15 things mature men never do

Is chivalry dead?

Seems like it.

In an age where sex and instant gratification runs riot, coming across an insecure asshole happens more than we’d care to admit.

But don’t worry. Gentlemen DO still exist. You just have look closely.

To weed out the bad guys who lack respect for other people, make sure they don’t do any of these 15 things:

1) Use the Word “Female” to Describe a Woman

There’s no doubt that how a man refers to a woman has a great impact on her ability to enjoy his company.

What’s more, society has already deemed the use of the word “female” to refer to animals, so stop calling women females.

It makes it sound like you think they are inferior to your manness.

2) Booty Call Texts to a Woman in the Middle of the Night

Don’t be the guy who sends dirty texts in the middle of the night looking to hook up with a woman.

Some girls might think that’s funny, but any woman worth being with doesn’t want or need that in her life.

3) Shave His Head and Leave a Stripe of Hair Down the Middle

Don’t style your hair like Nick Carter did in the Backstreet Boys in the first part of the new millennium.

Seriously, there’s no professional man that takes himself seriously that has this haircut.

4) Send Pictures of His Junk

Just don’t. No one should ever do this. It’s not funny.

And if you need a better reason not to send dick pics to someone you are interested in, how about harassment?

Exposing yourself to someone who doesn’t want to see what’s in your pants can get you in a lot of trouble.

5) Say Crap About His Ex

Today’s man knows that kissing and telling is not cool.

So if you and your ex have a bad break up, do her the kindness of not spreading the dirty details all over town.

You’ll be seen as a better man for holding your tongue.

6) Butcher Food Choices like Ordering Steak Well-done

A modern man isn’t an animal that needs to take over a chef’s kitchen to tell him how to cook a steak.

Don’t order your steak well done – you’ll ruin the meal.

7) Making Fun of a Girl for Her Choice of Beverage

It’s true that some girls like pink drinks on a Friday night. Who cares? 

Don’t point out that she should be drinking something stronger or in a bottle. Offer to buy her a drink, don’t comment on her drink.

8) Complain About Spending a Day With His Girl

Most men don’t like shopping with their partners, but a modern man knows that she appreciates the interest.

So take your girl shopping once in a while. You’ll score serious brownie points.

9) Think it’s Funny Not to Know How to Do Things Around the House

If she cooked the meal, you better clean the dishes. If you cooked the meal, clean the dishes anyway.

Doing things around the house is part of being in a relationship. Don’t leave someone else clean up after you. It’s just bad manners.

10) Wear Cut-off Shorts

I don’t think this one needs any explanation. Just don’t.

11) Make Fun of Girls About Their Clothes

Girls are often self-conscious about what they wear, especially on dates when they are trying to make a good impression.

And even when they are out with friends they want to look good. Don’t point out flaws with her outfit; it’s just not cool.

12) Leave Dishes on the Table for Someone Else to Clean Up

Learn to pick up after yourself and help out around the house. Take out the garbage and offer to do more than your fair share to show your partner that you care.

13) Comment on a Girl’s Makeup Routine

Yes, some women take longer to get ready than others. Want a cookie for noticing? Don’t bring up how long it takes her to get ready or you’ll be eating dinner alone.

14) Name Drop

Nobody likes someone who brags or boasts about who they know. Especially because that person is probably not bragging about knowing you.

Play it cool for a much more dramatic impact.

15) Use Business Cards to Connect With Potential Dates

If you meet a new woman, don’t give her your business card.

The old saying of not mixing business with pleasure applies here. Write your number on a napkin like everyone else does.

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