15-Minute Manifestation Review (2020): Is it Worth it?

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15 minute manifestation review audio

Manifestation is a hot subject right now.

Everybody wants to know how they can level up their lives. Who doesn’t want a funkier and happier version?

However, I’m usually pretty skeptical about stuff like this. That was until my friends started sharing their positive results.

And one program they kept on mentioning was 15-Minute Manifestation by Eddie Sergey. I was seriously intrigued.

15 minutes a day? I figured I could fit that into my life. So I decided to dive into the program and see what all the fuss was about.

In my epic 15-Minute Manifestation review, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this popular program. What I liked, what I didn’t, and my own personal experience with it.

(Spoiler alert: While no massive windfalls came my way, I saw some positive changes in my life. I explain what these were below).

What is 15-Minute Manifestation?

15 minute manifestation review product

The 15-Minute Manifestation program is the brainchild of personal development coach, Eddie Sergey. It consists of three 15-minute audio meditation tracks.

People can use the tracks to help manifest positive changes in their lives, including wealth, health, love and happiness. As part of the package, you also receive several free eBooks.

The tapes include relaxing sounds from nature mixed with Theta sound waves. There’s also some subliminal programming in the mix.

Subliminal programming?

Yeah, it sounds kind of scary. But it actually makes a lot of sense.

An incredible 95% of our thoughts come from your subconscious mind. Sadly, these are usually negative thoughts.

The audiotracks in 15-Minute Manifestation can help with this imbalance by rewiring your subconscious thoughts.

If you’ve always wanted to wipe the slate clean and refresh your life, then this program could be your solution.

You can use the tapes to change your current habits and core beliefs to more positive ones. Once you have done this, you can start manifesting what you want in life.

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Who can benefit from it?

15-Minute Manifestation can benefit most people, including those who:

  • Want more wealth, health, love and happiness in life
  • Keep hitting the same stumbling blocks
  • Want to create a more positive mindset
  • Are looking for ways to build up their confidence
  • Want to try something completely different and open their mind.

However, the one type of person that this program won’t benefit are those with a closed mind.

Manifestation has pretty much hit the mainstream now. But there are still people out there who don’t accept its basic premise: that you can bring something tangible into your life through attraction and belief.

Needless to say, if you are completely close minded about manifestation then diving into the 15-Minute Manifestation program probably isn’t for you.

Why did I dive into this program?

I’m a woman in my 30s who is passionate about learning new things. I love reading about personal development, new innovative ideas, and inspirational people.

And I am by far the most skeptical of all my friends.

If you also have a skeptical bent, delving into things like manifestation is not the norm. And when it comes to personal development…

I like cold, hard facts.

But curiosity killed the cat when I saw this program.

My friends were reporting such positive results. I wanted to try 15-Minute Manifestation for myself.

Personal development is also about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. That’s why I decided to climb out of my box and give it a go.

And as you’ll discover, my experience with 15-Minute Manifestation was both rewarding and surprising…

Who is Eddie Sergey?

Eddy Sergey 15 minute manifestation

It felt like a bit of a mystery researching Eddie Sergey.

He is not a fan of social media. So, it is hard to find much about him online.

Some people claim he doesn’t exist, and it is pure marketing spin. Others believe it is a pen name.

But I’ve discovered that Eddie Sergey is real.

As a personal development coach, he believes many other coaches and products online are “phony.” This belief is the reason why he stays out of the limelight.

He lets his product do the talking.

Eddie Sergey is passionate about the 15-Minute Manifestation program. It’s probably because of his deep personal connection to it.

It’s fair to say that his back story is quite fascinating.

When Eddie was 9, he had a very serious health condition and his prognosis was dire. He claimed he overcame it after he started listening to his mother’s tonal tapes.

This incredible recovery prompted him to find out more about it.

He modernized the tapes, using specialist engineers, hypnotists, and neural linguists, to create the 15-Minute Manifestation program.

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What is in 15-Minute Manifestation?

15 minute manifestation review product

The 15-Minute Manifestation program contains 3 separate meditation audio tracks. You need to listen to them in the right sequence for the program to work.

The tracks are 15 minutes long and you listen to a single track for 7 consecutive days. Luckily the tracks are all beautiful to listen to and very relaxing.

It takes 21 days to complete the full program.

The tracks are:

  • Track #1 – Your Natural State
  • Track #2 – Your New Story
  • Track #3 – Moving Towards Abundance

The program also comes with two freebie audio tracks:

  • Deep Sleep Now
  • Manifestation Wizardry

Here is a brief breakdown of the 3 main audio tracks.

