26 undeniable signs she likes you but is playing hard to get 

You see, girls can be a little confusing at times. One minute they’ll seem interested in you, and the next they’ll act like they don’t even know you exist.

The truth is, some girls are just more reserved and won’t let their guard down so easily – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. If a girl gives you mixed signals, it could be because she likes you but is playing hard to get.

However, there are many undeniable signs that will help you know where she stands and give you an idea of how to proceed.

Here are 26 of them:

1) She doesn’t accept or refuse your invitations

Here’s the first thing you should know about a girl who is playing hard to get:

She wants you to keep pursuing her and that’s why she won’t reject you when you ask her out.

Instead, she will avoid giving you a definite answer to your invitation. She might say things like “I’ll see what I can do”, “Maybe I’ll come”, “I’ll find you if I get there”, and so on.

This way, she keeps you hooked, interested, and wanting her.

2) She talks about how busy she really is

Girls who are playing hard to get are the ones who always have an excuse for why they can’t go out with you.

Most of the time, they emphasize how busy they are, to show that their life is not only interesting but also filled with amazing opportunities.

A lot of girls who are playing hard to get don’t want their pursuers to know that they actually have time for them.

Why? Well, they want to be chased. These girls want proof that their pursuers are interested in them, even when they’re busy.

They want to know that their pursuers are willing to wait for them until they have time for a date.

3) She never initiates contact with you

Want to know more?

In case she doesn’t initiate contact with you, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you!

The truth about women who play hard to get is that they don’t take initiative. In other words, she is waiting to see what you’re going to do next.

She wants to see if you’re truly interested in her without her doing anything to impress you.

In a way, she is testing your intentions.

So, if you don’t do anything to catch her attention, she will never initiate contact with you because she will think that you are not interested in her.

4) You followed her on social media first

Here’s another thing a girl who likes you but is playing hard to get would do:

She would never send you a friend request or follow you first on social media. How so?

Well, it’s because she wants you to pursue her.

She wants to know that you’re interested in her, not the other way around.

That’s why this type of girl prefers to wait, rather than show signs of interest toward you.

Seriously, even if she checks your social media profiles all the time, she won’t hit that button to interact with you unless you do it first!

5) She takes a while to call you back

Another sign that she’s playing hard to get although she likes you is that she takes a while to call you back.

Do you know why?

It’s not because she doesn’t like you.

It’s because this is a way for her to keep you interested and come back for more interaction with her. She wants you to keep wanting her – even though this means waiting a bit longer than usual for her response.

When she does call back, you will be pleasantly surprised and even more anxious to meet up with her. Isn’t that right?

6) When she texts you back, her answers are short

As if waiting 3 days to get a text back from her wasn’t hard enough, she’s also sending cryptic replies. To be more precise, her answers are short and sometimes completely irrelevant.

In addition, she might not even bother to apologize for the delay. She’s playing hard to get, and you can’t do anything about it.

Well… there is one thing you could do about it: play along!

Be grateful that you recognize her style and do your best to keep her interested in you.

Do that and who knows? You might even get lucky, despite her games.

In fact, you could try to play hard to get a little yourself. She will notice the absence of your attention, trust me!

7) You get a reaction from her when you behave confidently

Let’s face it: confidence is one of the best traits you can boast about.

Women like confident men just as much as men like confident women. So, if you notice that she responds well when you surprise her with bold moves, then go for it!

She’s playing hard to get, so she likes you. And based on the way she reacts to your confidence, you’ll be able to see where you stand with her.

However, decoding her behavior and giving the right interpretation of her reaction isn’t that easy.

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8) She does nothing to keep the conversation going

The trick with girls who play hard to get is they want to give you the impression that they don’t like you or need you.

And they’ll express this feeling by doing nothing to keep the conversation going.

They’ll leave a pause in the conversation, or let it die without even saying goodbye.

However, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. This is her way of testing your interest.

Don’t complain about the pauses. Instead, keep approaching her in a cool and reserved manner to prove that you’re interested in her.

