19 Signs You’re An Introvert- Not Shy

It’s commonly thought that introversion and shyness are the same but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Shyness is fearing interacting with people because of insecurities and anxious feelings. Introversion is wanting to spend more time alone than interacting in a large group.

Here are 19 other signs that prove you’re an introvert:

1) You hate small-talk

You hate the superficial nature of small-talk. Instead, you want to have deep and meaningful discussions on things that are important in life.

2) The relationship with your phone is a love-hate relationship

You fear having an awkward and meaningless conversation on the phone with a person you don’t know well. However, you bask in the glory of speaking to your close friends and family members when they call.

3) You hesitate to reply

You take time to answer back and craft your message. That means that there’s never a wasted word (or a grammar mistake!).

4) Crowds are stressful to you

Big crowds drain your energy reserves. To recover, you need to spend time alone.

5) You are selectively social but not anti-social

You love hanging out with your close friends who you actually like spending time with. You ain’t got no time for talking about the weather!

6) You enjoy being out with a group of people in small doses

If a group doesn’t have the right vibe, then you’re outta there! 

7) You are mindful of your environment

Because you easily absorb energy, you need to make sure the environment has only feel-good vibes. 

8) You only unlock you heart to special people

Only the truly special ones will get to know who you really are.

9) You are innovative

Spending time alone and being creative is second nature to you.

10) You adore deep listening

You’re naturally curious and want to learn everything you can about the universe.

11) You are highly introspective

Looking inwards and understanding who you are is what makes you unique.

12) You think first before arguing

You prefer to gather all the information before taking a stand.

13) You are accused of flirting indiscriminately

Sometimes people think that you’re hitting on them. The truth is, you’re just trying to cut the small-talk and get to the point!

14) You prefer being alone

Being alone working on your own creative project is what gets your juices flowing.

15) You are seldom bored

There’s a whole universe of wonders out there waiting for you to learn about!

16) You hardly trust others.

You don’t easily allow strangers into your life. If someone is close to you they should proud because not many people can get into your inner circle. 

17) You keep friends in small groups

You are held up to a limited number of close friends. Too many friends becomes superficial and without meaning.

18) You are very watchful of your space

 You absorb other people’s energy so bad vibes aren’t allowed!

19) You express yourself better in writing

You enjoy communicating through messages and emails as you can think about your response.

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