Track #1 – Your Natural State

You relax and listen to the beautiful sounds of nature mixed with Theta sounds waves on track 1.

Eddie argues that people tend to fail on other manifestation programs because they do not prepare the mind.

This tape helps to clear your mind so that you can start manifesting. If you repeatedly hit the same stumbling blocks in your life, this track will help to eliminate them.

Track #2 – Your New Story

This track will only work if you have used the first one.

Your mind is now clear and ready to receive the positive ideas and thoughts from the second track.

The information on the track helps you create “your new story.”

Empowerment is key here.

Eddie explains that feelings of empowerment are fundamental, as they can help you achieve success.

You are now at a point where you will start thinking about and visualizing your new life.

There is a subliminal layer of track that helps you with visualization.

After listening to the second track for 7 days, I started to feel positive changes in myself and my overall mindset.

Track #3 – Moving Towards Abundance

The third and final track that you listen to helps to reinforce your new positive mindset.

As you are now feeling more receptive, you can reprogram your core beliefs and habits.

The tape helps you to start attracting abundance by using elements of the Law of Attraction.

After you have completed this track, you have finished the 21-day program.

What about the bonuses?

With 15-Minute Manifestation, you also receive two bonuses. One is an audio track and the other is a short eBook.

  • Deep Sleep Now (Audio Track). This 30 minute audio track uses delta frequencies which help with deep sleep and general relaxation. If you have trouble sleeping, or get stressed throughout your day, this track may help.
  • Manifestation Wizardry (eBook). This book gives you the basics of manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Although it’s not a deep dive into the subject, you get all the information you need to get going.

My personal experience

So, how did 15-Minute Manifestation work for me?

When I first accessed the program, the Quick Start Guide PDF gave me clear instructions about how to proceed. I didn’t have to fumble around nor was I overwhelmed with information. I was simply instructed to begin listening to the first audio track.

It took me several days to get into my rhythm of listening to it. I put this down to this being a new experience for me.

However, I quickly realized it’s not a challenging program to follow. You just need to listen to the tapes and relax.

The 3 audio track sequence over 21 days is specifically designed to:

  • Reveal your true beliefs and desires
  • Help you see the abundance in the universe and the possibilities in your own life
  • Give you the energy to move into action mode and seize your opportunities.

After only a few days, I began noticing that I felt better in myself, more confident overall, and most importantly, I had greater clarity about what I wanted in life.

By the time I completed the third track, I felt a lot more positive about my future. I was more motivated to seize control about the things that were weighing me down, including my relationships and my career.

I also became more open to new opportunities. I have started considering different career options, which I had not previously. These new career choices seemed more suited to me as a person.

And several well-paying writing jobs came my way seemingly out of nowhere.

Let’s be clear.

The 15-Minute Manifestation program didn’t work magic on my life. I didn’t manifest $1 million, a new Ferrari, or a hot new boyfriend.

But I also didn’t expect it to.

As I’ve discovered, manifestation isn’t magic but a personal development tool you can use to live a better life.

Overall, the program was overall an extremely positive experience for me. I feel better, I have more motivation, and I have greater energy. At the very least, this program has given me the confidence that great things are on the horizon.

Check Out 15-Minute Manifestation Here

How much does it cost?

If you would just like the digital download of the program, 15-Minute Manifestation costs $49. This package includes the three audio tracks and the freebies.

There’s also a second option for $97, and this consists of the digital download, freebies, and physical CDs.

As most people prefer digital downloads, the first option seems the best value for money.

If you don’t like the program for any reason, there is a 100% money-back guarantee, which lasts for a whole year.

Scam alert: Always buy from the real website

15-Minute Manifestation is becoming increasingly popular. So much so that when writing this 15-Minute Manifestation review, I found several fake websites trying to sell it.

Although these websites are selling the program for a cheaper price, they don’t offer all the bonuses the official program provides. And they definitely don’t come with the 1-year money back guarantee.

Please be aware of this kind of site.

Make sure you buy the 15-Minute Manifestation program from the official site. Any link on this article will take you to the real website, such as this one.

The science behind 15-Minute Manifestation

As I explained earlier, when I try something new I want there to be evidence that it will work.

So, to write the most comprehensive 15-Minute Manifestation review possible, I delved into the science behind this program and manifestation more generally to see whether it actually checks out.

I learnt that neurologists have discovered that when there is a balance between the two hemispheres in the brain. A bridge forms between our conscious and subconscious thoughts.