9) She tries to make you jealous by talking to other guys

Look: I know a woman’s behavior is sometimes impossible to understand. However, trying to make you jealous is a classic move.

If she does this, it means that she wants you to know that other men desire her, too. She wants you to know that you’re not the only one who is interested in her.

In case she can’t put on a demonstration for you, a girl who likes you but is playing hard to get might simply talk to you about other guys.

She might tell you what they did to impress her and even make fun of them. Or, she could say that she finds another guy cute just to see how you’d react.

10) She makes physical contact with you that seems accidental

This is another classic move!

She will flirt with you and touch you to see your reaction. In this way, she can test your interest in her and tease you a little.

If you give her the right reaction, she’ll keep looking for more opportunities to touch you and flirt with you.

For example, if you play it cool when she does this, casually flirting with her, she might think you’re worthy of dating her. However, if you get nervous and start sweating, she might not be as interested in you.

Remember this: If you make her feel good, she will definitely keep touching you accidentally on purpose.

11) You think that she’s a really mysterious woman

Let me ask you this: do you think she’s a mysterious girl?

If you do, then it means she’s trying to spark your interest in her without telling you too much about herself.

She might give you evasive answers to your questions and behave defensively when you ask her something too personal.

Listen: This girl might like you, but she’s not going to open up to you until you prove that you’re an excellent chaser.

She needs to know that you’re going to give her some play time before you put your moves in.

12) She turns down your offers to help her

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A woman who is playing hard to get often wants to be seen as independent. She wants you to see that she doesn’t need help and that she’s ambitious enough to handle things on her own.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop offering her help. She likes that.

But first, she has to make sure that you value her. She won’t give in or show her vulnerability to you, even if she likes you.

This woman’s approach is just a little different than the others. But, ultimately, she wants the same things. She wants to create the right conditions for a great relationship.

13) This girl laughs at your jokes and says you’re funny

Hard to get or not, a woman will laugh at your jokes and say you’re funny if she likes you.

To be more precise, there could be times when no one else is laughing at what you say but her. She won’t be able to help herself.

This is a weakness that women have: they can’t help themselves but laugh when they hear a guy they like saying something funny.

What’s more, they won’t keep their opinion to themselves. They’ll tell you that you’re funny.

How so?

Laughing at your jokes is a natural response. Instead of being defensive, she feels great and happy when you tell her something funny. She’s happy to see that you are confident and can make her laugh.

14) She often goes hot and cold with you

Hot and cold – what does this mean?

When a girl does this with you, it means that she behaves in an unstable way and changes her mind a lot. She can tease you, make you angry, tease you some more, and then show interest in you again.

But more often than not, it’s a sign that she’s unsure of herself. It could also mean that she wants to see how far you will go to pursue her.

She will show signs of interest and then pull back to see if you’re going to be persistent in your pursuit.

However, even if this kind of behavior is frustrating for you, it’s still a good sign that she likes you.

15) She draws attention to her body when she talks to you

Does she like you, although she’s playing hard to get?

One other way to know for sure is to watch how she behaves with you. If she draws attention to her body when talking to you, then she likes you!

Yes, it’s true. Women automatically show more cleavage or even reveal their bare legs when they talk to a man they like. It might be subtle (like a see-through shirt), but it is certainly noticeable if you look closely enough.

So if she starts showing more skin around you, it just means that she’s interested in getting closer to you!

Also, she might unknowingly touch her lips, play with her hair, or touch her thighs when she talks to you.

The explanation? Women, in general, have the tendency to do this when they’re flirting with a guy.

16) This girl looks amazing every time you see her

That’s right. She’s wearing something cute and sexy every time she sees you.

You might think that she’s trying to make you jealous by getting attention from other people, too. But the real reason is that she wants to look good for you!

She likes you, but she doesn’t want to make a move until she sees that you’re willing to pursue her.

After all, look at what she’s doing.

If she doesn’t want you to pursue her, then why would she get so close to you or wear something that shows off her body?

She wouldn’t, of course. So she must like you!

