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22 brutal truths about life that no one will ever tell you (until it’s too late)

Life is not always what we expect it to be. In fact, it rarely ever is.

How many times have you experienced a day where everything you wanted to happen, did in fact happen?

That kind of perfect harmony rarely ever occurs, because the truth is that life is hard. Life is unpredictable. Life is topsy-turvy and brutal, and there will be countless times in your life where you will just want to break down and ask life, “Why did you do this to me?”

But breaking down is never fun, so it’s better to be prepared than to have life pull the rug out from under you.

Here are 22 cold hard truths about life that no one will tell you until it’s too late:

1) You will never be the best. It’s up to you to find your own reason to keep going, even if there will always be someone who is one step ahead of you.

2) The best parts of life are the deadliest. Watch out for the things you love; they’ll be the first to turn on you.


3) Sometimes you need to choose “you” over everyone else. People will keep using you if you give them endless chances. There will be hard choices that you have to make for yourself, even if it means leaving others behind.

4) We prioritize what we want, not what we need. Think about your priorities in life. Do you really need them, or is it just greed that’s pushing you forward?

5) Hard times are a necessity. No one likes the hard times, the bad days, the fights and sadness and loneliness. But these are the moments that build our character and make us the people we want to become.

6) People are most dangerous when you love them. Love is a fickle thing. As soon as you let someone into your heart, you turn them into the greatest weapon against you. So be careful who you love and who you let in.

7) Growing up means smiling through the pain. When we experience our first true pain and heartbreak, we wonder when it will end and when we can begin the rest of our lives. But the truth is, pain never truly ends; you only learn to live with it.

8) Half of us are on a diet; the other half don’t have enough to eat. The world is a cruel world. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can make decisions for the greater good. And remember: life isn’t fair.

9) “Forever” is never forever. Forever might as well be a made-up word, because no emotion, no feeling, and no bond ever lasts forever.

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10) You can get lost in your own past. Many people live only half a life, and spend the other half reminiscing what they have lost. If you don’t check yourself, you can waste years and decades of your life just looking back instead of moving forward.

11) People will always leave. In one capacity or another, those around you will slowly fade away. Cherish your memories, because they will last a lifetime.

12) Most people only want what they can get from you. You are only as valuable to the society around you as the services you provide. Learn to make yourself useful, and more people will seek you out.

13) Money can make you happy. Regardless of what they all say, money can make you happy in a capitalist world. Don’t undervalue what money can bring to your life.

14) Everyone will judge you. And it’s your job to live with it. You can’t stop what they think, but you can stop yourself from caring about it.


15) Your happiness is your responsibility and nobody else’s. We often put our happiness on the shoulders of a loved one or friend, but the only person who should prioritize your happiness above everything else is you.

16) The world owes you nothing. You were born into this world naked and screaming, and if you don’t work for yourself, that’s exactly how you will leave it. The world owes you nothing, so it’s time to buck up and start earning your place.

17) Kindness can only get you so far. Kindness is an admirable trait, but in a world filled with ladders and races, it can only get you so far. You will need harder traits mixed with perseverance to move up in society.

18) Appearance makes a huge difference. Plenty of people will tell you that it’s just the inside that counts, but we live in a physical world, and people will judge you the moment they see you. So make sure that first sight is amazing.

19) It’s not your job to make everyone happy. In fact, it’s impossible for you to make everyone happy. Stop stressing over how everyone else feels, and start thinking about yourself.

20) Real friends will always be rare. No matter how charitable you are, how much you give back, and how much kindness you spread, the real friends in your life will always be few and far between. Identify them and keep them close.


21) We spend a lifetime dreaming. Instead of working on our reality. Don’t let your life pass you by, because you wasted all your days thinking about what you could be doing. Go out there and actually do it.

22) Practice what you preach. Build your core set of values, and live by them. That will make you a true and genuine person.

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  1. I fell in love mob with the opening starter and the closure. Very important to note that as humans we may never be perfect, yet our great sense of responsibility will keep us going no matter what! We may lose direction and focus if we only stopped being responsible.

    Knowing ur worth is gold on any life’s journey. Yes valuing my self is very important.
    Thank u for sharing

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