This balance is called ‘hemispherical synchronization.’ This synchronization happens when the left and right hemispheres of the brain connect via the same audio waves.

You can achieve hemispherical synchronization when you listen to binaural tones and Theta sound waves, like those in 15-Minute Manifestation.

Hemispherical synchronization, binaural tones, Theta sound waves…

It sounds like an alien language, doesn’t it?

But these things exist.

I was happy to discover that the science behind 15-Minute Manifestation is real. My skeptical mind was put at ease.

And manifestation is a natural progression from this.

Because of our individual life experiences, we collect negative thoughts and habits. They can stay deep in our subconscious.

Eddie Sergey believes that the key to a better life is to remove these negative thoughts and habits. Our brains are then ready to manifest whatever we want in our lives.

Once you achieve the right balance your thoughts and desires become clear. You can then ‘reprogram’ your brain to attract and manifest whatever you want.

The pros of 15-Minute Manifestation

I found a lot to like about the 15-Minute Manifestation program. These are the best things:

  • High-quality audio tracks. Eddie Sergey has spent considerable time and effort creating the right tracks for people to enjoy. This isn’t a hastily put together program. I found the audiotapes enjoyable to listen to and very relaxing. The quality of the sound is exceptional.
  • Instant access. You can access the audio tracks whenever you want. This instant access works well if you are always on the go. It’s also possible to use it on different platforms, such as Android, MAC, PC, Kindle, iPad, and iPhone.
  • Manifestation made easy. This program was the first time I had tried manifesting via audio tracks. I was surprised how easy and intuitive the whole thing was.
  • Only short “chunks” of time needed. I lead a busy life and sometimes find it hard to manage my time. However, because the tracks are only 15 minutes long, I had no problem fitting them in. I could listen to them at any time in the day.
  • One year refund. It’s very unusual to find a personal development product that offers a one-year full refund policy. This option was the deal maker for me when I decided to buy it.

The Cons

In my 15-Minute Manifestation review, I want you to know the ins and out of this product. So, here are a few things to consider if you’re still on the fence.

  • 21-Day commitment. If you want the program to work, you need to stick to the 21-day format. This timeline might feel onerous for some people.
  • You need to commit to making changes. As I mentioned above, I wasn’t expecting this program to be a magic bullet to instantly bring great things into my life. And it’s not. You need to put in more work than just listening to the tapes and then expect magic to instantly happen. That’s not how manifestation works (despite what you may see on TV). You need to do a bit of introspection and make some real changes in your life.

Check Out 15-Minute Manifestation Here

FAQs about 15-Minute Manifestation

Here are a few answers to questions being asked online about the 15-Minute Manifestation program.

What is 15-Minute Manifestation?

It’s a digital audio program created by personal development coach, Eddie Sergey. There are 3 mediation tracks that each last for 15 minutes. Over 21 days, you use the tracks to rewire your thoughts and manifest positive changes. The audio tracks have layers of nature sounds, theta sound waves, and some subliminal programming.

Who is Eddie Sergey?

Eddie Sergey is a personal development coach and the mastermind behind the 15-Minute Manifestation program. After using binaural sounds and theta waves to overcome a serious health condition as a child, he created the program.

Is it a scam?

You will find mixed reviews on the internet as not everybody is a believer in manifestation. Also, because Eddie is internet shy, some people claim it is a scam. However, after taking the program myself, I know it’s a legit and well put together program. The idea of hemispherical synchronization and the science behind it is also legitimate.

How does it work?

You need to listen to an audio track every day for 21-days. The whole program comprises three separate audio tracks. Each track lasts for 15 minutes, and you spend seven days on each one.

How much does 15-Minute Manifestation cost?

You can buy a digital download for $49. This package includes the three audio tracks and a couple of freebies. The second option is $97, and this consists of the digital download, freebies, and physical CDs.

Is it worth it?

I tried it out as a skeptic and was pleased with the results. The audio tracks were relaxing to listen to and I have greater energy and purpose in life now. I think the $49 option is excellent value for money.

My 15-Minute Manifestation review verdict

I started the 15-Minute Manifestation program with a certain amount of skepticism. I wasn’t sure that it would even work. But I was open to giving it a go…

And I’m glad I did.

After listening to the audio tracks for 21 days in total, I’m convinced manifestation can be a useful personal development tool. I managed to find out more about myself and what fits me better in life.

The whole process was a lot easier than I expected it to be.

15-Minute Manifestation is worth doing if you want to learn more about yourself. It can give you more confidence and open your mind to new opportunities, like it did for me.

Check Out 15-Minute Manifestation Here

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