12 reasons why the happiest men end up marrying this surprising profession

Men, are you looking for the ideal partner to marry? Look no further than the nearest hospital and find yourself a nurse to marry.

Don’t believe me? Here are twelve reasons why men who end up marrying nurses are very happy.

12) Shift hours make for ample time apart

Because nurses work in shifts they are apart from their spouses at odd hours. For some couples this is an ideal arrangement as both have enough time to be on their own without having to accommodate the other person. This is something that’s difficult to achieve in marriages where both parties work during the day.

11) Nurses are super smart

Nurses are required to have a college or university degree, and many continue on to specialize further. Married to a nurse, you will not be in the company of a quiet wall flower who has nothing to talk about.

10) Nurses know how to be supportive.

It takes a special kind of person to handle patients in various stages of ill health day in and day out. It takes a combination of toughness and kindness. They have to help their patients through difficult times and support them when they are at their worst. Nurses deal with people in the most difficult times and give comfort and support to others when they are at their worst. They don’t allow their patients to quit and they won’t allow you to quit either.

9) Nurses bring a different, deeper perspective on life.

Bcause they deal with life and death situations at work, nurses don’t sweat the small stuff at home. They don’t get worked up about the leaking tap or a broken window because they deal with far more serious issues at work. In short, they know what’s important and what not. Chances are they won’t be a nag.

8) Nurses are compassionate and kind.

People who choose to working in the nursing profession tend to be kind by nature. They feel fulfilled when they serve others and make their lives better. They tend to put the needs of others first and their families also benefit from this selfless predilection.


7) Nurses are good listeners.

Nurses have to listen to sick patients who are going through a difficult time. They have to show empathy and offer support. They have the ability to talk patients through their fears and they bring that talent to the relationship. Married to a nurse you will always have a sympathetic ear and someone to give advice and support – it’s second nature to a nurse!

6) Nurses get everyone through tough  times.

.Nurses are trained to calm people down in stressful situations and to focus on what’s important. They are trained to see patients through tough times and support them no matter what. Your nurse wife (or husband) is bound to do the same for you.

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5) You have a partner in emergency situations.

Nurses are trained to handle emergencies and they are really good at it. They are used to working under pressure, know how to prioritize and make important decisions in the midst of a crisis. This is a wonderful trait to have in a life partner.

4) A nurse is a spouse with benefits.

Being in the health profession, nurses know the best choices in their field. They know who the best doctors are and where the best medical services can be found. They have the knowledge to keep your family in optimal health. Also, being trained, they are the first to notice when a family member needs medical care and they can attend to most issues themselves.

3) Nurses are good team players.

You can’t survive in the nursing profession if you don’t work closely with the other nursing staff. It’s very simple: if you don’t work together and help each other, the work will never get done. In a marriage with children knowing how to pull together is an invaluable trait

2) Nurses always have a steady income.

Nursing is one of the few professions that provides a stable income. Nurses are in high demand around the world and salaries can be very good. When your spouse is a nurse, your spouse can always pick up the slack in difficult economic times.

1) Nurses have a wicked sense of humor.

Never a dull moment at work – moments filled with belligerent patients, gross messes, unbelievable suffering and more that could drive any normal person nuts. This is what drives most nurses to develop a wicked sense of humor that makes for interesting times over a glass of wine.

This article was originally published on Hack Spirit.

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Written by Lachlan Brown

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