12 signs from the universe that someone is coming back (the complete list)

Are you feeling a sense of longing and yearning for a past love?

That may be because the universe telling you something.

If you thought your breakup with your ex was final, but there’s something in the back of your head that’s saying otherwise, don’t ignore it.

It may be a sign that there’s more to your ex than you realize.

Here are the main ways the universe is telling you that someone special will be returning to your life soon. Let’s jump right in.

1. The breakup was no one’s fault

If you had no clear reason why your relationship ended, then this can be a sign that you will reconnect again.

Think back to why you broke up; was it because they were moving far away, an opportunity opened up for them they couldn’t afford to pass on, or anything else that was outside of your control?

When a relationship ends because of factors beyond your control, it can be a signal from the universe to tell you that maybe that door isn’t completely shut.

You would also know because you don’t feel any resentment towards one another.

The only things you feel when you think of them are joy and an unexplainable warmth.

If it hadn’t been for those exact circumstances, you’re confident that your future together would’ve lasted years.

2. You still keep in touch

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If you and your ex still keep in touch after your breakup, it can be a sign that you will cross paths again shortly.

Your ex is still in your life, just a text away. This is one sign that your ex misses you. 

And you somehow don’t feel weird about staying in contract, mostly because they still send you messages too.

Although the daily conversations might be gone, you still know what’s going on in their lives, through social media or your own social circles.

Even though you broke up, it doesn’t feel like you have. It might not look like it either.

The way you both keep your casual relationship still so fresh could be the universe’s larger plan for you two.

The gravitation that you feel for each other doesn’t seem to have gone away, and it shows.

3. Deep down, you still care about them

Even if you’re officially not together, you’re confident that if anything bad happens to them, you’ll be right there for your ex. You have no negative feelings for them.

The breakup didn’t mean that your feelings for them ceased to exist. And you have moved on and dealt with the heartbreak. 

Remember that energy in the universe is neither created nor destroyed — it only changes form.

The love you feel for each other before may not exactly be romantic anymore, but you know there’s still some force that assures you that you’re never going to let that person feel lonely.

They may not always be present in your day-to-day life anymore, but you still deeply care about them the way you do with your low-maintenance friends.

4. You’re striving for similar goals

If your goals have aligned, and you are reaching for similar things, it can be a sign that you will find your way back into each other’s lives.

Maybe the breakup was because, at the time, your lives seemed to be going in opposite directions.

The universe has unknown plans for our lives, and we never truly know how long paths will travel in opposing directions.

But the universe can give you a hint when it’s got a change of plans.

After a few years, if you notice your ex working on similar projects as you or running in the same professional circles, that might be a cosmic collision waiting to happen.

The world can be a small place if the universe wants it to be.

5. You feel comfortable around each other

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Even after the breakup, you’re still each other’s best friend, which might signal that you will reconnect again romantically in the near future.

You still feel close to your ex, like you don’t feel like you have to hold anything back when you’re with them.

When there’s something in your life you need help figuring out, you don’t have a problem asking them for their advice because they know you more than anyone else, after all.

The most telling part of how comfortable you are with each other?

When you don’t feel the awkwardness that most exes feel when they’re together somewhere; the one where you have to change your seat at a restaurant to avoid each other’s sight.

If you don’t feel that, you’re in a cosmic position for a romantic opportunity.

6. You can still read each other

When you are near your ex, you can still get the general sense of their mood without having to ask too much. This can be a sign that you will reconnect again romantically.

You are still sensitive towards their true feelings.

When they’re smiling, only you could tell if they’re genuine about it or if they’re trying to hide something that’s bothering them.

Likewise, if you’re got something pressing on your mind, they won’t hesitate to bring it up because they might’ve noticed the way your eyes seem to wander off or the lower tone of your voice when you speak.

These are signs that they have not forgotten about you, and that the universe is telling you to pay attention.

7. There’s a lingering feeling of incompleteness

If you feel like something is missing after your breakup, and the feeling persists, it can be a sign that you are both deeply connected and will find your way back to one another.

Partners in a healthy relationship are expected to be whole as people by themselves.

That means that you don’t form a symbiotic relationship where one person relies on the other to stabilize their mood and get by in life.

But after a few months of the single life, and feeling settled with yourself, do you still feel that something may be missing there?

As if there’s some empty space that hanging out with your friends or finding a new hobby can’t seem to fill?