17) She makes you even more confused every time you see her

Here’s another sign she likes you, but she’s playing hard to get: she is constantly giving you mixed signals.

In other words, she enhances your confusion every time you see her or talk to her on the phone.

If this keeps happening, then it means that she hasn’t yet decided whether or not to open up to you. In other words, she’s trying to figure out if you’re worth her attention.

Do not give up on her! She might be giving you mixed signals because she doesn’t know how to handle her feelings for you.

18) She does certain things just to see how you’d react

Sign number 18 goes like this: she does random things just to see how you’d react.

When she does this, it’s a good sign that she likes you. She’s trying to figure out if you have the heart of a lion or not.

Simply put, if she’s doing something strange just to see how you’ll react, this is a good sign that she likes you.

Examples are :

  • Showing up unexpectedly at a party you invited her to;
  • Trying to make you jealous in unexpected ways;
  • Saying something that is completely random.

19) She sometimes uses a very sensual voice when talking to you

If you like this girl, you might not pay attention to every detail when she does decide to talk to you. However, there’s something you should pay special attention to and that’s her voice.

When she talks to you, does she use a sensual voice? If yes, then it means that she likes you.

Women who like a guy, always try to flirt with him in one way or another. And when they do, they tend to use a very sensual and sexy tone of voice. It’s their way of trying to figure out if you’re interested in them too, or not.

20) She seems to be a different person when talking to others

People don’t always stay the same when they’re around others. They tend to either be more reserved or more comfortable when they’re around other people.

Are you thinking the same thing? If so, then it means that she likes you, but doesn’t want to make a move since you’re the one who is supposed to pursue her.

Typically, she won’t play this game with you and other guys at the same time. She’ll only play it with you.

21) When you talk to her, she avoids prolonged eye contact

Is this a sign she’s not interested in you? Not at all!

You see, a woman’s inability to maintain eye contact with you could be caused by her nervousness. This means that she likes you and finds it difficult to look at you for long.

In addition, you can see that a woman has a big interest in you when her eyes get bigger and have more sparkle.

These are signs that she craves your affection and wants to create the right relationship for herself.

22) This girl doesn’t seem bothered by your attempts to ask her out

Do you keep asking this girl out for a while now and she still doesn’t say “yes”?

If you do, does she seem annoyed by your invitations or not?

If she seems annoyed by your attempts to ask her out, then it’s a sign that she doesn’t like you. Why?

It could be because of one of two reasons:

She’s unsure of whether or not you’re worth her attention, or she thinks you’re too eager to get close to her and that you’re going too fast!

23) When you talk, she pays attention to you and asks follow-up questions

Pay attention to this sign because it’s an important one!

You see, uninterested women don’t ask follow-up questions out of politeness. They only ask them if they’re interested.

So, even if this girl plays hard to get with you, she reveals her interest in you by asking all these questions.

She’s trying to get closer to you and find out more about the things that interest you. She wants to know all about your life, background, and anything else that has to do with you.

24) She makes sure to give you less attention than you give her

Think back for a second: is this girl systematically trying to give you less attention than you give her? This is another sign she likes you but doesn’t want to make a move.

She wants to keep things unbalanced between the two of you because she wants to see how much you like her.

So, how far are you willing to go to land yourself a girl? Are you able to give her more than you’re getting?

25) She is not straightforward about what she wants or doesn’t want

Here’s another way to recognize a girl who is playing hard to get: she doesn’t come right out and tell you whether or not she likes you.

She keeps you guessing about it. This is a good sign that she’s interested in you and wants to get closer to you.

But, she doesn’t have the courage or the guts to tell you how she feels. So, she decides to play games with you instead.

26) She acts like a confident, independent woman

This is a very important sign! Do you know why it’s important?

Because acting like a confident, independent woman is one of the things that women do when they like a guy.

Why? Because they want to appear desirable to him, and this is exactly how they do it!

They act like they’re not desperate to find love and affection. But in reality, they are definitely at least a little desperate and looking for love.

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