Image credit: Shutterstock - Jacob Lund

There are many self-help books written about how to change your life. You’ve probably read a few of them if you are reading this article.

If you want to save yourself some time and perhaps some money, let’s cut right to the chase. When it comes to living a better life, there are only 13 rules that you need to adopt that can change your life forever.

1) It’s all about how you react

No matter what happens in life, how you react is going to define you as a person. If you always play the victim card, you’ll always be the victim.

Don’t play the victim card. If you stand tall and accept the challenge, you’ll be the warrior you always wanted to be.

2) Give back

One of the best ways to live a good life is to give more than you receive. Putting others first doesn’t mean running yourself ragged to please them, but doing something nice for someone once in awhile is a great way to boost your joy and life’s meaning.

3) Go above and beyond the call of duty

In life and in business, when someone asks you for something, always overdeliver on your promises. It will come back to reward you tenfold throughout your lifetime. Look for the patterns of payback and you’ll find them.

4) Invest in good things

Don’t waste your hard earned money on crap. If you want something, buy the best version your money can get you.

Spending $10 on a shirt means you’ll probably have to buy that shirt 2 or 3 times again because cheap things don’t last. Get the $40 shirt and you’ll have it for years to come.

5) Simplicity first

Always look for the easiest answer – it’s not a cop out. Sometimes, things are easier than we think they are, and if we open our eyes, the answers are right in front of us.

6) Don’t mix business and pleasure

It’s never a good idea to cross the lines between business and pleasure. Seek to keep these two things separate in your life, and you’ll be glad you did.

7) Be nice to people

Follow the golden rule: be nice to people and they’ll be nice to you. No need to further complicate life by being mean to others.

If we were all just a little nicer, wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place?

8) Don’t ever stop believing

Whatever your jam is, don’t stop chasing it. If you love music, rock on. If you love painting, put brush to canvas. If you love food, eat that donut.

Whatever it is you want in life, don’t give up on those dreams.

9) Find balance in life

Work life balance seems to elude people, but it can be achieved. Start by setting parameters for your life so that the two don’t co-exist. Life is not all about work. We need a paycheque, but how and when we get paid is up to us!

10) Work until it’s right

Never deliver a less than stellar project to someone. You don’t have to be perfect, but you should have given a perfect effort. You are capable of that.

11) It’s good to have someone owe you a favor

Favors are currency in the business world. If you are in business it is better to have someone owe you a favor than to owe someone a favor. Tap into those resources when you need them and life will get a whole lot easier.

12) See the beauty in discomfort

Why we run from discomfort is beyond me: some of the most amazing things have happened to people during times of great discomfort. See the beauty in discomfort and you’ll start to achieve some incredible goals of your own.

13) Always ask yourself what you want

If you start every venture by asking yourself what you hope to get out of it, you’ll be better able to keep your eye on the prize. Focus is half the battle. Stay focused and you can achieve anything.