe in yourself and your abilities, and tell yourself you can do this, you have a far greater chance of achieving your dreams.

Once you allow these positive thoughts to take over and consume your daily life, you can then turn the focus onto manifesting your dreams. Journal, meditate and find other ways to stay connected to your goals each and everyday and watch them come into being.

5) Express your authentic self

Seeing number 3 everywhere is a divine sign that you should speak your truth by expressing your authentic self.

Your guardian angels are guiding you to have confidence in yourself and feel comfortable expressing your own truths. This will reveal the real you.

If you choose now to hide behind your truths, it will enable feelings of discomfort to surface, which in turn, will come to light in the law of attraction and stop positive things from coming your way.

Expressing your own truth can be a very healing moment that can open up many new opportunities to you. It’s a chance to let go of past hurts and to move forward.

This renewed courage and confidence is your abilities is what will propel you to the good fortune coming your way.

Angel number 3 true meaning

If the number 3 keeps appearing to you, it’s no doubt a sign of good luck. Your guardian angel is letting you know there are good things coming your way if you just believe in yourself and your dreams.

Now is the time to remain positive and rest in the knowledge that you’re on the right path in life.

The biggest thing you need to work on is your own self-confidence. Now’s the perfect chance to pick a new hobby or career path and to really believe in yourself and what you’re capable of.

Here’s exactly what seeing the number 3 means in different areas of life.

Spiritual meaning of seeing number 3

The number 3 is a strong spiritual number that can occur in many different mundane ways throughout our day.

It’s not just limited to seeing the number on license plates and phone numbers.

It also comes as a result of our experiences. For example, we might notice we are picking three items up on our third trip to the grocery store that day.

You are carrying three lunch boxes for your kids.

Seeing the number repeating itself this way is a strong sign of spiritual alignment. When the number 3 appears to your over and over in repetition, it means your guardian angels are trying to communicate with you.

Number 3 is a sign that it’s time to listen and place your trust in them, so they can take you on this spiritual journey you have ahead of you.

Your angels have always been by your side to help you through any struggles you have faced, while sending you opportunities and support along the way.

Number 3 is a chance to trust in their guidance and to know that good things are coming your way. All you need to do is take a leap of faith – both in your angels and in yourself.

The meaning of 3 in religion

Number 3 frequently appears in religious texts. It isn’t limited to just one religion but is seen in almost every religion.

In fact, one of the first times this number is mentioned relates to the Holy Trinity (Father, Son & Holy Spirit). The number is actually mentioned 523 times in the bible. It is also mentioned 20 times in the Qur’an.

The number 3 is linked to creation and completion and is intrinsically tied to religion. Number 3 is a reminder to not only go out and fill our creative potential but also our innately divine nature.

In the Book of Ecclesiastes 4:12, a scripture verse states in marriage “a three-strand cord can’t be broken” to describe the strongest bond possible between a husband and wife, and their joint union with God.

Peter also denied Jesus three times before Christ was crucified. Then, at the crucifixion, there were three people there on the day Christ died: Jesus, and one man either side of him.

According to Kabbalah, the man actually has 3 souls: Nefesh, Rouah, and Neshmah.

It is often linked to mental stability and intellectual discipline.

It is interesting to note that people perform most ritual actions three times. The third time is always considered to be the lucky time. This is where the saying comes from, “Third time’s a charm”.

Angel number 3 meaning in love

Angel number 3 is connected to new beginnings and positive energy and has very close ties in love. If you’re seeing the number 3, then it’s time to listen to your heart and be confident in the direction you want your love life to take.

Use every possible chance you have to make your life better.

Seeing the number 3 is a sign that you’re full of joy and optimism in life, and it’s time to take a chance on a new relationship or take a current relationship to that next level.

You will be feeling a lot about yourself right now. Finding yourself on the right path, trying new things, and building on your self-confidence. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring a new love into your life. Sharing in your joy and happiness as you manifest your dreams will help create a lasting relationship and bond you can share together.

If you are willing to open up and show love and happiness to those around you, then they will send it back your way.

Number 3 meaning in numerology

When it comes to numerology, the first nine numbers are considered very important. 3 falls into this category.

Number 3 is one of the most expressive angel numbers and can be a great sign of good fortune.

It’s considered charming, artistic, and communicative.

Number 3 is also closely related to confidence.

Number 3 is represented as a triangle in numerology. Depending on how this number appears in your life, the triangle can have the top up (with a positive meaning) or top-down (with a negative meaning).

We see the effects of number 3 amplified in the numbers 33, 333, and 3333. The impact of the number is significantly more, bringing even more positive energy your way.

If you’re seeing the number 3, then know that you own your life and life path and you’re the one that can control it. Don’t let anyone else come in a rock that confidence.

Doreen Virtue on angel number 3

Doreen Virtue is well-known for her ability to communicate with the angels and has written a number of books on the subject, including Angel Numbers.

Doreen Virtue shows a lot of respect for angel number 3 and considers it’s a divine message from your guardian angels.

She associates the number with love and positive energy and comments that it’s a sign that your angels are watching over you. No matter what happens next, they are right by your side guiding you on the right path.

Now is the perfect chance to take a leap of faith in your dreams and face those challenges.

Number 3 in the law of attraction

The law of attraction works in many different areas in our life. Angel number 3 is associated with joy and optimism. By focusing on these traits, you open yourself up to good things coming your way.

The idea is simple – what you put out into the universe will then make its way back to you.

If you’re only sending out positive thoughts, then you will attract these back into your life. You can use this law of attraction to help you achieve in a number of different areas: your career, your personal life, and, of course, love.

When it comes to love, angel number 3 in the law of attraction suggests you’ll be attracted to a certain person, and that everything will go well in your relationship.

Angel number 3 is a positive number and this extends to love as well.

You need to open your heart and be ready to show love in order to receive it in return. In essence, this is how the law of attraction works.

Other angel numbers related to 3

Angel numbers don’t always work in isolation. If you’re seeing angel number 3, then there’s a good chance that there are other numbers the universe is presenting to you, it’s about being aware of them.

Here are some of those other numbers related to angel number 3, and what they mean.

  • Angel number 1213 is a sign from your guardian angels that it’s time to start a new phase in your life – so take this as a chance to work on yourself and grow spiritually to enter this new period
  • When seeing number 1133 alongside angel number 3, your guardian angels are telling you that you have the ability to make yourself happy again for you’re in control of your future, and no one else
  • Angel number 333 is a sign of significant growth and balance in a positive direction, and the angels are encouraging you in making the correct choices to make a change in your life for the better
  • Angel number 6 signifies responsibility, nurture, and peace; and it’s a sign that you’re going to welcome a new change in your life so have to start doing the necessary steps in that direction
  • Number 22 is one of the most powerful numbers and seeing this means that you have the power to turn your dreams into reality as your spiritual guides as helping you accomplish everything you ever wanted

Seeing 3, what next?

If you keep seeing the number 3 crop up in different areas in your life, then it’s a chance to get out there and start being more social and vocal about your dreams.

Take joy in the notion that you’re on the right path to achieving your dreams, and all you need to do is put in the hard yards to bring them to life.

Take a chance on a new hobby, meet new people, stay positive.

Your angels are right by your side to make sure great things are coming your way. Just be open to all opportunities that present themselves, and never forget the power of positive thinking when it comes to manifesting your dreams.

Life is looking good.

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