15 things only book lovers will understand

Loving books with all of your heart and soul is one of the best feelings ever.

And if you’re an avid reader, you’d know that nothing beats the joy of having words and characters as your trusty companions.

You don’t mind getting that weird look from other people once in a while. You’re happy to get lost in alternate realities and different words.

Here’s the deal: Many of us share the same quirky habits.

Let’s explore some of the things only book lovers can relate to:

1) The agony of finishing a great book

Ah, the pain of a book hangover.

You’ve had it one too many times but it still feels terrible every time.

The thing is, you’ve tried to read every word slowly but you’re torn between wanting to get to the end and not wanting it to end.

Make no mistake, mourning the end of a really good book can be worse than recovering from a heartbreak.

You and your book have been through so much together. And while you can reread it, it just won’t be the same.

2) The bookstore is that one place you wish you never had to leave

Picture this: That moment your eyes light up at the sight of a bookstore.

You squeal in excitement when you find a hidden gem that you’ve been wanting to get your hands on.

And it doesn’t stop there: You’ll wander around, at the very least, and end up filling your bag with more books than you can carry.

The next thing you know, everyone at the bookstore already knows you!

Simply put: A bookstore is your heaven on earth — the peace and excitement that this place brings is something only book lovers will understand. 

3) The eternal dilemma: Paperback vs. Kindle

Think about this: When someone offers to get you a Kindle, what’s your default response?

Ok, I know how you feel. 

It can be frustrating to have to explain to others how you won’t think twice about standing in line for a massive book sale for hours — just to get one or two (or three or four) copies of a beloved book. 

The feel of the paper, the crinkle of a fresh page, the addictive smell of books new and old — these are things that a bookworm wouldn’t trade for anything. 

4) Dealing with all those sleepless nights

So, you tell yourself every night that you’ll read just one more chapter. 

Before you know it, it’s already 4 AM. 

You’re not all alone. All of us book lovers have been there.

No matter how many times you vow to stick to a reading schedule, you just can’t help but get engrossed in a book.

You can’t even count the number of times you’ve stayed up all night to read a book you can’t put down.

5) Not having enough time (and books) to read

So many books, and so little time.

This is one of the biggest struggles every real bookworm has to face.

Even if you read all day long, it’s still not enough. 

Oh, if only you could spend every moment of your life reading peacefully.

The reality is, you can’t. So you just maximize every free time you have to read a chapter or two — whether that’s during breakfast, your daily commute, or an afternoon siesta.

Did I mention that your titles are piling up on your reading list and you still have so many books at home that you haven’t even touched yet?

6) Never having a favorite book

Have you ever noticed how you always get caught off guard when someone asks what your favorite book is?

Ultimately, you can’t give a definitive answer because there are just too many good books to choose from. 

Why pick a favorite when you can love them all, right?

7) Not knowing what to read next

So, you’re almost at the end of one book. Now what?

You see, deciding what to read next is a book lover’s perpetual problem.

It’s either you’re still reeling from a book hangover or you couldn’t choose from a pile of books waiting to be read. 

It can get a little too complicated: More often than not, you try to attempt to read two books at once.

That’s because you bought a book that you started, but you also found another one you also want to read. 

8) The difficulty of figuring out the best reading position

If there’s one thing about reading, it’s this: The experience itself has just as much to offer as the result. 

And to every book lover, finding a comfortable reading position is a never-ending quest.

Of course, we all love reading in bed. But we also know what happens: You fall asleep, only to wake up hours later with a crumpled book on your face.

So you try different options: Snuggle in a corner, lie on your couch with your legs hanging in the air, or sit on your exercise ball. Name it, you’ve tried it.

All that matters is concentrating and getting the most out of each book. 

9) Having strong emotions about movie adaptations of favorite books

What can be more annoying than watching a movie based on a book you love and ending up disappointed because it didn’t live up to your expectations?

Sadly, films based on books don’t always turn out great.

And when other people say that they think the movie was better, you won’t think twice about proving them wrong.

That’s because you take your books seriously, and you expect others to give them the honor they deserve.

One more thing that gets you annoyed: When people see the movie before or instead of reading the book. 

10) Having second thoughts about letting other people borrow your book

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: The joy of reading is meant to be shared, and you know that it’s important to build strong connections through a shared love of books.

But here’s the deal: You’ve had your heart broken way too many times by people who borrow your book and never give it back.

Or worse, they never read the book.

You ask yourself: How can they not understand that each of my books is precious? Why can’t they give them the TLC they need?

11) Counting down the days (or years) until the release of the next book in a series

This can be one of the most tormenting — if not the most tormenting — problems every bookworm has to face.

You know it all too well. You’ve finished a book that’s part of a series and realize you may have to wait for a year or two or more before the author releases the next installment.

You respect the creative process, but why does it have to be that long? 

It can get worse: Not knowing how things will turn out and where the story is going next can make it too difficult to even start another book. 

12) Getting pissed when someone interrupts you while you’re reading

When people get in between you and your book, that’s when you draw the line. 

You think: You just want to finish a chapter. Why can’t they just leave you in peace?

And the thing you hate the most? Forgetting the page you were on because someone was constantly disturbing you while you were reading. 

13) The pain of plot twists and deaths of beloved book characters

Think about this: Do you….

  • Fall in love with characters and worlds in a book.
  • Kill time by daydreaming about fictional characters in plots.
  • Spend nights crying your eyes out when a favorite character dies or two of your favorite characters break up.
  • Have an overly emotional reaction to your book, even in public.
  • Predict plot twists early on and get amazed when the author surprises you. 

If you said yes to all of these, you’re a certified book addict. You know the emotional roller coaster that comes with the thrill of reading a book. 

And even though it can get pretty exhausting, you still love the experience of reading a book at a deeply emotional level

14) The magic of rereading your favorite book

So, here’s the kicker: You can’t read a book for the first time twice.

And while this can be heartbreaking, you always find yourself choosing to read one of your favorite books again.

No wonder you have a steadily growing pile of unread books at home.

You just love the excitement that a fresh perspective on an old favorite brings. 

And it doesn’t stop there: You’ll be delighted to talk for hours and hours when the topic is your favorite author or their pieces. 

15) Spending days organizing your bookshelves

To any bookworm, a bookshelf is an essential piece of furniture, whether big or small.

Honestly, by now you should be having your private library at home — what with the sheer number of book collections you have. 

And while the book clutter can be daunting, you always love the challenge of rethinking your bookshelf strategy.

Should you stick with alphabetical order? Should you arrange them by publication? How about color coordinating? The possibilities are endless.

Ultimately, the important thing to remember is this: you’ll never throw away any books to make room for new ones. There is no debate about that goal.


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Maria Fatima Reyes

Fat Niebres is a freelance writer who loves to chase stories that matter. She finds meaning and inspiration in the mundane. When she's not writing, she's probably reading, eating, traveling, or having deep conversations with her husband. She brings her experience in broadcast, print, and NGO communications, and has been published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Inquirer.net.

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