That might be the universe clueing you in on something important — that your ex wants you back and still impacts your life more than you thought.

8. The chemistry is still there

If you still feel a spark whenever you are around your ex, it’s a clear sign that you are going to cross paths again soon.

Conversation flows, and no awkward pauses stop your momentum.

You find yourselves still laughing at the same jokes together, even one-upping each other to make it even funnier for the both of you.

You also feel like you don’t even have to put a lot of effort into getting along with each other — it’s natural for both of you.

The breakup wasn’t as damaging as you thought because here you are still on speaking and laughing terms.

If you’re somehow still on the same page when you’re talking to each other, don’t let it go unnoticed.

The universe might be telling you something.

9. No one else compares to your connection

If your relationship with your ex felt unique and unlike any other, it’s highly likely that you will find your way back to one another.

Interacting with other people just doesn’t feel the same.

You’re close with your friends and family, sure, but when you’re with your ex, something just clicks.

You can notice this when you seem more in sync with each other’s trains of thought than with any other person that you hang out with.

As hard as you try, you can’t seem to find anyone that understands your vague references to niche movies as much as your ex did.

Or someone whose presence makes you feel an unexplainable warmth inside of you. Take the time to quietly reflect on these feelings.

The universe is trying to tell you something there – that the reunion is already near.

10. They appear in your dreams

hes3 12 signs from the universe that someone is coming back (the complete list)

If your ex appeasements in your dreams, it can be a signal that you are meant to reunite soon.

Sometimes the universe can’t communicate with you during the day.

So instead, it speaks through your subconscious at the one time of the day when you’re not in the driver’s seat of your mind — when you’re in bed.

Dreams happen without your control.

If your ex appears to you in your latest dream, that might mean that the universe intentionally pulled out a memory of your ex to show you, for what reason exactly?

Now that’s up to you.

11. The physical attraction hasn’t faded

If you and your ex still are still sexually attracted to one another, it’s highly likely that you will reconnect soon.

You know that you’re supposed to find another person to be physically attracted to — but nothing seems to compare to your ex.

In every person that you find attractive, there’s always a feature that resembles that of your ex; whether it be the shape of the nose or the sound of the laugh.

And when you’re with your ex, you notice that your heart starts beating just a little bit faster.

In a crowded room, your eye still naturally gravitates to them.

Call it muscle memory or call it a cosmic message; either way, there’s no denying that you still find them attractive.

Most of all, you can find ways to rebuild trust in your relationship.

12. You can’t explain it but you just “know”

If you have a gut feeling that you will find your way back to your ex, it can be a strong signal that you will be together again soon.

There are some things that we do despite the rational side of us. That’s because feelings and emotions — the ingredients of authentic connection — come from a place that scientists have yet to understand. That’s where the universe speaks to us.

When you take the time to pause and try to objectively reflect on your feelings, there’s always that one thing that seems to come up without fail — your ex.

And every time they come up, you don’t feel anxious or angry. In fact, it almost feels like a common place for your mind to wander off to.

You can’t describe why this happens, but it does — often.

When your ex wants you back, there is something you can do about it.

This could be the universe at work, whispering to your heart that there is a door you once thought was closed was still open; there’s a person out there that knows you better than anyone that’s about to return.

You can’t get away from them no matter how hard you try.

This is the moment to be honest with yourself; listen to your heart and to your gut. Trust what the universe might be saying to you. It might just be your soulmate.

Are you ready to reconnect?

Now that you are better able to tell if a reunion to likely to happen in the near future for you and your ex, there’s one important question to address:

Are you ready to reconnect?

The way I see it is that you have two options in front of you, you can either:

1. Patiently wait for your ex to reappear in your life and stay single and ready to reconnect.

2. Or, work on yourself and live your glorious life so that you feel rich and full of new experiences and insights to exchange with your ex.

No one likes going back to the same thing over and over again. So it’s important that you continue to develop your passions, interests, and hobbies.

If you want to be prepared for when your ex finally returns, it’s important that you are happy with yourself and your life.

This way, you’ll be able to bring positive energy out into the world instead of waiting around feeling anxious or angry, and waiting for something to happen.

And if for some reason you don’t find your way to one another again, you will not feel like you wasted any time waiting on that hope.

Instead, you will feel peace knowing that you did the best that you could under the circumstances.

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