15 Mantak Chia quotes that will help you to love yourself

Mantak Chia is a Taoist Master, best known for training and teaching people to heal themselves with Taoist practices. He also studied medical science at university and has combined this knowledge with the principles of Taoism.

He has opened a Healing Tao Center in New York and Chiang Mai and has taught tens of thousands of students throughout the world. He is generally described as a warm, friendly and helpful man who views himself primarily as a teacher.

He presents the Universal Healing Tao System in a straightforward and practical manner, while always expanding his knowledge and approach to teaching.

Below, I’ve picked out his most insightful quotes that will help you love yourself and all that the universe has to offer.

Check them out:

Your inner smile

“In ancient China, the Taoists taught that a constant inner smile, a smile to oneself, insured health, happiness and longevity. Why? Smiling to yourself is like basking in love: you become your own best friend. Living with an inner smile is to live in harmony with yourself.”

“In Taoism we regard the negative emotions as low-grade energy. Many people operate their lives in anger, sadness, depression, fear, worry, and other kinds of negative energy. These types of energy are bound to cause chronic disease and to steal our major life force. The Inner Smile is the true smile for all parts of the body, including all the organs, glands, and muscles, as well as the nervous system. It will produce a high grade of energy that can heal and eventually be transformed into an even higher grade of energy.”

“Negative emotions will disturb you and waste your life force. The inner smile technique can remove these negative emotions.”

On the miracle of trees

“Trees are the largest and most spiritually advanced plants on Earth. They are constantly in meditation. Subtle energy is their natural language.”

The artists of life

“There are so many wizards of the computer, stock market, test tube, and spectator sport, but so few of the art of life.”

Cosmic dust particles

“The Taoists have always talked about the cosmic dust particles that come from the stars. These are our life force and are on the microscopic level. We cannot really see them, but they are actually particles of light. We take them into our body. No matter what we eat. 75 percent of all our nutrition comes from the air. You can live without food for sixty days or more and without water for two weeks or more, but with air you can only go without it for three or four minutes. It makes sense that what we breathe is what we actually utilize for food.”

The ultimate healing elixir

“The Taoists always recommend you swallow your own saliva at least 15 to 30 times a day. This allows the body to heal itself. The saliva itself has a high potassium content, which really heals the body. When you were young and hurt yourself, what was the first thing your mother did? She kissed it and made it all better. The kissing transferred the saliva from her mouth, which had a healing effect on the body. This is the same for animals: as soon as they cut themselves, the first thing they do is lick the cut and that helps the body heal itself. The saliva from the tongue as they lick the wound starts to heal the wound.”

The healing energy of shared consciousness

“The universe has an abundance of energy that can enhance and multiply our enjoyment of life. All that we need to do is to be connected to the source.”

Avoid excess

“Walking too long harms the tendons; sitting too long harms the flesh; standing too long harms the bones; lying down too long harms vital energy; and gazing too long harms the blood.

“Too much anger, grief, pity, or melancholy is harmful, as is too much joy or pleasure. Prolonged suffering is harmful; prolonged abstinence from sexual activity is harmful; prolonged anxiety is harmful. In short, to neglect moderation is harmful.

“Try not to use your senses too much. Don’t look at or listen to anything for too long at a time. Whenever the senses are used excessively, sickness can result.”

The Heart and the Tongue

“Traditional Chinese medicine calls the heart the ‘chief’ or ‘director’ of all the internal organs. It governs the blood and controls the blood vessels. It manifests in the complexion and controls the tongue, the taste buds, and the sweat. . . . The tongue is the sense organ connected energetically to the heart. A normal, pale red tongue and normal taste buds reflect a balanced, healthy heart. Distortion in tongue color, shape, or taste buds reflects a heart imbalance from arrogance, impatience, cruelty, hate, mania, or some other external cause. In relation to the tongue, heart imbalance can also manifest as speech problems, such as stuttering, or in incessant talking or inappropriate laughter.”

On sexual energy

“Jing qi, or sexual energy, is the most powerful energy we have. It is like “baby formula” for the spirit. Normally, the body will sacrifice this energy during sex, for the purpose of creating children…if you don’t know how to practice, then between sexual arousal and orgasm, the energy is lost.

The process begins with physical discipline. Sex, drugs, even coffee…these cause a loss of energy, even though an addict feels listless without them…after experiencing the bliss of practice, these addictions will lose their hold.”

On who you are

“The whole Tao is to discover yourself & when you do you discover you are divine.”

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