12 girly things men secretly love to do

Even if gender becomes a more fluid concept these days, most men still like to play tough on the outside.

Gentlemen, time to come clean. When no one is watching, you love to let the woman inside you out.

These are the 12 girly things you secretly enjoy doing!

1. Men love gossiping too

Forget the cliche that women are the biggest gossips. A recent study found the opposite is true — men spend on average 76 minutes a day tittle-tattling with their friends and colleagues, compared to just 52 minutes for women.

Favourite topics for men include stories about their drunk buddies, old school friends, and the most attractive girl at work. Women on the other hand are more likely to gossip about other women, other people’s sex lives or their friend’s weight gain.

2. Shopping is not only a woman’s hobby

Ladies beware, our men are becoming increasingly fashionable. From the catwalk and red carpet to the man bun on the street, it’s impossible to ignore.

“Men are more in tune and more interested in looking good and sharp,” said Will McKittrick, an industry analyst at IBISWorld. “The younger generation is entering the workforce and beginning to spend a lot more on fashionable clothing.”

And the fashion industry surely knows about it. Retailers facing a saturated market for women are now sprinting to dress the modern man. The choice on men’s clothing is bigger than ever before.

Gentlemen, why not buy yourself something pretty to celebrate?

3. Men enjoy facial cremes and secretly love their girlfriend’s cosmetics

The time that men were washing their face with merely water is definitely over.

These days their bathroom suppliants are (almost — let’s not exaggerate) as numerous as women’s. There’s no modern man who doesn’t use a facial creme or moisturizer.

And let’s be honest, when your girlfriend isn’t around, you love to use her toiletries. That bath soap and body lotion just smells too good to resist!

4. A bath and a glass of wine does not only relax women

Time to come clean, gentlemen. Not only your girlfriend loves to unwind after a busy day with a bubbly bath and a glass of Chardonnay. Oh, and a scented candle as finishing touch.

There’s no shame about it, also you deserve some me-time. Preferably when no one’s home to spot you.

5. They won’t admit it, but they love cuddling

That’s right, ladies, you’re not alone — men love cuddles too. They might just not admit it. But you know better now, just give him that extra long squeeze next time you see him!

6. Guys actually love girly cocktails…

They’ll never order a Cosmo themselves, as pink drinks are obviously only for women and gays. But look over your shoulder and he’s nipping.

7. … and romantic comedies – shhh!

Ok, some romantic comedies are impossible to watch — Gigli, anyone? But some of them are actually well-made and entertaining to watch, even though you can never admit to it as a man. Cause you only like sports and action movies, preferably with a beer within reach.

Ladies, now you know the truth. From now on you can play that rom-com and know he’s secretly enjoying it next to you. If you have troubles choosing, here’s a list of romantic movies that men love but don’t tell.

8. When no one is listening, they also sing pop songs in the shower

The girlier the better. Men secretly love singing ‘Baby hit me one more time’ under the shower — including the sexy moves.

Don’t hold back: singing in the shower is great for stress relief and has the same effect as meditating. Who needs a yoga teacher when you have Britney Spears?

9. Men also enjoy posing for the perfect picture

In times of selfie sticks, fashion blogs and Instagram husbands, it’s time to get the truth out: not only women go all the way for the perfect snapshot. Men also love to create the perfect photo to share on their newsfeed, making sure their hair and muscles look at their best.

10. Don’t tell anyone, but they prefer to pee sitting

It’s firmly associated with female behavior, but some men secretly prefer to pee sitting down. It’s more comfortable and their girlfriend doesn’t complain about the toilet seat being put up.

Hey, if Ryan Gosling does it, what can be wrong?

11. They love to dance when no one sees it (or when they’re drunk)

Does your boyfriend refuse to go to that salsa class with you? Does he never want to get on the dance floor with you at parties? Some (especially Western) men are afraid to look foolish and think hanging by the bar with a beer is what it takes to be a real man.

But when they’re alone (or drunk), the Channing Tatum inside comes out. Guys, no need to keep those moves to yourself anymore. Check out this video with ideal dance moves for men if you want to make sure you’re on the right path.

12. Men are also looking for their “happily ever after”

We kept the best for last: men also look for real love, for the one woman that truly makes him happy.

Even the biggest playboy wants to settle down one day and live happily ever after with the girl of his dreams, even if he doesn’t admit it to anyone — not even himself.

Guys, are you bold enough to confess some girly habits yourself? Ladies, have you ever caught your boyfriend doing any of these things? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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Gosia Kurowska

Gosia Kurowska

Gosia Kurowska was born in Poland and has lived in Belgium before moving to Thailand recently. She has worked for the EU institutions as a speechwriter and press officer for several years. She now launched her own blog on handmade fashion and jewelry from Thailand/Asia, treasurista.com.

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